Udaan 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suraj breaks Chakor’s fast

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The Episode starts with Chakor getting tensed seeing Ranvijay. He checks the taxi and sees other people. Chakor dons ghunghat and leaves with the ladies. She calls Imli and asks where did you reach. Imli says it will take more time. Bhaiya ji tells minister that he has made Chakor away from Suraj, so he took time, he is concentrating on work, he has gone to Lucknow to do social work. He jokes about Chakor and says I m going to announce Suraj is my heir, leave Imli, he is walking on my path, I m keeping my son away from this, son is son and bahu is bahu, I got old, you are seeing around, old politicians are sitting at home, my son will fulfill my dreams, I will get Suraj to you. He gets happy.

Suraj arrives at the address. Ranvijay sends his staff to same place and leaves in the jeep. Suraj sees some

women coming and a car. He goes to see. He collides with the women. He misses to see Chakor. He says I m married, my wife kept fast for me, I m finding her. The lady says she will find you when moon comes out, maybe she is inside, come.

Chakor talks to Imli. Imli says my car broke down, I can’t reach there. Chakor says its fine, take care. Chakor comes in. Suraj talks to Pakhi and says all women are doing Karwachauth puja here. Chakor hears police siren. She sees Ranvijay coming and hides face.

Suraj says I will look around. Chakor sits for the puja. Ghar aaja…..plays……Suraj is close to Chakor, and doesn’t see her. Ranvijay looks around. Bhaiya ji calls Imli. She is on the way. He asks where are you, did you meet Chakor. She says don’t trouble me, I don’t need to give you report. He scolds her. She asks him to talk slowly. He says everyone went to village to celebrate Karwachauth, what did Chakor want to tell you. She says I didn’t meet her. He says its my profit to know it. She says I m not hiding anything, she will tell me on call, did Suraj come back from Lucknow. He says no. She says how did he take much time, is he planning against you, your life can be in danger. He says maybe. She says I told you to keep an eye on Suraj, you have two wives who keep fast for your long life, so nothing will happen to you, I have to buy things for my fast, market will get shut. She ends call. He angrily throws phone.

Chakor does rituals. Suraj says I will go and see, if Imli is meeting anyone inside. He goes inside. A lady asks someone not to leave puja incomplete. The lady reacts angrily. They think if its some thief. They see the thief in woman’s disguise. The goon points gun at her and asks everyone not to come ahead, else he will shoot her. Chakor goes and saves the lady. The man catches Chakor and says you will get me out of here. Suraj sees the goon taking someone.

He tells Pakhi that police was finding this murderer, he is here, I have to save that girl and catch him. Pakhi asks him to find Chakor. Suraj says this girl will be someone’s wife, Chakor always wants me to help others, I will save that girl. He goes to terrace and beats the goon. Chakor falls down. Police comes and catches the goon. Chakor says Suraj. The goon runs and gets gun. He catches Suraj and asks police to get away. Suraj beats the goon red and blue. Chakor gets up. She sees the moon and smiles. She prays and closes eyes. She says Suraj is not here, but wherever he is, bless him. She hears Suraj threatening the goon. She turns and sees Suraj. She happily cries. She says Suraj……. Police takes the goon. Chakor gets dizzy. Suraj sees the girl fainting and runs to hold. Chakor falls in his arms. He feeds her water. Her ghunghat flies off by wind. Suraj gets stunned seeing her. Mahiya…..plays…..

Suraj says you cheated me and married Ranvijay, Imli told me. Chakor says I didn’t marry anyone, this is our child. Suraj and Chakor hug and cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Linaa

    Finally in the upcoming episode sukor misunderstandings will get clear so happy to see this precap

  2. Finally. Sukor meet. ?

  3. Beautiful episode.. Very happy ? ? with Sukor reunion… ? ? ? god bless them and save them from evil eyes ?? ? ?.. Chakor looking damn pretty in this costume.. How i waited for this episode

  4. Awesome episode today imli don’t get more screen space and the last part was??.finally Suraj get to know it is his child both the actors VJ and Meera kneeled it.loved to see the precap can’t wait for their reunion….

