Udaan 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ragini throwing things in anger. She says how dare they refuse to me, I will kill everyone, Chakor will die. Vivaan comes. She shoots. He bends down and gets shocked. He throws water on Ragini’s face. He takes the gun from her hand and makes her sit. He says nothing will happen if you kill Chakor, villagers will get more angry. She says yes, you are right, but we can trouble Chakor, she always talks from villagers’ side, let’s see how she fills the villagers’ stomach. She asks goons to snatch food from villagers. Vivaan says no, we won’t get anything this way, we have to think something that Chakor can’t do anything.

Bhuvan says Chakor you did good to get food for kids. Suraj says we will try to get more tomorrow. Goons come to snatch food. Suraj and villagers scold

and beat goons. Vivaan comes there. Chakor and everyone hold hands. Vivaan says we have many ways to compromise with you. Chakor refuses to compromise, even if he gets food and water for him. Vivaan laughs and asks them to listen carefully, your life can change, if you all get ready to make guns for us, I will tear all the bandhua contracts, you all will get free of bandhuagiri, think of the freedom, you can earn much more, you can earn one week income in one day, if you agree to me, your slavery will end forever. He tells them to get more money and freedom. He leaves.

Ragini asks Vivaan why will they work for us. Vivaan says our game spoiled when we scared them, you know what they will do, stop being emotional, good businessman is never emotional, I fooled them of freedom. Suraj says there can’t be bigger good news to get freedom, this is not a big deal. Tejaswini says but they are pushing us towards wrong. Suraj says villagers should get a chance. Ragini says fine, tell me if the villagers get free, how will they stay in our control. Vivaan says like Bhaiya ji used to control them by fear. She asks are you sure. He says yes, we will win, I did this to trap Chakor, I will tell you right thing, the villagers have bandhuagiri in their fate. She asks what do you mean.

Chakor and Suraj argue over Vivaan’s deal. Suraj says they will get chance to move on, they can get free now. Chagan says govt will punish people who make bandhuas. Suraj asks what will govt. Do, this deal is good for Vivaan and us, he has to give us what we ask.

Vivaan laughs and says the villagers are getting trapped, their old contracts will be torn, we will make new contracts, in which we will write even their breath, it will be new bandhuas, just see, if they buy the dream I sold, if they work for us, they will get trapped. Ragini smiles.

Chakor asks Suraj do you want them to make guns, you want Pakhi to have pistol in hand. Suraj hugs Pakhi and says no, I don’t want to see bandhuagiri stamp on her hand, we will make guns till we get money, then we will leave this work, the kids can have education, shall we not give a chance to move on and make their life. Everyone clap for Suraj. Suraj says you all decide now. Everyone get ready to make guns. Suraj says yes, for freedom. Vivaan says bandhua is always a bandhua. He smiles.

Suraj asks Chakor to think about kids, who will get free of bandhuagiri. Chakor says sorry, I don’t agree. Suraj accepts Vivaan’s deal and says your gun testing won’t happen in Aazaadgunj. He decides the amount for workers. Vivaan agrees.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank u so much nemo&shreya for this brief info.you r right shreya even i don’t like vivan in this [email protected] i know it will be bad news for you.but i know choco i mean aanya become ur friend so u have ryt to know about her.she met with an accident yesterday evening and now she is in hospital.hope u can understand she is not able to comment here.i know her very well,defintly she will comment here.don’t know whats the problem with this girl exams time bhi yamraj se milne chli jati hai.tum beleve nhi krogi khuch din phele haath pe boil water gira liya.and now all this.can you help me please.agr vho comment kregi tume choco pe gussa krna hai othewise choko rest nhi kregi so can you help me please?

    1. Hi nidhi wt u told us its really sad hope she get well soon n without aanya we would get bored.so there is a msg from my side will u give it to her ‘aanya aap apna khyal rkha kro aise kaise hota hai aap hospital mei rahoge toh comment ka kya hoga hmara udaan page ka toh mood off ho jyega so jldi se thk ho jao aur phir comment kro but av take rest’.

  2. Hey dears…how u all…a big hi to all of u and welcome to udaan family to those who are new here..
    @sadhna welcome to this page dear.and I’m happy that all ur misunderstanding are solved.. And I’m also a mcom student. Where are you from my dear
    Guys is there any new spoilers???

