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The Episode starts with Chakor running wearing shoes. Rathod says you got 15 secs late, practice for marathon next year. Tina smiles. He asks her to work hard, and this way she can’t win in this marathon. Chakor gets sad. Bhuvan sees Imli making bouquets. Imli says I m making this as Vivaan wants to give the bouquet to Tina.

Chakor comes home and hears this. She asks did Vivaan say this that he will give this to Tina. Imli says I don’t know whom will he give this. Bhuvan says Vivaan changed, I heard he will be helping Bhaiya ji in his business. Chakor asks what. He says yes, Vivaan will be managing all the things. She gets shocked.

Chakor looks for her old shoes, which Arjun gifted her. She says I have to wear shoes and run. Bhuvan and Imli ask how will she wear shoes and run race, its good

if she is going to lose, she can tell Suraj. Chakor says tell him that I will wear shoes and win this race. She says you did not make this bouquet well. Chakor goes. Imli says its good this time Chakor will run to win.

Vivaan is angry on servant and says I will manage things, I don’t know about Suraj. The man apologizes. Vivaan says decide anything by asking me. Tejaswini looks on and gets angry. Tina and Kusum practice. Kusum says Chakor is not able to run well, it was nice plan. Tina says sometimes, we have to see other’s weakness too.Chakor coems there with shoes. Tina says Vivaan is such a sweet guy, he is a gentleman, he is so good. She makes Chakor jealous. She says Vivaan asked me to focus on marathon and taunts Chakor. Chakor practices. Tina asks her to work hard and she can run next year.

Chakor says the time you spend with Vivaan, I will spend time in practice. Tina calls her jealous and laughs. Chakor says F for focus and starts running, wearing shoes. Tejaswini adds drugs in the milk glass. Vivaan sees this. He says you take care of me so much, are you making this for me. She says yes. He says I will drink it, and takes the glass. He drinks the milk. She smiles. He asks her to wait and goes to vomit the milk. She gets shocked.

She asks what are you doing. He says I wanted to show, my body is not ready to accept my drugs, you don’t waste money to make me your servant by giving me drugs. She says no, this was energy drink. Ranjana comes there and hears them. Vivaan says my body has left drugs, and my heart has left you, don’t do anything to end this small fake relation between us. Ranjana smiles. Vivaan leaves. Ranjana asks Tejaswini to start taking drugs now.

Imli scolds servants and asks them to obey Vivaan. Suraj sees this and says so you also started dancing on Vivaan’s finger. She says no, I m just servant. He asks her what do girls like. She asks girls or Tina. He says just answer what you are asked. She says girls like diamond or stone, no two girls are alike, I can give my life for you, but if you give life for Tina, she will not see you. He scolds her and asks her to get lost. Bhaiya ji comes there and sees Suraj angry. He asks what happened, its such a nice day and your mood is bad. Suraj says Tina Raichand, you asked me to get friendly with her, I was doing so, she is after Vivaan. Bhaiya ji laughs and says this is good news. Suraj asks what. Bhaiya ji says it does not matter she is your friend or Vivaan’s, I will be glad if Vivaan gets friendly with Tina, he will be away from Chakor, you should support Vivaan and Tina’s friendship. Suraj gets shocked.

Vivaan asks the people to get weighing machines of new technology. Tina comes there and meets him. He asks what are you doing here. She says you have sent flowers for me, so I thought its invitation for me, I got tshirt for you, it will suit you. He says I can’t take this. She asks why, don’t you like red color, I will get another one. He says no, I have sent flowers as you like it, I did not know you will get another meaning of friendship. She laughs and says I did not get any red sindoor, relax, I got tshirt for friendship. Chakor comes there and sees them. Tina intentionally falls in Vivaan’s arms to show Chakor. Chakor gets angry. Tina says Chakor is also here….. Vivaan sees Chakor.

Vivaan confronts Chakor for her answer, and ends all relations between them. He says we have one relation, of owner and bandhua servant. She gets sad. Chakor sees her shoes spoiled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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