Udaan 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhuvan asking Suraj to take rest now, we will do the rest of the work. Servant says move back, Bhaiya ji asked bandhua Suraj to work. Suraj asks everyone to move back. He asks Tejaswini to go for his sake. He coughs. She cares for him. Servant laughs. Tejaswini says you have eaten our salt, give some water to him. Servant says now Tejaswini is having pity as her son became bandhua. All the people complain to Tejaswini for torturing them. Tejaswini apologizes to them and says I realize my mistake, don’t do this with my son, don’t punish him. Suraj works. Servant asks Suraj to work fast to get food, there is some time left. Suraj works. He feels dizzy and stops. Chakor is on the way. She shouts I have come Suraj. Suraj sees her. She comes to him. Suraj faints.

Chakor and

Tejaswini rush to him. Chakor asks him to open eyes. She revives him by saying humko mann ki shakti….. She makes him drink water. Udaan hai….plays………. Servant says Suraj is lucky to get someone caring for him. The ladies say yes, Suraj made me die for a drop of water. Chakor asks what are you saying, Suraj did tortures on Bhaiya ji’s saying, he is real sinner. Kishor scolds Suraj. Suraj says this well is done, take me to other well. Chagan says you have just half an hour. Chakor says I m sure you can do it. Suraj says don’t know, my hands are shaking, I can’t see well. She asks him to not lose courage. She thinks Suraj is trying hard, Imli should come soon.

Vivaan drives while thinking of doctor’s words. He hits the tree and falls over steering. Servant asks none to come inside the line. Chakor says there is much time, you paint the well Suraj. Everyone look on. A girl asks Suraj his name. She sees the well colored and says you did good work to color the well. She says my mum said you did not eat anything since 10 days, did your parents not give you food. Tejaswini cries. The man asks the girl to leave Her mum comes and asks the girl why did you go to Suraj, he gave you this sign when you were 5 year old. Suraj gets sad. The lady says be away from his shadow. Suraj recalls the family running away to save the girl, and Suraj stopping them. Suraj and Imli take the girl away from her family. Imli aims gun at the couple. Suraj makes the bandhua stamp on the little girl’s hand. The girl cries in pain. Suraj shuts his ear. The lady curses Suraj. The girl says even Suraj has a sign like me, even he would have got pain of tattooing. Suraj sees the stamp. Chakor thinks children forget and elders always remember.

The ladies get against Suraj. Servant thinks to inform Bhaiya ji that its happening as they thought. A man comes and informs that Bhaiya ji meeting with an accident. They all get shocked. The man says he is wounded. Chakor asks Suraj to keep doing his work. Tejaswini says good happened with him. Servant says what to do, we shall leave. Imli says I also got the call about Bhaiya ji’s accident, come with me. The goons leave with Imli.

Chakor signs Imli. Imli gives food to Chakor and asks her to make Suraj do work. Chakor goes to Suraj. The villagers stop Chakor from helping Suraj. Chakor asks can’t we forgive old mistakes and help him. Bhaiya ji is on the way and pays money to a man asking him to do as he said. Bhaiya ji says Chakor trusted her people, I heard villagers are going against Suraj, this man will ignite fire. The man tells the villagers that Chakor got food for Suraj. The villagers stop Chakor and throw the food down. Chakor gets shocked.

The man says now Suraj should not get food even if he finishes the work. They all spoil the well and push Suraj inside the well. Tejaswini and Chakor shout Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ParulRajput

    Epi was ok feeling bad for suraj but i feel somehow villagers anger is right they also had face many prob bcoz of suraj .,as suraj was the one who take there kids to kn and made them bandhua and only chakor has seen suraj pain thats why she has sympathy for him..but that insta pic of vj in jeep and red shirt was for flashback scene which i hate i thought soon suraj will be back in his old attire but no..
    Friday spoiler teju apologize to vivaan for giving him drugs and vivaan in anger try to kill her..

