Udaan 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj wants Chakor away

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The Episode starts with Suraj reacting angrily. Suraj takes candle stand. Chakor asks what are you going to do. He throws the candles. Curtain catch fire. Chakor cries. Suraj says Imli and Ranvijay are everything for me. He scolds Chakor and throws the jacket. He goes. Chakor sits crying and recalls Suraj. Mahiya…plays… Imli says stop doing this, Suraj is loyal to me, don’t doubt on him, you are wasting my time, elections are coming, we should focus there. They leave. Chakor recalls Suraj’s words and cries. She goes out. Pakhi comes to her. Chakor says Suraj ruined this place, how can he do this. Pakhi says he is not your old Suraj. Chakor says but he is a human, I didn’t imagine he will burn my feelings. She sees Suraj picking the jacket. She asks Pajhi to see him.

Suraj sees the

place burning. He takes the jacket and leaves. Chakor says why did he come back now, I don’t understand, he had thrown jacket before. Pakhi says Suraj burnt everything and came back to take your gift, I don’t understand what he wants. Chakor says I understood Lord is with me, I will not leave hope, Suraj cares for me, you have seen him, he came back to take the jacket, it means he has something for me in his heart.

Suraj holds the jacket and thinks of Chakor. Chakor comes and says strange, you got the jacket here, what’s the matter. Suraj holds her neck and says stay away, else it won’t be good. She says you have to tell me the reason. He asks why are you after me. Imli says Chakor won’t leave Suraj till he regains memory, I know her, she is very stubborn, forgive me. She does aarti and apologizes for doing puja late. She says I m sure Suraj didn’t get his memory back, else Chakor would have not got after Suraj, its fine, I won’t let her suffer. Suraj says don’t make me against Imli. He hears someone coming. He says just go from here. Chakor says if anyone forgets past, it means he is standing in darkness, I want to get you in light.

He says I don’t need you, just go, are you mad, they will kill you. She says let them kill me, you don’t care right. Suraj asks her to go from back door. Servants come. Suraj sees her gone. Servant asks who had come here, tell me, Suraj says no one. Chakor hides. Servant goes. She asks why did you save me, you worry for me. Suraj says I don’t know, you consider me a friend, will you give me what I ask. She says ask anything, I can even give my life. Imli says if Chakor wins, my rule will end, I won’t let this happen, Suraj will always be my bandhua, I will never let Chakor win.

Chakor says you are not bandhua, you are free, I will give anything you ask. Suraj says just stay away for 2 days, I want to live freely, don’t roam around me. She says you want to stay away for 22 days, fine I will not come to you, I will see if you can stay away. He says surely see. They take the challenge.

Suraj sees Chakor hugging some inspector. Suraj beats him. She scolds Suraj. Suraj says I didn’t like you hugging the inspector. She says you were getting jealous, else why did you insult my friend. He asks is he your friend, then why did you have friendship with me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode. Suraj is clearly confused and needs time to sort his mind, the flashbacks are making him anxious. Chakor looked cute when she refused to leave when Shiku was coming to check on Suraj. Loved the challenge, I’m sure Chakor will win.

  2. The precap showing a jealous Suraj was so cute. I hope chakor wins the challenge…

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