Udaan 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor and Vivaan get drunk

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The Episode starts with Chakor talking to Saanvi. Suraj comes there. Mahiya….plays…. He says I know my responsibilities, I will fulfill them, Saanvi will be with her dad. She gets close and gets wine bottle from his pocket. She reminds his responsibilities. She says I will be back soon and goes. Suraj sees Saanvi and throws the wine bottle. Chakor asks Mahant who all stayed in the room. Mahant says I have told you everything. Chakor asks him to recall Imli. Mahant says she died long ago, she isn’t here, an old woman came here some time back. Chakor asks when did the old woman come. Vivaan says I don’t understand. Chakor says I think that old woman was Imli is disguise, I met her, she had won everyone’s heart, she disappeared, it means Imli was keeping an eye on us, she was around but I didn’t

realize the danger. They see a woman. Chakor says its same old woman. She runs and says Imli. She sees an old woman and apologizes.

Imli says Chakor is smart, I have to do something to stop her. She goes to Ankit. He says I know you are not a ghost, go from here, else I will tell mum. She scares him by showing a knife. Ankit runs shouting and says I have seen Imli, she is threatening to kill me. Chakor asks where did you see her. He says near the shade. She says there is no ghost, trust me, go home. Chakor and Vivaan rush to find Imli. Vivaan says maybe Ankit lied to me. She says he was scared, why will he lie, I will ask that lemonade seller. She shows Imli’s pic to the man. The man asks her to buy two glasses of lemon juice. She says fine, then will you tell me. He says the girl went behind the trees with the kid, have the juice. She pays him. She says it means Imli came here and got saved. They drink the lemonade.

Vivaan recalls Chakor on seeing the shade. He says we have many memories with this shade. She says yes, we used to come here in childhood. Imli pays the man. Chakor laughs. Vivaan asks why are you laughing. She says you know we have to find Imli, we have less time, even then I want to get on this shade. He laughs. They run and get on the shade. They laugh and act silly. Imli smiles and says bhaang makes person forget the work. Chagan sees Chakor and Vivaan. He goes to tell Suraj.

Chakor says Imli, we won’t get scared of you. She says I ended Bhaiya ji’s rule here, Imli’s end will also happen here. Vivaan laughs hearing her. She says I will call Suraj here. He says call everyone here. They laugh hearing the song. She says we will dance. They dance. People father and look on. Suraj throws the wine and says Chakor is right, I shouldn’t drink this poison. Chagan comes and says Suraj, what shall I tell you, come and see what drama Chakor and Vivaan are doing at the shade. Imli sees Chakor and Vivaan dancing on Chor bazaari…. People gossip. Suraj comes there with Chagan. He gets shocked. Chagan asks Suraj to calm down. Suraj shouts Chakor. She smiles seeing him.

Suraj scolds her for doing the drama. Chakor says I missed you Suraj. Vivaan asks Suraj to dance, the party just started. The man says this glass smells of bhaang, Chakor and Vivaan have drunk bhaang. Vivaan does aw. They laugh. Suraj throws water over Chakor’s face. Imli looks on and smiles. Chakor looks at Suraj.

Suraj says I gave you five days, its just one day left, if you fail, you will do what I say. Vivaan says Chakor went with Saanvi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Decent episode, but the bhang scene was too long. Sukor scene was very short but it was very good. Didn’t like how Suraj was pulling Chakor in precap. Chagan should’ve tried to stop them before the whole village gathered.

  2. Vivaan look to cute they repeat the history vivaan douts on suraj and imli friendship and insulting her now suraj doubts on chakoor and vivaan friendship and insulting her and taunts her I hope suraj know about imli is alive

  3. Safiya Hosein

    I think from here on we are going to see some twists and turns.
    The slow start was necessary for a climatic build up for the rest of the story going forward.
    Still think all this is a plan to weed Imli out….let’s see ?

  4. I didn’t like Vivaan from the very start so I wasn’t happy about marriage of him and Chakor in 2016. Even before that Sukor get married I was shipping them. And now Its disgusting for me to see they are getting close…
    And I’ve read the spoilers too.They show that Chakor is going insane and want to hurt Saanvi to make her safe from Imli and then Suraj and Vivaan will try to stop chakor. I hope all of these are some plans to stop Imli.

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