Udaan 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor wants to educate Anjor

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying this is an ordinary pen, I know Gumaan has sent Anjor to steal this, he doesn’t want his secret to come out, else he will be ruined. She asks Anjor to give the pen to Gumaan. She sees bandhuagiri stamp on Anjor’s hand and gets shocked. She asks her about it. Anjor recalls Imli’s words. She says I will not study. Chakor cries and says who has stained your hand this way, maybe Gumaan did this.

She says I ended bandhuagiri from Aazaadgunj from roots, but it came here again. She cries. Imli says I don’t know anything. Chakor says Gumaan is clever, maybe he has hidden this from everyone, don’t know how many bandhuas Gumaan has. Garima leaves Madhuri to Gumaan’s room. He asks her to shut the door. Chakor says don’t know how Gumaan is ruining people’s

fate. Gumaan says you both did mistake, you have to stand here and see what I do, you both will be punished. Garima says I can’t do this, let me go. He laughs. Chakor says Gumaan is a devil, he has to pay for his sins, when devil takes a step, I will stand against him, if he is Gumaan, then I m a rock.

He says every woman is my bandhua, you can’t forget what I do with bandhua. Chakor says I will stop Gumaan from making bandhuas, I will find out if he is making slaves without any bandhuagiri stamp, this stamp is a stain on this free country, I will erase it, the hands are made to hold pen, not to have this stamp, I will end this stamp. Imli says you are saying right, if Gumaan is doing such a cheap thing, how will we stop him. Chakor says I won’t let this happen, I have decided, I will stay here in Aazaadgunj. Udaan hai….plays…. Anjor smiles. Chakor says I will fight with Gumaan and the people who secretly help him. Imli worries. Chakor says my Aazaadgunj needs me, this time there will be new sky and new flight of new wings, Anjor will take the first flight. Kasturi smiles.

Chakor says I will educate the girls and tell them how to remove the chains, there is one way to end darkness, I will bring them out in light, I will show the right path to Anjor, if Anjor doesn’t agree, I will hold her hand and bring her on right path my way. She asks Anjor to go home, she won’t punish her and give her Shiksha. She swears to get justice for Saanvi. Anjor refuses to study. Chakor says why, you were crying that you want to go school. Anjor says I promised someone that I won’t study, Imli knows me well, she was going to pay fees but I refused. She asks Imli to tell Chakor why she doesn’t want to study. Imli worries. Chakor asks what, whom did you promise. Imli says Anjor is a big drama queen, don’t come in my words. Anjor says yes, I don’t want to study, I love my mum a lot, does anyone leave mum for studies. Chakor asks what. Imli says Anjor is from poor family, she helps her parents to earn money. Chakor says I have seen your parents, they can manage your expenses, Anjor can go school and help parents after coming home.

Anjor says I won’t study, you said you will change me your way, do anything, its not easy to control me. Chakor says you tell me whom did you promise. Imli asks her not to act smart. Anjor says I m not acting smart, you command me, you tell me, should I study or not. Imli says yes, Chakor should be imp than me, you should go school. Anjor says I m thinking, I can’t refuse to Imli, I will study, I will go now. She goes smiling. Imli says this girl came here to steal, I will go and see. She goes. Chakor laughs. Its morning, Gumaan wakes up and sees Imli aiming gun at him. He gets shocked.

Suraj comes to Aazaadgunj. Sindoor falls in Chakor’s face. Anjor applies gulaal to his face. Chakor apologizes and makes him wash face. Chakor and Suraj get shocked seeing each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Why the late update? the fandom is already suffering because of the possibility of the show ending.
    I liked the episode, there was something uplifting about it and clever, confident Anjor was fun to watch.
    Ghumaan’s disgusting act was unnecessary.
    Finally we saw Suraj, I think Sukor scene will be at the end of tomorrow’s episode.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Nice episode. Anjor is just as clever as Chakor when she was her age. Lol.
    Nice to see she has both her mom and dad’s traits.

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