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The Episode starts with Chakor talking to Ishwar and Abha. Arjun asks her not to waste time, and asks Ishwar to do formalities and she has to take part in inter school race. Ishwar says fine, I will find out when will they come. Arjun asks Chakor to say bye to them. Chakor says she is afraid of this Kaka. Arjun says you should call me Arjun Sir, not Kaka. She says Arjun Sir. Ishwar and Abha greet her all the best. Chakor goes with Arjun. He makes her run and asks her to run faster. He says he is disappointed. She says send me home then. She says she can’t run with shoes, as it lowers her speed. She says I know you don’t like time to be wasted.

She removes the shoes and runs faster. He sees the time as she runs barefoot. He says not good enough, you can try and run more faster than this. The

bell rings. She says she will go home with Vivaan and Aditya. He says wait, till you cover the lap in 20 sec, I won’t let you go. She says its useless to run here, as I would have done many works in village. He looks at her. She asks is he understanding what she is saying, she can’t run in one place. He says fine, so this is it, I got it. She says I will go home. He says stop, another bell will ring for 20 sec, if you touch the finishing line and come back, I will let you go home with Aditya and Vivaan, else not. She says really and runs faster. The bell rings. Arjun looks on. He looks at her speed, she comes back in 20secs. He smiles.

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Aditya and Vivaan see her. Aditya says wow Chakor, you did great. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays……….. The kids make a group and jump counting numbers. Arjun looks on. He says I understood how to give you training. Ishwar calls postman and asks did he send money to Chakor’s parents. The postman tells him everything. Ishwar says he is understanding Bhaiya ji, and asks him to go and give money to Chakor’s parents. Postman says if Bhaiya ji knows this, he will be very angry and not leave me and them. Ishwar says go at night. The postman says I can’t go.

Ishwar says Chakor got chance to study here, if they don’t come here, she will not get admission. He says she will lose the chance because the postman was afraid. He ends the call and tells Abha that he increased his courage. Kasturi looks for Imli and asks many people. Imli meets the postman and he says he was coming to give them money. Bhuvan comes back being upset. Bhuvan scolds Kasturi blaming her for losing Imli. Imli comes with the postman. Lakhan sees her and says what is Imli doing with postman. Bhuvan says Imli is gone and cries. Kasturi asks him to calm down. She explains him how Chakor has made them light houses in Diwali.

He says Lord has written darkness in our fate, he is punishing us. Dadi says no, Lord won’t punish us. They all pray. Imli comes home and hugs Kasturi. They smile seeing her. Bhuvan scolds Imli. The post man comes there and they are shocked seeing him,. The post man shuts the door. He says he has come to give the money which Ishwar has sent them. Kasturi smiles happily.

The post man says Ishwar told me about Chakor going to big school, you are lucky Bhuvan, do whatever you can, let her take the flight to the sky. Abha talks to Chakor and sees the sores. She says I told you to wear shoes, how will you run again. Chakor says so I stopped running, else Arjun would have made me run more. Abha laughs. Aditya comes and they tell him about Arjun’s name Baggdadh Sir. Aditya says he is giving her a chance to run in inter school junior championship race and Chakor will represent our school.

Chakor counts and says I m seeing will my parents come here or not. The post man asks Bhuvan to accept this chance. Imli and everyone convince him.The post man asks him to take the money and free him by giving thumb impression. Aditya says it will be a big field and everyone will cheer for you, as you run and win. She thinks Imli cheering for her. Udaan hai………………….plays…………. She thinks she will hug her family who will be happy. She smiles dreaming about them.

Lakhan catches Bhuvan and postman red handed. Bhuvan asks him to keep money and let them go. Lakhan scolds them. Kasturi says if you stop us, I will tell your truth to your wife.

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