Udaan 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli telling Suraj that she does not love him anymore. She says I love just Vivaan and is moving on with him in my life, there is no place for Suraj. Suraj gets shocked. Imli cries and asks him to leave. Vivaan and Chakor are on the way. Vivaan says its good you called me, I was leaving. She recalls their moments and tells him that she is with the man who does not love her now, why does Lord play such games.

He says don’t know I should pity you or not, so much happened in past that I can’t trust anyone, I feel you did not do all that and then I think I don’t know you, you said right, don’t know why Lord plays such games. She says leave it, what about Imli’s reports. He says I will get reports tomorrow. She says same thing happened with me, inauguration was not

today, did Suraj send us out purposely. He asks why. She thinks Suraj has sent Tejaswini and Ranjana for movie, it means Imli is alone at home with Suraj. She tells Vivaan to drive fast, Suraj and Imli are alone.

Suraj asks Imli does she know what is she saying, she loves Vivaan, who loves Chakor. She says yes, he is father of my child. He says I m father of your child. She says Vivaan has accepted me, you won’t know our relation. He says I love you a lot. She says why are you with Chakor then, why did you not break marriage, Chakor maybe helpless, why are you helpless, tell me. He says fine, I will tell you truth, promise me you won’t get annoyed with me. She says I will see that later, tell me the truth.

He gets the knife and shows her. Vivaan and Chakor are on the way, worried. Suraj says this is the knife which I hide at new place every day, this is the reason why Chakor is with me, this knife has your fingerprints, I told Chakor that my dad was murdered by this knife, if she does not listen to me, if she gives me divorce, I will give this knife to police and you will go to jail. Imli gets shocked. Suraj says that’s why Chakor was dancing on my signs to save you. She cries and says you wanted to trap me in the crime which I never did. She slaps Suraj.

She says I m ashamed to love a man like you, how did you fall so low. Suraj says beat me more, I m your culprit, I did not wish to send you to jail, I was just threatening Chakor. Imli says I have regarded you as Lord, I have your baby in my womb, you wanted to send me to jail, you did not think your baby will be born in jail. He says I was blind and did not see right and wrong, I wanted to take revenge, Chakor did the swapping and I will take revenge from her, I did not understand that Chakor was making my life better by making Tina elope, by giving me life’s biggest happiness, when I know that I can’t live without you and our baby, you are not accepting me, I did big mistake, punish me, burn this knife, forgive me please.

She asks do you know what big sin did you do, you created a wall between two real sisters, I have become Chakor’s enemy, Chakor sacrificed her love for my happiness, I did not trust her and insulted her, I slapped her, I did a sin, you filled poison in her life, you can’t be forgiven, I can just hate you. She throws the knife and cries. Suraj looks on. She leaves out of the haveli. Suraj sits shattered and sees the knife burning in fire.

Imli goes to temple and cries. She says Chakor saved me once again and was staying with Suraj as bandhua to save me and keep me happy, I have raised hand on her, how did I do this sin. Tejaswini and Ranjana come home, and get shocked seeing Suraj and the decorations. Ranjana says you have sent us out to do this drama, Vivaan will not leave you when he knows this. Tejaswini says Imli is having Suraj’s baby in her womb. Ranjana says you realized this late and goes. Tejaswini says you are in this state, it means Imli rejected you after you confessed love to her, I can’t see you ruined. He asks her to leave him alone. She says as you wish, and goes. Suraj gets sad and goes upstairs.

Chakor and Vivaan come home. Chakor wishes Imli is fine. They see the heart decorations and I love you Imli written. They get shocked.

Imli apologizes to Chakor and says I got to know all truth, you should have told me, Suraj can’t harm you now, you are free. Vivaan looks at them.

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  1. Angel

    No sukor scene😖 dnt understand whats goin on imli will give vivaan divorse than vikor will happen😓😢😢

  2. Manny

    No need to worry Angel as such a thing won’t happen. In the latest promo chakor tells imli to stay happy with vivaan and seems like there will be miscarriage. It’s shown that imli is lying on the bed at hospital.

      • Manny

        I myself haven’t seen yet. I saw in a forum. In the latest promo chakor sacrifice her love her sis imli. And It’s also shown that imli is on hospital bed crying. This means imli will have a miscarriage.

    • Sana

      no miscarriage will take place manny.
      imli is gna get a daughter..
      and tht daughter will get the name of suraj not vivaan.
      vivan and chakor will get a son.(SOON) i guess

  3. Sia

    No yaar..what the hell is happening….God plz iss show ke writers n directors ko bohut zyada akkal de do….agar sukor ki jagah vikor honge toh i can bet iske popularity bohut kam honge….trp kam honge tab shayad inko akkal aayenge….I really hope Sukor n Vimli ho….LUV U SUKOR…

  4. vinlora

    Don’t worry guyz sukor story will start soon….Vikor and imraj are closed chapter now. …sukor and Imvaan is the end game. ..ab tho bachcha bhi nahi raha tho sukor is pakka. …

  5. Sia

    Right Angel….aur Vinlora tumhare mooh mein ghee shakkar…tumne joh kuch bhi kahan aisa hi ho…..eargerly waiting 4 sukor n imvaan luv 2 start….

  6. VIKOR FAN.....

    yehh kya drama hai..??
    Plz……. high time now…….
    Change the track…………
    I begg to the director for changing it………….
    We most of the viewers want vikor together

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