Udaan 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj turns jealous

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The Episode starts with Suraj having a bath. He smiles and says I m free, Chakor won’t trouble me for two days. Chakor practices with everyone. She thinks of Suraj’s words. She says how will I live without talking to Suraj. She sees Suraj and smiles. She says Pakhi, see he has come, he couldn’t live without me, he will talk to me and then fight. Suraj asks someone to come to haveli, Ranvijay is calling. He leaves. Chakor asks how can Suraj go, how can he live without talking to me. She asks Pakhi about junior inspector. Pakhi says yes, inspector Kumar. Chakor says I have one way to attract Suraj, it will help in getting back his memory. She tells her plan. Pakhi says this can backfire too.

Suraj talks to Ranvijay and says yes, I m coming haveli. He sees Chakor in a police jeep. He stops the

car. Chakor asks inspector to not care for anyone and drive ahead. They go. Suraj recalls inspector Ajay in flashes. He asks Pakhi about the inspector. She says I don’t know, are you feeling bad. He says no, I just asked. He recalls the inspector and takes an u-turn. He follows Chakor. She smiles. She asks inspector to drive faster. Suraj reaches them. Chakor thanks the inspector and hugs him. Suraj gets angry. He beats the inspector. Chakor smiles. Suraj holds her face and says I told you not to talk to inspector. She recalls his words. Mahiya….plays…. She asks do you remember Ajay. Suraj says no, I just know inspector is trying to get close to you, he is not right. Inspector says who are you, don’t you know the punishment to beat a policeman. Suraj holds his neck. Chakor scolds them. Inspector scolds Suraj. Chakor apologizes for his insult. Suraj says I m minister Imli’s special guard, what will you do. She asks him to stop it. She sends inspector.

She asks Suraj why did he do this, when he said they won’t talk to each other. He says I don’t like you talking to that inspector. She says its my life, why do you care, you were jealous of him. He asks why will I get jealous. She asks why did you insult my friend. He asks what did you say, if he your friend, then why did you have friendship with me. She says you call me your friend, you want me to stay away, you don’t want to talk to me. Suraj stops her and says fine, I won’t keep any demands, don’t meet that inspector.

Mahiya….plays…. She smiles. He leaves. Chakor comes home. Bhuvan asks what, can Suraj recover his memory. Chakor says yes, but what shall I do now. He says wine, he liked two things, you and wine, he used to drink so much. She says yes, I have to use wine to get his memory back, I promise I won’t let him drink once he gets his memory. Suraj catches a man and asks what’s in his pocket. He asks the man did he steal the wine. The man says its just wine, have it and see. Suraj says I don’t drink. The man asks are you joking, you used to bath in wine before. Suraj asks what nonsense. He takes the man. The man pushes him and runs. Suraj shouts I will not leave you. He sees the wine bottle. Chakor thanks the man. The man blesses her.

Chakor says once Suraj reaches there, Suraj will try to recall, he will see my pic inside the cupboard, it will push him in his past. Suraj sees Chakor’s pic and holds his head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i dont like how chakor sometimes act with suraj…. even before this memory loss drama, chakor used to push around suraj like when they met in banaras during karvachauth, and now also, each of them either pulling the hair, or holding necks or pulling faces, and chakor forcibly pulling off Suraj’s clothes… it just seems a bit uncomfortable. same with how imli and ranvijay beat each other up, only that looks gross. i dont what the writers are trying to portray, but suraj is going through mental stress, and the way chakor tries to manipulate him by threatening to kill herself, or trying to make him jealous, it doesnt seem like the proper thing to do. i mean maybe the writers want to show that chakor believes in their love and trusts that she can bring suraj back while everyone else has given up, but surely there are better ways to go about it than what the writers are showing. another thing, what suraj did to chakor, pulling off her clothes infront of the entire village, that was traumatic and chakor was really hurt. but then the writers showed chakor getting over it in like two episodes… there should have been more hurt and anger, but the writers just reduced it to some stares and flashbacks. it would have been better if chakor had really started ignoring suraj like she told him she will and suraj had shown remorse and tried to talk to chakor on his own.

    1. totally agree with you!

    2. I wonder if they are experimenting with introducing BDSM on Indian serials 😀 😀 😀

  2. light hearted episode. Suraj looked cute while ignoring Chakor. Enjoyed Suraj’s jealousy, Chakor looked very happy with Suraj’s reaction.

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