Udaan 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Roshni calling Chakor a cheater. The principal says he is suspending her and asks her to get out of the class. She says I did not do anything. She gets sad and leaves while everyone calls her a cheater. Dheere dheere…………..plays……………The principal says silence, do your work. The peon calls Tejaswini and says the work is done. She says you will get money for your daughter’s illness. He thanks her for this favor. He cries and says sorry Chakor, forgive me, I did this being helpless. Imli tells all the kids that she knew they will come to learn from Chakor. They say Chagan did not come, he is angry.

She says he will come, I know his anger and jokes. Chagan comes there and she asks them to see he came. . She says Chakor will give exam and then teach you all. The

guard drags Chakor out and says she cheated in exam. He throws her out of gate. Chakor gets hurt. The kids see her. The guard says Chakor is caught cheating. Imli scolds him. He asks hr to say anyone, no one will believe cheaters. Imli says my sister is not a cheater. Chagan says they are cheaters and scolds them.

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Everyone call Chakor liar and cheater. Imli asks everyone to apologize to her. Chagan says we will not apologize, Chakor should apologize to us. Billu says what will she teach us and cries. Chagan says don’t cry, we will not see her face from today, come with me. Imli stops them and asks them to apologize. They all leave. Chakor gets sad. Imli asks Chakor not to worry, she is with her, she knows she is not liar and cheater.

Chagan tells Kasturi and Bhuvan that Chakor is a cheater, the guard has thrown her out. She cries and he says she was caught cheating in class. They all are shocked. Everyone call Chakor a cheater. Suraj and his friends tease her more and make fun of her. Kishori calls Chakor a liar and says all kids have seen it themselves. Kasturi defends Chakor.

Chakor recalls everyone calling her cheater and goes with Imli. They see a scarecrow on the way, and it has Chakor cheater written on it. Suraj and his friends do this to break her confidence.

Suraj and his friends ask Chakor where is she going and asks Chakor to read it, and she belongs to their stable, not the school. Roshni says she had to study and wanted to teach others too. Suraj asks did she get the point and tells all his crimes, that he has locked her in class and she made the chits kept under her papers, they got special chocolates to make her dizzy and break her from the village kids.

Suraj says she can’t prove this, no one will agree to her, she is all alone now. They call her a liar and cheater. Imli pushes the scarecrow and says my sister is not such. Suraj says how dare you and pushes her. She gets hurt and Chakor sees her wound. She says don’t worry, and applies mud to her wound. Suraj smiles. Chakor gets angry seeing them laugh on them. She sees a big stone and walks to them. They all get scared. Imli looks on.

Chakor says if anyone point on her and Imli, then she will break their head. She asks who first. They get scared and move back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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