Udaan 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Chakor reach Dharampura

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The Episode starts with Chakor and Suraj trying to awaken Anjor. Suraj asks Chakor to be strong, Anjor will talk soon, she will play with them. Suraj asks Tejaswini to take care of Anjor, they are going to take revenge on their enemies. Tejaswini asks them to punish those devils well. Suraj calls inspector. Inspector comes. Suraj asks are you ready to come with us to Dharampura. Inspector says sorry, I can’t help you, it comes under inspector Bhawri Yadav, she is very corrupt and cruel. Bhawri is shown torturing some man. Vikram pays money to her and asks her to just do his work. He asks her to not let anyone enter Dharampura. She agrees. Chakor says if we try to buy Bhawri, Vikram will know it. Inspector agrees with her. He says I wish I could come with you. Chakor thanks him for help. She asks him not

to have any more troubles. Suraj says I will take revenge on them. Chakor says yes, either it will be them or us.

Vikram comes home. Rajeshwari asks what did Bhawri say, will she work for us. Vikram says money can do anything, we will have our business now, make preparations to use this place as base, Bacha tell our clients that we are going to work again. He says Suraj and Chakor we have become more powerful now.

Suraj and Chakor are on the way. Chakor asks driver to stop the car. Driver says its risky to go alone. Suraj says if we go my car, our enemies will be alert, go home and ask mum to take care of Anjor. Driver goes. Suraj says its a dense forest. Chakor says I m not scared. They enter the jungle. She slips. Suraj holds her. He says maybe we reached Dharampura. He sees the guards and says Vikram has made everyone against us.

He says he did this to protect himself. They see Bhawri coming. Bhawri asks constable to shoot Suraj and Chakor at sight. Suraj hides Chakor. They see Vikram coming. Suraj gets angry. Chakor calms him down and says we will punish those three. A girl holds Chakor. Chakor and Suraj get shocked. She says its my work to catch intruders, I didn’t know intruders will be so goodlooking, what’s the matter, come with me, village head will talk to you. Chakor says we didn’t come here to hurt anyone, but Vikram and others. The girl says it means Vikram had to lose house because of you two. She throws the sickle at Chakor.

Chakor picks it and says you didn’t throw the sickle to hurt me, you missed the aim. Suraj says it means you don’t want to kill us, bu just to scare us, so that we tell truth. Chakor says yes, we will tell you the entire story, Vikram is a devil, don’t know what did Vikram tell you, he kidnaps small girls and sell them. She says Vikram did the same with my daughter. The girl asks what. Chakor says yes, look at this. She shows Anjor’s pic. She cries and says we have come here to stop him so that he doesn’t do this with someone else’s daughter, we have told you the truth, now decision is yours, you want to support us or not.

The girl thinks Suraj and Chakor fooled me. Bhawri looks for Suraj and Chakor. Chakor screams seeing a snake. Doctor says Anjor is critical.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode, there is energy in the track and the drama dose is balanced with heart to heart talk. Sukor trip and fall looked awkward but practice makes perfect, soon makers will get comfortable including Sukor scenes.
    The flower scene was emotional, loved how Suraj encouraged Chakor. Sukor scene when they entered the jungle was good, it showed how Suraj cares for Chakor.

  2. Love the Diwali montage 😍😍😍

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