Udaan 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vivaan stopping Imli for baby’s sake. He says what will happen to our child of you do this, you wanted me to change, I have changed. She asks what did you say, our child. He says yes, our child. Ragini tries to run. Chakor stops her. Imli says did you hear, Vivaan called my baby as his child, we won, you lost. She beats her. Chakor says don’t take law in your hands, I called Ajay, he would be coming. Ajay comes and says its good we got her alive, it would be easy to make case on her. Suraj says you called him again. Ragini gets arrested. They all smile.

Bhaiya ji says why do I see things blurred. Ranjana asks what happened. He says nothing. He stops Pakhi. Pakhi says I came to meet Ragini, our mum is unwell, can we make pistol tomorrow. He sees the bandhua mark on her hand.

He says I have seen this. Ranjana says this is bandhua stamp. He asks what nonsense, I m Bholenath, I did not do anything. He goes upstairs and faints. She gets shocked. She asks him to get up.

Chakor says I m getting angry on myself, I forced you to give divorce to me, why did I not believe you, forgive me, I will not let you go away. Suraj says I did this for this day, so that you say you love me and promise to be always with me, smile now. He sings Jab koi baat bigad jaye…. and dances with her. She says I know I did very bad with you, I don’t deserve your love, I left you alone, I m a very bad wife.

Vivaan apologizes to Imli for behaving badly and insulting her. He says I know you will forgive me, I did big mistake to call my child illegitimate. She cries and says its tough to forget what you did, but I m glad that my prayers are answered, truth came out, our child won’t be annoyed, as you accepted the child in front of entire village. She hugs him and cries. She says our old love came back. He says yes, our love did not end, I still love you a lot. She says Ragini is caught, now there is no danger on us. He says one danger is still there, Bhaiya ji.

Suraj acts and says yes, you left me alone, you did very bad Chakor, I m annoyed with you. He smiles. Chakor hugs and apologizes. She says give me one chance, I will not trouble you. He thinks how to forgive you, I also have to trouble you. She says I will do anything to get forgiveness. He says fine, make halwa for me. She asks what. He asks won’t you make. She says sure, but will you forgive me. He says yes. She hugs him and says you are worlds best husband, I will make good halwa. He says you have to make halwa and take to every home in village, saying Suraj is innocent, he just loves Chakor. She asks entire village? He says fine, its okay, villagers think I m wrong. She says no, I will make halwa for your happiness. Imli comes to them.

Chakor apologizes to her. Imli says Ragini did all this, you have to help me to get forgiveness. Chakor asks what help. Imli says Vivaan came back in my life, but there is danger on him, I have to save him from Bhaiya ji. Chakor says he is mad, what danger from him. Imli says he is not mad, he was made mad by injections, Vivaan and Ragini did this, Bhaiya ji will not leave him, I have an idea, we will put all blame on Ragini. Suraj says we should wait for him to get senses.

Its morning, they all see Bhaiya ji. Vivaan says we should give injection to him. Chakor says you did that on Ragini’s saying, just don’t do anything wrong now. Imli says yes. Bhaiya ji recalls everything. He gets up and throws the dumbroo.

Bhaiya ji says you all are my bandhua, who I m, Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi, Aazaadgunj’s king. They all get shocked. Chakor says Bhaiya ji is back. Bhaiya ji laughs loud.

Bhaiya ji pushes Suraj and holds Chakor saying I will kill you, I get mad dreams because of you. They all ask him to leave Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today the sukor episode was awesome.loved the episode,the best part was their dance and sooraj naughtiness and nothing to say about imvaan they always have to pull their nose in sukor and create misunderstandings in their relationship.really discussing till now we get to see a perfect sukor scenes in the way to Lucknow trip.I want to say the writers that grown up at least give a perfect scene in one episode we sukor fans r dying for that and we fans r not fools we can understand how the supporting characters r getting main lead day to day.the main male and female lead sukor for udaan is famous for r getting side roles if this continues the show will soon be get off air soon bcoz of low trps.what to say about they can’t see that we only want sukor no one else and another really I am going to miss kn bhole avatar.it was really ? ? I have enjoyed it a lot now the old villain is back now we will get to see what’s for Ragini and Vivaan next.guys does anybody knows about the trp rates this week.I just hope that the results will be good and aanya di,Nidhi di where r u.missing ur comments soooo much!!!!

    1. TRPs are out tomorrow. At the beginning they’l hide Vivaan’s role, I don’t know if he’ll find out later.

  2. Thanks for the first update amena!!

  3. Love the new montage. Nice episode. When Ajay said four, did he mean the two couples? it was nice seeing Suraj smiling at him even though they’ll be back fighting again.

    Enjoyed Sukor dance, but feel sad for Chakor for the way Suraj and Imli were blackmailing her. I didn’t like the whole I’m a bad wife dialogue, she wasn’t wrong to ask for divorce. Why didn’t Suraj apologize for hiding the truth from her? I know it’s meant to be funny but to me it was insensitive.

    Vivaan still wants to give injections to KN, Sukor should let him get his deserved punishment instead of hiding his truth and protecting him.

    Looking forward to the return of KN.

    1. My favorite part in Sukor scenes was when Suraj made Chakor smile. Suraj’s expressions when he was pretending he’s angry with her were cute.

    2. Shreya.

      Agree with u Nemo even I don’t like when chakor said tat am a bad wife etc etc…Haan but Suraj is not apologising chakor for hiding truth….

      Haan vivaan deserves punishment dr….dont understand imli came nd said sukor na put all d blames on ragini’s head…ohh god…looking forward to c some nyc scenes…

  4. Halwa part was really funny yet soo cute. Love sukor forever. Ragini’s chapter comes to end. Yes! KN is back. Going to miss his madness though. Will he come to know that Ragini gave him injections or will he just blame it on Chakr.

