Udaan 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chakor packs her bags, when she comes to look at her mangal sooter in the mirror and get sentimental. She takes sindoor from the drawer and put it on. Every piece of cloth reminds her of memories with Sooraj. Champa brings her a letter from Sooraj and cheers that he remembers her birthday. She thinks about thanking him, then decides not to call him until he does. He wrote her a riddle to find her gift in the house where sky is not visible. She heads towards basement.
The goon informs Kamal Narayan he has hidden bomb somewhere nowhere will discover till evening. Kamal Narayan laughs in appreciation, awaiting Chakor’s end. Chakor comes to basement and finds another letter, asking her to reach where her name shines. She heads towards her parent’s house then wonders where does her name actually shines?

She enters the house and looks around. Her father enters the house, asking what was she looking in the trunk. She wonders where can her name shine, then recalls her trophy. There in the cupboard was another letter. The next letter reads that her gift is at the largest place of the village. Chakor judge the name at once.
Tejaswini comes calling Chakor, as she isn’t safe here. Kamal Narayan spits over her shame. Tejaswini questions what he has done to Chakor, he wants to kill her but she won’t let him even touch her. Kamal Narayan wonders what a love she has with her daughter in law. She comes to grab his collar this time, asking why is he stone hearted. That girl saved him from sin of murdering his own son. Kamal Narayan says he wants to kill Chakor as she let Sooraj live. He pushes Tejaswini away and shouts at her to leave this place. Tejaswini boasts he cannot kill her, as he must have done this really early. But she won’t let him kill Chakor as well. Kamal Narayan says Chakor isn’t home, but wherever she goes he would kill her. He has placed a bomb to kill her. He would cheer with each piece she tears into. He sends her to find the bomb now.
Chakor reaches the tree with a number of gifts tied to the tree. She cheers and collects all of them. There was a letter, reading gifting her is the most difficult task. She doesn’t like things easily, and she never celebrated her birthday as bandhwa children have no birthday. These gifts are for each of her birthday, from her husband Sooraj. Tears fell off Sooraj’s eyes. Imli reaches to hug Chakor a happy birthday. Chakor guess Sooraj took Imli’s help in doing this all. Imli tells her that Sooraj gave her the instructions. They sit to open the gifts. Tejaswini comes stop Chakor from opening these boxes, as there might be a bomb in any of these. Chakor says they must find the bomb and dispose it in time, she needs to look into them.

PRECAP: Kamal Narayan watches the bomb packed inside a stuffed toy. Chakor instructs everyone to keep an eye on anything suspected. Imli was watching over the unloading of gift packs when she finds a box suspected.


Update Credit to: Sona


  1. janu

    wow what an amazing episode!!!!
    finally we heard vj/suraj voice …😍

    chakor remembers suraj in each and every thing,its smaller or big thing but it reminds suraj to her…..from sindoor,mangalsutra to wine,and dupata…everything….best scene…👍👌😍😍
    the way she tried to control her emotions gives us goosebumps…😭😍💘
    when she gets suraj letter her happiness are limitless,priceless..😍👌😭..the way she gets happy in reading a letter…happily told its suraj!!!wah!! .and excitement in search her suprise gifts are amazing….really suraj always gives chakor a unique gift…😍😭

    the last letter is amazing one…literally very emotional he gave all her birthdays gift in one birthday…the tears from chakor eyes are from happiness(gift by her husband suraj)….loved it😍😍👌
    thanks to imli the way she smiled teasingly to chakor,when chakor telling about suraj..to imli 😂awesome…😍👌

    even kn and teju scenes are super…😊
    kn started his work…😠😬

    waiting for tomorrow epi!!!😍

  2. Angel

    Hehehe nithya😝 superb epi soo emotional suraj letter were soo sweet waiting for tomo epi as she will open his gifts..

