Udaan 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj aiming gun at the man. He sees Imli instead the lady and Vivaan instead the man. He says you wanted Vivaan, you should be happy. The couple gets puzzled. Suraj says look at me, I have become like before, you told me that one should have power, see I have gun in hand, I will become so powerful that no one can give me pain. He aims at the man and says Imli, be quiet, I will not kill you. The man asks his wife to be quiet. Suraj sees the couple and asks who are you, what am I doing, I have to make you afraid, you have to die. The lady says Lord will never forgive you for this. Chakor looks for Suraj and hears him. She turns and sees Suraj with the gun. Suraj asks where is Lord, one who has gun is Lord.

The man holds Suraj and asks his wife to sit in car. Suraj pushes him

and says I will see which Lord saves you now. Chakor comes and aims gun at Suraj. Suraj gets shocked and says oh, Chakor Devi has come to save you, and laughs. He asks Chakor can you shoot at me, it needs courage to shoot, you can’t kill anyone. She says gun is used even to save lives, this can shoot at your hand, let them go. She asks the couple to leave with their daughter. The lady thanks Chakor and they leave.

Suraj and Chakor aim gun at each other. He asks her to leave. She says I won’t go anywhere without you. He says we will shoot with counting, the one who gets saved will go haveli. He counts down. She says this is not game for me, come with me. He asks did you get scared, it was good game to die. She says I don’t want to kill you, I want to take you home, come. Tejaswini is worried for you. He says you are lying and laughs. He says I know why you want to take me, to sign on divorce papers, its proved you are bad wife, I will sign tomorrow, night is mine, I have to enjoy, go haveli Chakor. She leaves.

Chakor colors the kalash. Vivaan says Chakor’s phone is not connecting, she went to find Suraj. She says so you are worried for Chakor, I thought you are awake to support me, your worry is right, they did not come home, you go and find them. He says you are right and goes. He comes and says Chakor has come back, she said Suraj will come back soon, we will sleep, pandit ji will be coming in morning. She says Vivaan Babu…. She hugs him and says I m calling you out and you are not listening. He says I thought you are calling some clerk by Babu. She laughs.

She asks will he worry for her if she goes somewhere alone, like he is worried for Chakor now. He says no. She gets sad and asks will you not worry for me. He says because I won’t let you go anywhere alone. They smile.

Its morning, Chakor is angry as Suraj did not come till morning. The lawyer tells judge that Bhaiya ji got the evidence burnt during his transfer. Bhaiya ji’s lawyer says how can he plan all this by sitting inside jail, he can’t do this. The other lawyer says jailer is missing, I request to get some days time to collect evidence against the criminal. Bhaiya ji signs his lawyer. His lawyer requests to release Bhaiya ji, as he can’t be kept in jail for more time. Judge says its imp case, court gives 4 days time to police to collect evidence.

Chakor and Imli do arrangements and keep kalash. Ranjana asks Chakor is she doing elder bahu’s duty by placing kalash, its good to take good memories before leaving haveli. Imli does puja. Tejaswini gets the call on landline. Chagan says I was calling Chakor, I have to tell something imp. Tejaswini says tell me. Chagan tells her something. Tejaswini gets shocked. Imli gives aarti to everyone.

Chakor gets divorce papers and gives to Tejaswini, saying I signed on it, when Suraj comes, ask him to sign on it and give to lawyer, I will pack my bags and leave in some time. Vivaan says I will drop pandit and come before you leave. Imli says if you don’t come on time, Chakor will be in village and you can meet her anytime. Pandit asks Imli to keep diya always lit for 9 days. Imli says sure. Ranjana taunts Tejaswini as Chakor is going forever, just accept it that I have won. Tejaswini says maybe Mata Rani does some miracle that Chakor does not leave. Ranjana laughs and goes. Tejaswini says sorry Suraj, you will be upset knowing what I m doing, but after some days, we will get its fruit. She calls someone and says I m Tejaswini, Suraj’s mum.

Tejaswini stops Chakor and says its big disaster, save this house from breaking, save my son….. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Woah…!!!

