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The Episode starts with Chakor making Tejaswini and Rankana busy in talk. She signs Bhagya to leave. Bhagya’s dupatta gets stuck. The guests come for Karwachauth puja. Chakor stops them and asks them to see whose figure is good, Tejaswini or Ranjana. Bhagya runs. They ladies praise both. Chakor says so its decided, both are beautiful aunties. My work is done and I will go to talk to moon. Tejaswini and Ranjana asks ladies to sit.

Imli makes Kasturi ready. Dadi says how will Kasturi do puja without the pot. Bhuvan sells the pot and takes money. He says Kasturi kept Karwachauth fast for me, I will buy fruits and sweets for my wife with this money. Bhuvan passes by wine shop and buys wine by the money, being unable to resist. Imli gets a pot and asks Kasturi to do puja. Kasturi comes to do puja with

everyone. Bhagya takes her blessings. Bhagya says she felt Kasturi has blessed her many times. Arjun and everyone smile.

Abha and Aditya come there. Chakor greets them. Abha says I came as Aditya said Choka was missing me. Dadi says yes, we all wanted to call you, so we asked Choka. Chakor asks them to see moon. The moon comes and all ladies break their fasts, following the rituals. Imli says how will mum break fast, dad did not come till now. Chakor says don’t worry, he will come. Bhagya and Arjun do Karwachauth rituals. Soniye…………plays…………. Arjun promises her that her next Karwachauth will be in their own home, not haveli or village. Abha cries recalling Ishwar. Chakor asks Abha not to cry, as Ishwar would be seeing her. Abha says no, I can’t see the moon. Chakor asks her to see the moon. Abha sees the moon as Chakor insists. Dadi says Bhuvan did not come till now. Choka says she will break Kasturi’s fast as moon is hiding behind the clouds. Bhuvan comes there drunk. He falls on the ground. They all get shocked. Kasturi says she can’t do the rituals. Dadi asks Kasturi to stop. Kasturi says let me go. Dadi scolds Bhuvan. Chakor looks on shocked.

Tejaswini and Ranjana do the rituals. Manohar talks to Ranjana and says he knows its Karwachauth, and she did not keep fast, even then he will send his pic. He sends his pic. She smiles seeing the pic and says she feels he got weak in Bhaiya ji’s worry. He says it means you saw the pic so soon, take care of yours and Vivaan, have food, give phone to Tejaswini, Bhaiya ji wants to talk. Bhaiya ji talks to Tejaswini. Tejaswini refuses to talk, as mad Bhaiya ji has bitten her. Bhaiya ji asks Ranjana to tell Tejaswini that he has got fine, he is coming back home. Ranjana gets shocked and asks Tejaswini to talk.

Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini that he has done mad acting to cover up his confessions in Ramleela. She says she won’t talk to him, don’t say you have solution. He says yes, you guessed it, no one can understand me better than you. She taunts him and ends call. He says I think she is very annoyed, its fine, when I can get Chunni, I will find solution for her too. Tejaswini says don’t give phone to me next time. Girja tells her that Bhagya has run away, she is not in haveli. They get shocked.

Imli asks Bhuvan to get up, how will Kasturi break fast. Chakor asks Imli not to cry, and says her tears are precious, its pearls. Imli looks at Chakor. Chakor says he is not our Bapu, he killed our dad and took his place. Kasturi and everyone get shocked, Chakor asks Bhuvan where is her dad, and shakes him. Kasturi says Chakor…. Arjun, Bhagya, Imli, Abha, Dadi get glad. Amma gets worried. Kasturi says Chakor, you have come to your mum. Kasturi comes to Chakor and smiles. Chakor gets worried.

Kasturi says you have come to me, I knew this. Amma says he is Choka, not Chakor. Kasturi says you are lying, this is Chakor,s see and removes her cap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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