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The Episode starts with Chakor being glad seeing the snacks she made and is about to eat it. The car guy comes there again in drunken state. She thinks he will eat the snack again and starts leaving. He asks her to wait, and calls her Chakor. He says he is Rocky. She says you have made me run away that girl. He says when, I just remember you, I remember you are Chakor, you made me have halwa puri. He says you are a sweet little girl. She says I m little, but not a fool. She hides the snack. He says you are very smart and sees the snacks. She says I know you will eat this, you did not identify me in morning.

He says he has problem in day and night, but she is very good girl, she remembers both day and night things, so shall we become friends again. He says he wants some food. She says no, you said

you are rich and this is beggar’s food, I won’t give you. Manohar, Babu and Munna have a talk. Manohar says he wants Chakor. Babu and Munna look for Chakor. Rocky apologizes to Chakor and says he does not remember what he said in morning. She says I understood now. He asks for food. She gives him the snacks. He says great, this looks interesting. He says he liked seeing it, he will know taste when he eats it. He eats it and likes it a lot.

Rocky talks to Chakor and says her mum will be very good who gave such values to Chakor. He cries. She asks him not to cry. He says he has many friends, he can’t count them, they are his friends as he is rich. He ties her friendship band as she is unique friend, who did not ask him for money. He says she is her best friend from today. He says he will take her for some good food. She says police will catch him if he roams at night. He says its Mumbai, everyone is awake, come, I will show Mumbai. She gets glad and asks him to drop her back here, as she has to give peeled garlic to shop owner and work at food stall also, to get 50rs, then she will go to Aazaadgunj.

He says fine, come with me now. She says if you forget me in morning. He says no, I took medicine of not forgetting, this wine. She goes with him. Munna does not get Chakor. Manohar says he wants Chakor. Chakor keeps her 50rs in her belt, and ties the seat belt. Rocky says she is smart. She says she used to go in her Mausa ji’s car. They leave, and Manohar and Babu’s car is behind them. Bhaiya ji tells his goon to spread the crocodile fear so that villagers don’t doubt that he is kidnapping kids.

Chakor sees big buildings and talks to Rocky. Vivaan is worried about Bhagya’s state. Bhagya gets ill and worried about Arjun. Chakor and Rocky are on the way talking about Mumbai and Aazaadgunj. Manohar and Babu are behind them and play horn. Rocky says who is playing horn, I will go to see them. Chakor stops him. Rocky says I would have taught them a lesson. She says she is hungry. He says yes, and leaves. Manohar and Babu drive rash and Rocky says he would have beaten them. He says Chakor is very sweet. She smiles.

She sees the bridge and he laughs on her words. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai……………plays………….. She stands on the seats and enjoys the fresh air. Udaan hai…………plays…………..

Vivaan talks to Arjun. Arjun says he did not get Chakor, he will come back taking her. Chakor is behind Arjun. Arjun does not see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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