  2. Oh my gosh this epsiode is so sad suraj was just mislead and the villageres deserve to be bundwa listening to kamal what the hell chakor fighted all her life for them and they are the same as kamal torturing some1 for food shame on them i hope one day they all need help but i hope chakor and suraj refuse to help them cant wait for tommrows episode to watch chakor and suraj romantic scene in the well becoz they r gonna be there all night i hate the villagers they are so selfish and mean i think imli and suraj wore old attire just to film this flash back

    1. Tippu i agree with you tejswani and suraj were mislead by bhayaji they followed what he said and know they realise what is wrong and right and when ragini betrayed the villagers they did nothing then and chakor forgave them becoz wen she use to tell them ragini was evil they all shouted at her then and then they beg chakor to help them chakor did so much for the villagers and all she asked one favour to help suraj out and let suraj have food that she brought if all the villagers united then they can defeat bhayaji and there 5 goons

  3. Siyarao

    Sad episode,happy to see the glimpse of old suraj and vj nailed it by doing the extremely weak and strong character at a time perfectly,just watching these tortures for his acting he is just awesome man!!!
    These villagers are getting on my nerves,kade kade tamasha nahi dek sakte the pehle jaisa,aa gayi kam bigaad ne ke liye???omg precap… suraj in well??

    1. Sia i agree with you why are the villagers listening to kn and stopping chakor it was really mean chakor went though alot of difficulties to free everyone from being bundhwa thats why chakor jumps to help suraj in the well but no helps chakor

  4. The moment with the little grl was d bst part of today episode

  5. Janani9789

    so sad episode!!!!
    the villagers are ungrateful!!atleast they should hear chakor,who did a lots of good to them…they didn’t allow for chakor for helping her own hubby…
    that shikoo want to smash him hard on his face!!!!
    teju is really paying back for her sins…and realised her mistakes…..
    suraj!!!! all sins which he did for his villan father….his affecting him now…
    the way he closed his ears what he did with small girl…realised!!!he is totally broken…
    the water he drank….i gives fans also more happy for him…
    want this torture to end as soon as possible…..
    the villagers are ungrateful,shikoo hate more than kn….

  6. Imli nd suraj ki buraai k peeche ikk bicho ka hath tha K. N
    K. N woh apno ka apne khoon ka saga ni inn stupid villagers ka saga kaise hu skta hai
    Woh suraj ka na sahi chakor k ihsaano ka ihsas kr laite
    Mger gulaam hmesha gulaam dimaag ka hi rhta hai
    K. N jaise saanap pr bhrossa kr skte hai uski bato ko dil ce lga skte hai mager chakor k ihsaano taale dabbe hone k bawajod ussko sunna b nahi
    Ihsaan framosh
    Chakor ko chyie sirf apne suraj ka sath de aur inn ihsan framosho ko K. N jaise zalim k liay chor de
    Yeh sab iss qabil hi nahi ?????
    Wese abb iss lachari aur bechargi bhare track ko the end kr k sukor ki prfect si love, story chila du❤❤❤❤❤
    Neat nd clean suraj ko daikhne ko ankhe tras gai ????

  7. Epi was little painful and the villagers are so cruel. Chakor has always supported them, helped them in all kind of situation. Sad for suraj as from 10 days he didn’t ate anything.Chakor ki aakho mei suraj ka dard dikh raha hai aur vo uske liye kch v krne ko taiyar hai.Loved the promo sukor night out in the well.Waiting eagerly for this epi.

  8. Guys udan trp rating 2.7 its 3 rd positon…nagin 3.3..nd shakikti 3 rating 2 positionper hai…

  9. Hi guys new spoiler is dat kn telling Suraj if u want food so give chakor four slaps dis kn is really a big devil n team Udaan requesting u to please end this bandhua track as not able to see Suraj pain.

  10. Hello friends,in today’s, SBS new spoiler is DAT suraj n chakor r in a jungle making a home i think team udaan is gearing up for Valentine day n it will be so romantic moment for sukor n u know sukor might confess their feelings to each other.

  11. Sorry u may never know sukor might confess their feelings for each other

    1. ParulRajput

      Right sharon i have seen it too but hope it will all happen before valentine bcoz spoilers are not giving any hint about it..

  12. hey Sharon please share the link..

  13. hey Sharon please share the link.. please

  14. Yeah sharon bt suraj chakor ko nhahi marthi…chakor hamaari shakti hai..kehta hai…

  15. Guys phle unhe realise to hojae fr confess krenge

  16. hey guys please tell that jungle spoiler is really true then please share the link..

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