  5. This is the day we waited for since a long week… The way suraj break chakor s fast without knowing that its her its so nice.. It remembered me of the last years karwachauth…
    And super excited about the precap… Sukors reunion… Hope it will not be a dream of anyone..I hope this time CVS will not cheat us.. I want to see sukor together and fight against all the evils…

  6. Yes finally sukor meet and wow he breaks her fast…kn i knew it obviously kn is not dumb he will make his own son the heir not imli i feel tommrow will be dedicated to sukor but i feel somthing big will happen after sukor try returning to azaadganj cuz rv is still after chakor

  7. Sukorian

    oh i need to watch now ????

  8. Amazing episode. Sukor finally met and Suraj broke Chakor’s fast. Tomorrow they’ll clear their MUs.

  9. Omg it happened after a long wait… no words to say

  10. Aleya.marzan

    epi will comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    love will winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


  11. It’s just their misunderstanding will get cleared. Enemies are still there; RV, KN and imli.. but when sukor are together doesn’t matter how many villains and issues.

  12. Athira prahladan

    Wow…..! I love it. Love you sukor….. मैं बहुत खुश हूँा

  13. The precap is too good ??????I luved it?????????????

  14. Very nice episode..

  15. Thank God the writers have come to senses. Chakor and suraj together can fight against RV, Imli and KN. this can also make a good story line

  16. Sukorian

    Im also happy but there is somethjng to creat new mu between Sukor…. sorry for spoiling every1s mood but tge document Imli had in the dark room what could it be chakors reports with fake DNA????

    I just hope Sukor love ????????? is strong enough to fight back against the new evil trio ??

    1. It was probably property papers. Sukor will hide that they’re back together and Chakor will stay in Banaras. Chakor will try to find RV’s plans and Suraj will try to find KN’s -Imli’s.

      I’m sure Suraj will never doubt Chakor about the baby. There is a new olv with Chakor in RV’s house, she gets the feeling he has kept her locked up in his house to prevent her from spoiling his plans.

      I think the next couple of weeks will be about how RV will try to harm Suraj and eventually fail.

      1. I also read that suraj tells chakoe to come bk but she still doubts rv intentions so stays bk but the problem is rv house arrests chakor kn still plans for suraj to be his successor i think suraj will find out imli whole truth and we may see vivaan coming bk i think those papers r important documents of kn who i feel won’t spare imli as she is double crossing him we will also find out the link between rv and imli i feel rv will use chakor against suraj to blackmail him thats why he captivates chakor in his house chakor falling down in this epsiode didn’t look to good i hope it don’t affect the baby in the future…it’s good sukor mu got cleared but that now jus felt like a one of episdoe cuz of churva chuat cuz now the seperate again atleast knowing the truth one thing im afraid is if imli finds out and cuz chakor is captivated she wont be able to see suraj and this may cause a mu suraj thinking chakor lied to him i would just hate for that to happen! If vivaan wont be shown by next week i feel cvs will use these weak excuses jus to create another mu

      2. Sukorian

        thank u to u both finally i can restart to watch again ???

      3. I don’t think they’ll go for MU, suspense is bringing them TRPs, MU didn’t and now Vivaan is awake so he can tell Sukor the truth, the focus will be first around RV and then Imli-KN

  17. Reaalllyy osum episode sukor reunite no words to express my feelings because waiting from a long time awwww but only i have read not watch that episode nooooo awwww so now onward monday this episode is great and very enjoyable to watch but guiess it also means may be that this serials get closedddd no plzzz no ways nopssssss lets see what happens next to next

  18. Athira prahladan

    Superb……wonderful episode. I can’t express my feelings…..thank you for the script writer and the director of serial udaan. Especially thanks for the actors. We love you sukor….God bless for you sukor and your baby….

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