  2. love for sukor… wish to see them more.. not vimli.. specially I dont like that limli…


  3. hurray! chakor ab nehi jaigi..sahedh kn ka entry hone bala hea..jobhi ho chakor toh rukhi jaigi..ab hume sukor. ka nok-jhok dekhne milega…ek ur tashne isq sure hone bala hea…

  4. After watching this video ?https://youtu.be/T77iJs4BOBs i realy cnt able to see that jerk imli face? i have to change channel so that i cnt see her dumb face ?ohh god i hate that imli how can she do this with her real sister chakor whats her prob ?.,realy vivaan dnt deserve her ?aree imli ko to apni shadi or vivaan ko khush rkhna chahiye ?par yeh to chakor se better or chakor ko sabke samne nicha dikhana chahti hai realy disgusting? pls cvs iss bar jab imli chakor ko hurt kregi tab suraj ko chakor ka sath dena hi hoga ?or imli ko confront krna hoga ?or ab bas kro or sukor ka love track shuru kro aree hamare kaan or aankhe taras gyi hai sukor ka romance or pyar bhari baatein sunne ke lia?waise 4 din baad shyd bhaiya ji wapas aa jaye tab tak sukor ke beech kuch to pyar ho ?waise acha hi hoga suraj ke samne agr imli ki sachai ayegi atleast wo imli ko bhool to jayega ?or chakor ki care krega bcoz suraj se better kaun janta hai ki chakor ne imli ke lia kya kya kia hai?

  5. hurray! chakor ab nehi jaigi..sahedh kn ka entry hone bala hea..jobhi ho chakor toh rukhi jaigi..ab hume sukor. ka nok-jhok dekhne milega…ek ur tashne isq sure hone bala hea…I don’t know comments submit nehi ho raha hea..

  6. pehle toh ho nehi raha tha ab dho dho ho gaya great…

  7. Chakor_Vivaan

    This stupid imli…..in the latest promo chakor and imli are dancing and vivaan is watching them, but imli pushes chakor because she is jealous….get rid of imli.

    1. Imli is taking on Ranjana’s colors after all people look for their parents in their life partners or so I have heard….

  8. Imli is too mean.. I hope vivaan gets to know that chakor is much better than imli and I want him to repent for leaving Chakori.

  9. This bulshit imli i just hate her more n more day by day.I think suraj vivanko sambhalega us accident ke bad hope some sukor scenes tomorrow bt today’s epi was nice like ishaqzaade type

  10. why color’s serial are showing this? sister’s are jealous another sister just like limli, in krisnadashi srabhani kill her sister aradehya… Hers, at least limli’s character should be supportive for chokor… but no she is jealous… I had a assignment on violence againest south Asian countries especially against women, here, I notice that domestic violence is more prominent in this reason, which reminds me the charecter of this female leads, most of the time they are sufferer…

  11. Wr can we see ful episodes of udaan,in voot app it’s not available

  12. Chakor’s plan to stop Suraj from drinking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssZbjD81YHg

  13. Chakor will fails her plan.so she will gives divorce to suraj and leave haveli.i get thz info from vivan and chakor interview abt plan to change suraj.

  14. Suraj somehow find the bear but chakor stop him and win the challenge

  15. Really and suraj says he Will not divorce chakor bcoz usne sare daru ke shop pe suraj ka photo vej diya hai aur kaha hai use liver prblm hai

  16. Youtube.com/watch?v=LU-2C6S5uH4&feature=youtube_gdata_player.i dont know what chakor said abt divorce.plz can anyone translate it.

  17. I think.divorce will happens definitely.

  18. it is so funny that Suraj and Vivaan love some one like Imli and not Chakor.

    May be they can only love people who are of their level. not some one who is above them

  19. Well it looks like Suraj might die… I read a spoiler which says Chakor will go to jail for killing Suraj. Another spoiler says that Suraj will refuse to divorce Chakor so he can torture her and give pain to Imli…. FFS he might die of alcohol poisoning like a true Devdas for all we know.

    What happened to Chakor’s career? Thought she was practicing for the Asia games? All we see is rhona dhona, no more strong Chakor.

    Looks like ViKor might happen as well because Vivaan is like the F***ing wind, and Meera and Paras are involved in real life.

  20. Whoomp!!! Eagerly waiting for to see chakor’s victory over challenge….but in a way I feel bad for chakor…I mean usne imli ke liye kitna kuch kia lekin uske bawajood sab chakor ko hi bugat na pad raha hai….anyways I can’t tolerate this imliimli no more…arey imli chakor ko toh na sahi lekin apne pati (vivan) par toh barosa karo….

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