Udaan 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imli calling Chakor. She does not answer. Imli worries and says we should go back to Chakor. Suraj says yes, Chakor never does this, we will go back if she does not answer this time. Vivaan asks Chakor to talk. Chakor answers. Imli asks are you fine, you slept suddenly, Suraj and I are worried. Chakor says I m fine, I got tired and slept. She ends call.

Suraj says now we can do our work well. Vivaan says if you did not answer, they would have come here, I was a fool, I did not know you look innocent and sweet, but you are so poisonous, shoot yourself. She pulls the trigger and gets saved. He says give it to me, and shoots. He also gets saved and laughs. He passes gun to her. She gets saved again. He takes gun and says now decision will be in some mins, either you will die or

me. She apologizes and says I got to know this some days back, throw the gun. He shoots and gets saved. He laughs and says it means you will be dying. She prays to Lord to get strength, there is just one way to stop this mad man.

He says it just has one last bullet. She says fine, now its my turn. She thinks I don’t want to take your life, so I just have to injure you. She shoots at his leg and its empty slot again. He laughs. Bhaiya ji asks Lord where are you, open the door. Vivaan shows the bullet and says you are so fallen Chakor, you were shooting me to save your life, you thought I will give you loaded gun, now you won’t find me a fool.

Ranjana thinks Bhaiya ji has got up and goes to his room. He hides and goes out. She thinks where did he go. Vivaan says this gun is loaded. Chakor thinks of her family and smiles recalling Suraj. Suraj stops the car feeling something. Imli asks what happened. He says why do I feel Chakor is missing me, she is in trouble. Imli asks what are you saying. Chakor thinks of Suraj. She asks Vivaan to kill her and end this, why are your hands shaking, can’t you shoot me, listen to me. He says no, I won’t let you make any story, its just your death now, you have to die. He aims at her. Bhaiya ji comes there and stands in between. He says you won’t shoot at her. Chakor gets shocked. Bhaiya ji says I m Bhole. Vivaan asks what are you saying, she is Chakor, your enemy, you are trying to save her, oh you want to kill her, kill her. He gives the gun to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji laughs and aims gun at her.

He throws the gun. Chakor and Vivaan get surprised. Bhaiya ji says its wrong, we will not play chor police, we will play hide and seek. He frees Chakor and asks her to go and hide. She says what happened to you Vivaan, you were never such. She runs. Bhaiya ji stops Vivaan. Vivaan says what did you do, she has run away, she was our enemy. He holds Bhaiya ji’s neck. Ranjana comes and asks Vivaan to leave her, Bhaiya ji is unwell. Bhaiya ji laughs and says I m Bhole, Tejaswini ji…. Vivaan asks why is he acting such. Ranjana says he is joking, come with me Kamal ji.

Bhaiya ji says I m not Kamal ji, I m Bhole. He sits. Vivaan asks did he go mad, this should have happened with you. He taunts her that one husband died and other got mad. He holds her neck angrily and says Chakor has run away because of him, my plan failed, you were hiding this, from today your and your mad husband’s rule is over, just Ragini and I will command here, you will report to me, if you try to act smart, then it will be bad. Ranjana takes bhaiya ji. Vivaan gets angry.

Suraj and Imli get shocked seeing the servant. Servant smiles and waves to them. Suraj says I knew Ragini will do something, we have to go haveli soon, I m feeling restless. They leave. Imli calls Vivaan. He thinks Chakor will tell Imli, I have to stop her. Ragini is on the way and thinks it will be fun, I will decide the future of Aazaadgunj, I have to something big. Some kids play on the road. She stops the car and scolds them. She gets the toy gun and smiles. She says I like playing with guns, I will get the kids to make guns. She calls someone and fixes meeting.


Imli says Suraj sometimes I think, if my child was alive today, how would he be. Suraj looks at her. Chakor says I love you a lot, now our new life will begin. Imli rests on Suraj’s shoulder.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Latest spolier is that there will be a lobe triangle becoz vivaan is know evil imli will start.liking suraj again because of his good nature why is imli coming between chakor and her love agian before she came between vivaan and chakor so chakor accepted this but i dont want chakoe leaving suraj for this i read it on a arictle that there will be a love triangle suraj and chakor love each othet and imli will love suraj again

  2. Janani9789

    Guys today sbs segment suraj proposing chakor ???
    And imli is again pregnant???with vivaan child… No but he doesn’t believe her??