    1. He will find out that Ragini did it, and will got to the police station to kill her, but she will already have escaped.

      1. Thanks Didu. Who helped ragini escape?

      2. @ Sunny, Imli helped Ragini escape, she didn’t want ragini to tell KN that vivaan was giving him drugs.

    2. Sukorian

      imli will help her

  5. Sukorian

    i havent watched yet but I will definitely see Sukor scene ?

  6. The episode was good. My favourite scene was the 2 kn scenes .Sai sir is surely tremendous!His laugh itself brought goosebumps. The sukor scene was good although i thought suraj would ask for a kiss(because he was literally begging for it in the last episodes).Making suraj the sole victim and chakor guilty is wrong on the writers part .I think the makers did that because of last week’s hike in the trp. So its only this week’s trp which can decide the state of the show and the upcoming story.To be honest, i am not really happy with the montage.I think only the real leads need to be the montage and not some side characters whom the audience don’t care a damn about!(although i admit that i loved the sukor side hug).
    Meera seriously needs to change her wardrobe.Her outfits are so repetitive and dull.Most of the outfits look the same with different colours .The last outfit that i actually liked was the one which she wore in the rain scene.

    1. I agree with u di. The rain scene dress really was the best.

  7. New olv, chakor teaches suraj a lesson. It seems next week is full of nok jhoks.


  8. Sukorian

    now I saw the epi Sukor scene was awesome ??? I agree she doesn’t need to say sorry but I lived tgecway Suraj said to her she should smile they gain their live back n the song n dance so cute. Chalo Vimli bhi hogaye ek just for short time… don’t know what the CVS thinking. Imli kabab main haadi it was so great n she entered but waiting for halwa scene n Son n Mother I missed Teju n Suraj bonding n I’m happy they will show this again the new pic of udaan… y.

    One more think Ajay said 4 normal people get their real live back is he stepping back won’t he try for Chakor now????

    1. The scene when Suraj made Chakor smile was my favorite too!
      I think Ajay is stepping back. I think CVs didn’t make good use of his character so far, at least he’s more interesting than vimli.

  9. Sukorian

    @Tapa Off-Topic back to yesterday u asked for an Update if new journey starts do u meant Wattpad or TU?

    1. No no Tu I didn’t know that you ended it so I said that ☺️BTW what is your username there on watt pad

      1. Sukorian

        same sukorian but dont kmow maybe i will start a chapter 3 ?

  10. sukor part was cute.

  11. I love sukor scene, when Suraj ask chakor to smile. I love this kind of their relationship. Their nok jhoks romance always the best. Hope CVS make sukor also as work partner that will understand what each other wants even without speaking so there is no misunderstanding between them. I want to sukor flying together, btw is there any news about trp?

  12. Guys Off of topics, but I want to know about ff about sukor that tell about suraj and chakor were friends in childhood but they seperated, now they meet again but Chakor didn’t tell suraj that she is chakor. What the title of its ff???

  13. TRP (1.95) with impression 4281 at 11th position (up by one place and slight increase in TRP)

  14. OMG again KN Rakshas has come out to struggle sukor.

  15. Trp is 1.95

    We are in the 11th position.

    Trp is just stable.Hope the makers stop the ongoing track and show us something better.

  16. Did anyone watch Sukor TOI live chat on facebook?
    I enjoyed it a lot. I didn’t listen from the start, these are some of the answers:

    It seems they will not remarry soon,but there will be a lot of nice sukor scenes (and vimli too), they said that they wanted the viewers to see the boyfriend-girlfriend stage in Sukor relation.

    There is a chance tejaswini will be back in haveli, because chakor said that KN has earlier asked her to come back.

    They said Ragini will come back and plan revenge but they don’t know how soon this will happen.

  17. Shreya.

    Hii everyone…..compared to d last two episodes dis episode is super nyc….I totally loved d sukor part…abt vimli no cmnts….nd even I loved when Suraj ask chakor to smile nd he teases chakor na….

    And I loved one more part when Ajay came nd arrest ragini tat tym SURAJ asked CHAKOR na “u again called him” ???????

    And I loved Ajay too hw he said d four people’s get their lives back ??? loved it ????

    1. It was nicer because we got to see Sukor alone, next week we’ll get to see many cute scenes between them.
      You’re welcome ?

  18. Shreya.

    Thanks for d trp information both Nemo nd Riana….

    Thanks for d toi live chat information nd d news Nemo ….uff…I missed it…no problem…

    Thank u sooo much for d link both sukorian nd nemo….

  19. Shreya.

    *****OFF TOPIC********
    @aanya plz cmnt dis page aanya plz I know definitely u will c all our msgs v hv no others source to contact with u so plzz aanya cmnt here…v all r missing uuu… Don’t u miss us???….plz came back dear…it’s my humble request….nd plz tell nidhi to cmnt dis page…plz convey my msg to nidhi also….am waiting for ur cmnts infact all of us waiting for ur cmnts….hope u disappoint us…plz once again i tell u came back nd cmnt here asusual…I beg u….plz came back my cutie aanya plzzzzzz….

    1. And I second her plz didu comeback na

    2. Please aanya and nidhi come back.

    3. Sukorian

      haan comeback ?

  20. Oh no guys I will miss bhole, he was too funny u noe
    But sukor vs kn is far way better than tamarind n her pati chachundar
    Episode was very NYC good to see this track ended here n all sukor scene were so sweet n funny

  21. The guys for olvs n trip news wanna see udaan in its real position

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