  3. You are one of my best frnd….zoya.

  4. Hi guyz…after long time am commenting… Bt wit a bad news….

    After suraj telling tat imli’s baby is his.. Chakor brokedown completely…both suraj nd Chakor were crying…after seeing India tv segmentI ultra today I literally cried… So guyz be ready for their sad separation nd tears…

  5. Ohh really shama thnx but I don’t know much about u.

  6. Hey everyone new spolier imli was on the road vivaan was driving and imli comes between his car he tells imli stop trying to trick me by getting a accident by his car vivaan hold imli and says i still love you i will forgive you just abort the child imli gets angry and slaps vivaan vivaan holds imli abuses her and pushes her then in a article suraj sees imli on the roads and feels sorry for her he makes up a plan and tells vivaan and chakor that he is the father of imli baby and now imli will live in the haveli with him this shatters chakor chakor is hearbroken and leaves the haveli guys this means chakor will not know suraj plan and i think the buchwa track will be deep for sukor as chakor will feel betrayed and suraj will try to bring out the truth of imli he only says he is the child so that imli gets a shelter to live in as she is homeless

    1. Sukorian

      i knew it i told it in a Previous comment its all suraj plan ☹ feeling bad or chakor now suraj has to Fight for imli her child n his love hope he wins ??

  7. I don’t think so…..zoya

  8. Shreya.

    Ohh no guys c our aanya met with an accident nd tmrw is her exam…nidhi dr if our aanya is fyn r nt dr…if she got any severe injury in dis accident…don’t know y dis girl is lyk dis…careless careless careless only….Yaa even v know tat her hand injured a few days back (last week) u r talking abt dis ryt…u know wat tat tym I told her to go to hospital…don’t know when she listen our words…I promise u nidhi dis tym definitely I will not leave her…I will definitely scold her… nd I really worried for her not only me all of our frnds worried for her…tmrw is her exam hw she wrote d exam in dis situation…god plzz help our aanya…nidhi whenever u got d tym plzz take care our aanya it’s my small request…hope am not bothering u…nd thank u so much for informing our aanya’s state…

  9. Shreya.

    U r ryt sadhna our aanya is different…nd u know wat our sruthi also a m.com student…nd our aanya is a economic second year student dr…i know u asked dis qstn to aanya…bt am answering so don’t mine…nd really sadhna u r soo swt lyk all of our frnds…

    Zoya hw u know abt our shama…may b u both r frnds ryt…am not sure…

    Welcome back lv sukor…nd tanx for d d upcoming information dr….don’t know hw much I will cry after seeing dis….uff…am already crying…

    Thanks for d upcoming information tippu…

    1. Same feeling…sukor will suffer..even sukor fans will suffer…
      I wanna tell u one more thing.. I am also from chennai only…yesterday I also felt happy for vishwaprasth…

      1. Shreya.

        Wow…u r also from Chenna lyk me ND philo..am really happy dr…Yaa even am also happy for vishwaprasath…such an amazing singer…

  10. Thnks tippu & lovesukor for this info.so sad for sukor.its not good for sukor fans.

  11. No shreya … nothing lyk tat me n shama r nt friends.

  12. Don’t worri shreya & zoya .i’m here with her all the time.zoya choco ko msg mil jayega.don’t know shreya what’ll happen tommarow, her first exam. And she didn’t discharger.uski dadi,mere papa and uski choti mom hai uske paas.you know its head injri.yeh ldki herkisiko pereshan krti rehti hai.sorry guys tum loge bhi preshan ho gyee.her grandmom told me that just to save a pup she did all this.pupy ki leg plybord mai atkk gai madm chlpdi nikalne,pull kiya bord ko or sare wooden poll uske uper.unconsence pdi rahi bhan.today her csn saved her per agr hmesha ki tarha akeli hoti to. God knows kya hoga is ldki ka.pupy ko save krne ke chkr mai exam bhool gai dfr.sadhna were right she is such a dmbo……..guys i know exam and tv kisi situation mai nhi chodegi.per guys i will go along with her tommarow ok hope now you can relef.

  13. Gys m here didu mere paas bethi hai or mera phone bhi chen liya inhone ye meri id sy cment kr rahi hai or phone bhi nhi de [email protected] di please aap mujhe mtt dantna thodi si he chot hai.nidhi didu jhut bol rahi hai.inse mera phone dene bolo agr mai abhi ghr nhi aati to yeh phone apne saath le jati.belev me di m super wala fine.pls cment krne do mujhe.vrna mai kisi se baat nhi krungi.mene koi ff bhi nhi pda aaj isse bdi punishment kya hogi mere liye.pls bolo na inhe mera phone deneko please.

