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The Episode starts with Tejaswini asking Vivaan to drink milk. Ranjana stops her. Tejaswini says Vivaan needs the drugs and gives the milk to him. Chakor comes and stops Vivaan, asking him to throw the milk. She reminds how drugs change him into someone which is not him. She asks him to look in her eyes and asks do you want to forget me again.

Vivaan says I will not stay alive for anyone, I have no one, I hate Maa’s word, Tejaswini fooled me acting that she is my mother and loves me, its not her mistake, when my real mother does not have time for me. Chakor says no, Ranjana is not pretending, she really cares for you. Ranjana asks him not to drink the milk. Chakor says trust Ranjana, throw the milk. Vivaan says I won’t. Tejaswini laughs and says you can’t survive without this, its your weakness,

you have to drink this to be alive. He recalls her words.

He throws the glass and says I will not be alive using drugs, I will never drink this milk. Ranjana and Chakor get glad, I m shaking up but I will not fall now. Chakor holds his hand and thanks him for respecting her words. She says Tejaswini, now Vivaan will never need the drugs. Tejaswini asks how dare you talk to me like this, get out. Chakor says Bhaiya ji called me here. Tejaswini scolds her. Vivaan asks Chakor to go. Chakor says fine, I will meet you later.

Tejaswini tells Vivaan that he has to come back to her to get drugs as he will need it. Ranjana says you can’t do this. Tejaswini asks will you stop me, be thankful that my son did not tell anything to Bhaiya ji. She asks guard to see Vivaan, he should not go out and Chakor should not come here. Chakor feels good that Vivaan is out of drug addiction, I will be more happy when Imli gets freed. She sees villagers and thinks how to meet their eyes. Chagan stops her. He says all of them came to thank her, she tried hard to win in race, its fine if she did not win this time, next time you will win.

Imli tells Suraj that she did all accounts. Suraj shoots the pots. He scolds her. She apologizes to him and says I did not dance infront of anyone like this before. He says I should have not done this with you. She looks at him. He says I should have not made you dance. She gets glad. He acts good to her. She smiles and stands instead the pots, coming in his aim. He looks at her.

Chakor collides with Bhuvan. Bhuvan asks Chakor where are you running. She says sorry and picks the vegetables. She asks him to get brinjals, its Imli’s fav, she will dine with us today. He says fine, I will get it. She says I m going to get Imli. Chakor comes to haveli with the papers. Bhaiya ji says she will come to take her prize. She gives the papers for Imli’s freedom and asks him to keep his words. He says when did I refuse, take your sister, she is free. Suraj calls Imli there.

Chakor smiles. Imli asks what are you doing here. Bhaiya ji says take this bandhua, we don’t need her. Imli asks what. Bhaiya ji says Chakor did deal with me, if she does my work, then I will do her work. He says I have won as Chakor lost the race. Chakor says time will show who won, come Imli. Imli says no, first tell me what deal you made with him. Chakor says you are free now, you will go away from Aazaadgunj, you will come back when none of us is bandhua. Imli asks what. Suraj says Chakor is clever, Imli is innocent, tell the deal. He says Chakor said she will lose race if we free you. Imli gets shocked.

Imli says I would have not let you lose for me Chakor, I will not go from here. Chakor asks why. Imli says because I love Suraj, I will never go away from him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a precap.. Never expected this from imli.. I thought imli has changed but no… How can she do this..

  2. Imli is crazy she love a man who make her dance infornt of his friends

    1. imli surksha

      Yes! I swear.. What a wierdo.

  3. Will vivaan again get addict ed to drugs will chakor be able to see vivaan cheating tejaswini guard s

  4. wat a pracap…
    imly Is Sooper mad……
    Stupid imly
    nd poor chakor…

  5. super n utterly MAD imli…expecting suraj to love his bandhua???? chakor is different.. butimli??she s like any1 else fr him. y ll he love her???crazy girl

  6. chakor did all dis for her dear sister imli… didnt care abt so many people’s future & emotions… at d end,what did she get from imli in return…. ‘BABAJI KA THULLU’

  7. Imli really a fool..she doesn’t know suraj is acting with her..he is not truely apologising. .that is his plan to make imli to stay there bcoz he knows very well that as per their agreement chakor will free imli…

  8. pagal loog!! :@

  9. Imli ki azaadi waste of time…poor chakor….

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