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The Episode starts with Kasturi telling Chakor that she is sure that she will erase the stamp off her hand. Chakor smiles. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar what happened. Manohar tells him everything and Bhaiya ji is shocked. Manohar and Lakhan laugh as Ranjana failed. Bhaiya ji sings a song being very happy and laughs too. Lakhan asks the villagers to say Bhaiya ji ki Jai. Chagan says no, we should say Chakor Ki Jai and apologizes to her. They all say Chakor Ki Jai. Vivaan tells Ranjana that she was doing wrong with her, its good they came to know now, else he would have not shown face to anyone, leave politics and become my mum again. He holds her hand to take her home.

Bhaiya ji eats sweet and gives to everyone. He says Chakor did great work, she has kept my respect. Vivaan and Ranjana come home. Vivaan

hugs Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji thanks him. he says Ranjana politics is outside, you are our bahu, forget everything, you are part of our family, we will stay united. Ranjana says I will try. Everyone cheer for Bhaiya ji. The media comes and covers the news that Bhaiya ji won the elections. Tejaswini does the aarti and asks Girja to call everyone and Ranjana also.

Bhaiya ji comes home in grand way and steps out of the car. Tejaswini welcomes him. The reporters asks about Ranjana and Bhaiya ji’s competition. Bhaiya ji says yes, it was solid competition, but Ranjana stood in elections by my blessings, I wanted my family to go ahead, I would have been glad if she wins, she is happy for me. The reporter asks whom will he give credit of his victory. Bhaiya ji says I will answer. Ranjana touches his feet and Tejaswini goes to do tilak. Bhaiya ji stops her and says you always did this, but this time its her right who gets the credit of my victory. He names Chakor and everyone is shocked. Chakor and her parents are very happy.

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The reporter asks is this little girl responsible for your victory. Bhaiya ji says she looks little, but her flight is very high, come Chakor. Bhuvan and Kasturi ask Chakor to go. Bhaiya ji smiles. Chakor goes to him. He gives her the aarti plate. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to bend. He sits down. Chakor does his tilak and aarti. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………………plays………… Tejaswini is shocked seeing Bhaiya ji lifting Chakor in his lap and posing for pics. Bhaiya ji says thank you Chakor and they laugh. Kasturi and Bhuvan can’t believe this.

Chakor asks him will he keep up his promise. He says I will do it, did I ever break his promise. The reporter asks what promise he did. Bhaiya ji says its secret among me, Chakor and villagers. They all cheer for him. Chakor asks Kasturi did she see what Bhaiya ji did, he will keep his promise. She smiles. Baa tells Chakor and Vivaan that this did not happen before, I m very happy, I feel like dancing. Chakor says don’t stop yourself, you can sing, dance and play, else your old bones will be upset. Baa laughs.

Bhaiya ji and Manohar come to her. Bhaiya ji smiles and seeks her blessings, recalling she did not bless him on his last victory. He asks will she not bless him, for not winning elections, but to win her trust, her son is not so bad. Baa smiles and holds his hand. She says congrats Kamal. Bhaiya ji says Kamal? Won’t you call me son? He cries and says its many years, I wanted to hear two sweet words of love from you. Manohar cries and asks Baa to forgive Bhaiya ji and bless him calling him son.

Baa says no Manohar, that time did not come yet, Kamal is just one step towards returning home, when he reaches home, I will welcome him with open arms. Bhaiya ji asks Bhuvan does he have any complain. Bhuvan says you have given us piece of sky. Kasturi requests him to send Chakor to her home for just one day, Chakor did not come inside when I told her, she said when she gets all kids admission, then she will come home, you are doing it, give permission to Chakor to stay with us as our daughter. Bhaiya ji looks at Chakor.

Chakor writes Udaan and shows everyone. Chagan comes and says Ranjana came to take all given school items back. Chakor says she can take it, but not our courage.

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    This show is very inspirational
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