  14. Gys belev me abhi maine dia k ff k liye cment kiya m super fine ples bolo inhe mera phone dene ko. mai mri to nhi na?ok aap loge decide kro tb tk mai or ffs pdke aati hu.or its ok mai choti maa ka phone use kr rhi hu its ok agr apko mujhe scold krna hai to kro.mai to aapko iss accident k bare mai btati bhi na.glti ki nidu di ko iss page pe invite krke.

  15. I am really happy to read ur comments… U people r so good… I think no other page has this much bonding…

    Happy to be a part of this page…zoya shreya tippu aanya nidhi nemo dil d tapa Philo and all others…and I miss sia angel nd janani
    Always keep rocking guyz…be like this always…

  16. Hey lovsukor cm se cm aap to meri side lo.aap btao agr mai teek nhi hoti to cment krti kya? @shreya,zoya,nidhi nd others gys agr mai mrr bhi jati to bhi bhoot bnke yahan cment krti vo bhi spcl pwr se mai to udke aapke paas bhi aa jati pakka.nidhu di se mera phone bhi le [email protected] di sory ples de jao mera [email protected] all gys don’t wry about sukor sepration.gys ‘dooriaaaan bhi haiiin jrurii jruri hai yeh doooria bhi’ok so chil nd wait for romentic sukor scene.gys hapy rehne k liye sad spoiler mtt pada kro.aap log phele hi sad ho jate ho or mujhe bhi sad kr dete [email protected] how r u?

    1. Sry Dr…I can’t clearly understand hindi…it’s hard for me understand vocal itself…can u ask in English…

  17. I mis to sia,angel,nitz,janu,tapa,mama,divya,laarib,subi,varshu,kkkk nd [email protected] m second year student of b.a.

  18. Aanya hope you r fine now..take care my dear and get well soon…why are you so careless? We knew that u r so sweet and u cannot see anyone in pain and always help those who needs it..but doosroko madhath karne ki chakkar mein apne baare mein toh kuch socho yaar…thank god that anything bad was not happened..are u really fine???? Take care u idiot

  19. Guys new spoiler is realy heart breaking.i’m upset with this track. Shrutishreya in which part of M. Com? And ananya i know already.

    1. Shreya.

      All r upset with dis Dr lyk u…hope soon cvs will do something as per our wishes…

  20. Hi guys
    I am new here and I m big sukor fan

  21. Shreya.

    Ohh my aanya aanya don’t know u hv head injury bt still u said tat nothing happened to u…u know wat if am in nidhi’s place thn definitely I won’t let u cmnt here dis much ok…v know very well…u cares everyone…bt at first u must care urself k…..tmrw is ur xam na…already u had head injury…don’t know hw will u write dis xam…am really worried for u infact all r worried for u…don’t u understand….u mad girl, don’t repeat dis mistake again…otherwise I promise u I will cmnt dis page bt I won’t talk to u forever…so plzz dnt frgt dis one…ohh u mad girl don’t make me angry onceagain?…go nd take rest u stupid mad girl??…

    Nidhi dr…thank u soo much for dis informations abt dis mad girl…thank God u said d truth otherwise dis girl na she never tell anything…nd nidhi am little bit relief after seeing ur cmnts…take care of urself nd take care of dis mad girl also…

    K Zoya dr…I just thought tats y only I asked tat u nd shama r frnds…nd lvsukor whenever u got d tym try to comment here ok…nd even I miss sia, aqua, Philo, mama, angel, janani….

  22. Shreya.

    Welcome Lily k to our udaan family…hope u will enjoy here…nd whenever u got d tym try to post ur cmnts dr…

  23. Guys new spolier suraj admits he is the father of imli child chakor cries and falls on the floor she is shattered and heartbroken she smashes all the things in the room and cries really badly she gets up and is bleeding on the feet and walks away suraj tires to console her but there was no audio guys i think it will happen by this week i tried to share the link but the cite doesnt let me paste i felt sorry for chakor iv never seen her so heartbroken guys suraj is gonna try to resolve the imli matter hiself but he put his own relationship in jeprody

  24. Thanku for welcoming me shreya di and I will try daily to post my comment here

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