  3. Trisha

    Todays chakor bcome so much happy that her hasband cares abut her she also feels special somebody care abut her nd make her special she always tells dat she doesn’t made for luv nd doesn’t make anyone attracted towards due to her nature,attitude but our suraj make her feel dat she is special for him as loving hubby i really like todays episode nd letter…… Now vj come back to show but he is not well clearly he is taking rest in shooting also he creative also co-operate with him thats to gud i hope soon he bcom fit nd fine….. Many fans missed him but if he is not fine
    he should take rest for some day then come to show …..without health we can’t do anything first priority to health what u think guys????

  4. sreeya

    loved todays episode verymuch… really miss suraj.. and his gifts and the letter was so sweet.. why chakor realise that se loves suraj thats why she felt so much pain.. vimli please make them realise and unite them… im so happy that vj is back on shoot.. hope he doesnt have further problems.. waiting for tomorrow’s episodes want to see what are the gifts voh paagal pati apni jangli billi ko deti hai.. chakors excitements, and happiness are really nice when she realise that its surajs letter and finding his surprises

    • sia

      Hi Nitya 🙋
      Wow nice episode 😍 so she remembers everything that happened during her drunken state😃 loved how she was exited for the gifts…. I wanted to see the gifts given by Suraj but epi ended there
      Waiting for Suraj’s entry 😍

      • sia

        I loved the last part of letter when he says “tumhara pakandi pati”,and she says tum pakandi nahi Ho bilkul pagal ho👌👌
        Also chakor-bhuvan part

  5. janu

    ohh no i can’t able to tolerate this!!!he is going become bandhuva its sure,but its more and more make us sorrow for suraj

    • priya

      Ha its becoming painful,Suraj should not sign the papers 😐
      Hi angel sia varshu hope u ppl remember me

  6. Aanya

    Lovely episode.sm b d tell me dil se dil tak serial kis serial ki jagha ayega i think big boss.but my dad make me afraid gys.please tell me its not last track of udan.if its going to end i never forget this serial like pulwa.serial charecters like family members alg hone k bad bhe bhol nahi sakte what you think gys.i like your comments sia,janu,ankur cary on gys.i love you entire team udan.

    • sia

      Kriti main concept of udaan is banduagiri and sukor are leads so he will become bandua yar..even meera and vJ also almost conformed it. Lets look forward for bandua track bcz by this sukor bond will become stronger

  7. sia

    Aanya this is top most serial of colors after naagin and shakti the next place goes to udaan and also slot leaderthere will be no wonder if it runs for next 5-6 years and is has been hardly 10 months when leap taken so don’t worry,just enjoy udaan and sukor😃

  8. janu

    thanks,anaya don’t worry in udaan leap started nearly few months,now only story revolving four leads ,keep enjoy the show its one of the top shows in colors..so don’t worry,keep enjoy udaan and sukor…

  9. janu

    sia, yesterday episode they showed something in basement room when finding suraj gift,do u know what it is…

  10. janu

    sia, yesterday episode they showed something in basement room when chakor finding suraj gift,do u know what it is…is it bomb or something else…

    thanks for sharing link sia,now suraj going to become bandhuva,even vivaan also become servant….now chakor and imli can save the both of them and support them,from torture of kn,ragini and ranjana….i want suraj and vivaan should fought against kn and shouldn’t obey kn orders…

    • sia

      Janu it’s bomb
      Hmm Janu,I don’t know about Vivaan but Suraj darpok aur kayar tho nahi hai,udaan Ki males me Vo hi ek brave man hai😂 he will fight back with kn

  11. Aanya

    Thenk u sia.i’ll enjoy more.i just hope it’ll be very long bt not like yrkkh.you know gys its 700epi. going on 17th jan.be happy.

  12. Dil dhanushi

    Nice epi.love the way chakor excited in finding gifts n yup the last letter. Thnx fr the link.

  13. Aqsahashmi

    thanks for site sia but they didn’t show that kn put slavery mark on his wrist or anywhere.