  3. Its my pleasure aanya and thnx shasha.

  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSk9n96lLuR/?r=wa1guys ye dhekiye
    ..i hope ye such ho..cant wait

  5. Woww philomina am also from chennai dr (hi-fi)…….nyc shayari zoya dr…….hi aanya, dil d, tapa, sukorian, tippu, zoya, janani, shasha, laarib, divya… all our frnds r back to dis page so u all r happy na even am also happy dears…..thn welcome back sia….nd i loved our sukor ff which is written by sukorian….tdy only i read ur ff….its really superb yaar….nd i really loved it….nd divya I loved ur ff also…its abt swaragini na……I used to watch swaragini I missed dis show allot…ur ff is too gud its really nyc….nd try to post our sukor ff also dr……

  6. according to sbas segment suraj chakor se pyaar ka izhar karta hai aur tabhi imli ne aakar apne pregnent hone ka news suraj,chakor and vivan ko bata dete hai aur chakor aur vivan suraj pe shak karne lagte hai.

  7. OMG……Did anyone see sbas segment??just saw on tv …..HEART ATTACK alert!!!!!!!
    Suraj is going to propose chakor ??he was ready to say her his feelings and vimli come there
    Vivaan says imli is pregnant?both chakor and vivaan see suraj shockingly and vivaan asks who is the father of the baby??

    Hate this track?,why to bring bachua
    track enough of this crap, why they r spoiling everything hate cvs

  8. Sukorian

    shit was too Less. I have more to say. I am so pissed a few weeks ago we said something like this would happen ?? I hope that Chakor will believe Suraj n how stupid is vivaan a doctor said he is impotent so he believes I qould go to another doctor to be sure. Atleast it takes time to make a baby so onthe mean time suraj n Imli hasnt spent so much time together and this night its just 1 night so they both vivaan n chakor have to think n trust before blaming the innocent suraj n imli??I hate the writers of the series. Well at least vivaan voald turn good again?

  9. OMG!!! Wat d hell is dis yaar??? Stupid track…..I think tat writer has no brain stupid writer….hope chakor will support suraj….nd honestly guys I dnt want dis stupid idiot track…..y they r doing dis….am totally upset with dis guys….thn tanx for d link ammi&janani…nd also tanx for d written update janani, sia, shasha & rati….

  10. bakwas news hope sukor will support each other as they always do.

  11. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5hil52_udaan-saas-bahu-aur-suspense-7th-april-2017_tv via @dailymotionind

    Suraj proposing chakor??and Vimli spoiled everything??I loved the iv given by them???it’s funny

  12. Thnx philomina and sia . Thnx fr the links sukorian, janu, ammi,lvsukor , sia. Wht the hell mn? Can’t thy gv sm time to until suraj propose chakor, oh gd nw everyone will suspect suraj. I jst want chakor to trust suraj bt dnt knw , I understood this gonna happen. I started suspecting whn thy showed a dream Whr chakor leaves suraj and yesterday’s precap. Oh gd nt agn.? . The I’ve was funny given by them

  13. sruthisreeya

    What the hell is going on… Our prediction is true… But I hope chakor will trust suraj . usko pyar ka ehsaas abhi bhi ho gaya that don’t break them plzzzzzzzzzzz.
    If chakor also doubts suraj there is no value to their love as she knew that both suraj and imli are best friends and imli loves vivan more than herself . she can’t blame suraj for her pregnancy.
    Hope chakor trust and support suraj ..if cvs has no plan to unite sukor and if they break sukor definitely it will drops the trips
    So CVS its big request don’t break sukor

  14. Oh no i knew this was gonna happen its so stupid why did they bring vivaan and imli back in thier love story know chakor will not trust them becasue she knows vivaaan cant be a dad but its all ragini plan who told the doctor to say all that and i think imli will lose her child then everyone will find it that it was vivaans child

  15. Hy gys janu,sia,dil d,divya,shasha,tippu,zoya n other gys calmdwn.where r my lil sisters?r u all ok gys?shoking mtt ho gys.i think ragini did all this.try to understand gys how is this posible within 2-3 days.is this posible i m sure this’ll be vivan’s baby.or agr sumli mai khuch hoga hi nhi to.or agr unme khuch ho to bhi chkor ko to suraj ko sb such btaa dena chahiye n chakor ko suraj pe trust krna chiye thts call true lov gys.so be cool n try to see what cvs want.m egrly waiting for this epi.m sure trio did all this.

    1. I totally agree with u aanya. Let’s wait n see Wht s gnna happen. Infact I also think chakor should trust suraj cz she knws hw much he changes n she should understand tht trio is behind this. We cnt expect tht frm vivan cz he’s totally changed. Chakors family also knw tht suraj loves chakor so hp it wnt mk misunderstanding. Anywy we cn only hope , let’s see Wht cvs gnna do

  16. Smiley010403

    Will Imli too change???? No, no way!!! Plsss

  17. hmm i jst think u all r rt jst hoping 4 da bst.

  18. Yaa lets see guys whats going on in tat writers mind….nd I agree with u both aanya & dil d……nw I just want to concentrate on suraj-chakor moments……..hope cvs will dnt drag tat imli’s pregnancy issue nd sukor’s misunderstanding……already udaan in 9th place (trp is just 2.5 only) if they drag too much thn the trp level goes below 2.5…..hope for d best….

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