  14. Titli

    Suraj tum pakhandi nhi ho pagal ho.. i cried.. suraj is so caring, not being prsnt there also, he made chakor aware of his presence.. aisa pati har kisi ko mile..😂😂
    I love suraj.. meera, superb acting..😘😍

  15. Riya

    Hello guys do u remember me I am Riya Can any one give the the link of sbs trip chart for this week as I am excited to see Udaan on 2nd position

    • sia

      Janu I’m feeling kinda bad now,how that kn tied Suraj’s hands with that bandua chains and dragging him and forcing him to sign the contract papers…and latest spoiler says this nalayak villagers are supporting kn in this drama,if don’t want to do good for Suraj it’s ok but why are they supporting kn,I really feel chakor should not help these people untill they realize their mistake and ask forgiveness from sukor and vimli and today I loved the off screen masti of sukor imli and Ragini (Vivaan is missing) in olvs vj says they are all bandua family 😂
      also he says as Suraj made everyone bandua in the past now its time for prayashith and our karm reflects back

  16. Angel

    Hey priya😍 and yeah sia suraj become bandhua and signed property papers too as haveli is in name of suraj he done this bcoz kn kill his mother otherwise but i love how chakor was getting sad for suraj she was running after himmand suraj too was soo hurt but this track will definately brink sukor closer the way we cnt imagine lets see how sukor fight with trimurti..
    Guys in none video shikoo was present so may be he ran away or die or he will be back to help sukor..

    • sia

      Ya angel just saw in saas bahu aur saagish, and chakor cries seeing mohar on his wrist and definitely this brings sukor closer,Vivaan is also not seen did he went jail already?angel may be kn made shikoo and his amma run away and warned him not to help Suraj

  17. janu

    yeah sia,feeling bad for sukor,villagers are always ungrateful to chakor because they are selfish,even chakor did lot to them but they didn’t trust chakor properly till now,they always trust kn and group…
    i think kn will make them against sukor by telling if they want their freedom,they should against sukor,so they doesn’t stop kn and support kn in making suraj bandhuva.
    yes felt bad for chakor no one there to help her,even she did lot to others….
    suraj is now paying back his deeds,which he done in his past,but he done that unknowingly because of his love for father….i think he will learn and be mature in this….

    yes angel true this bandhuva track will bring sukor close,chakor will do anything for suraj…even vimli and sukor both will share strong bond and plot against kn….

  18. Angel

    Guys kn put bandhuaa stamp on suraj and it will be bigger than chakor stamp and they both are looking each pther stamp i saw it in sbs news so kn plan didnt go in vain..

  19. ankur

    so guys finally the day has come when suraj to become a bandhua.I recently saw that on sbs where suraj was screaming in pain while giving the bandhua stamp on his wrist and chakor tried to help him but was unable

  20. kriti

    I think this track will bring sukor closer .because chakor is going to show sympathy towards suraj..

  21. dil dhanushi

    Yup evn im feeling bad the way suraj was treated and the condition of sukor. Excited to see hw thy get through this, of course since its udaan it will be unique…

  22. Lata

    Hi sona, the writer of the update😃, you did well!! Just one itty bitty correction, It’s written as “Mangalsutra”Mangal being Holy and sutra is the thread..pls don’t write Mangal sootar…

  23. Aqsahashmi

    No no no!i don’t like this track suraj is a raja of azaadganj.i want to cry! Why kn do this

  24. janu

    yes aqsahashmi,suraj is king of village,but udaan main theme is about bandhua and sufferings…
    its common to all….even chakor and imli are bandhua before….
    suraj has made many thinks unknowingly because of kn(father’s )love,but its going to be good one chakor support him,he will know about how is such a heartbreak to being treated as bandhua so we can see sukor plot again kn and team together and vimli support them…so don’t worry

    • sia

      It means bandua (slave)don’t get disheartened Suraj is king od adsaadgunj will remain after kn goes to jail,ab nahi hai tho kya Vo tho hamare Dillon ke raja hai😃

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