Udaan 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Tejaswini saying Ranjana is poison. He asks her to get lost. Ranjana acts sweet and asks where will Tejaswini go. He says I don’t know and drags Tejaswini. He stops seeing Suraj. Chakor looks on. Suraj comes in between and says whatever mummy did, I know it was wrong, I m ashamed too, if I were in your place, I would have done same, but I m a son, a son can’t see his mother getting homeless. He folds hands and requests Bhaiya ji to let Tejaswini stay here, trust me, I will not let mummy create any hurdle in your happiness, she will stay here as my mother, not your wife. Tejaswini cries.

Bhaiya ji calms down and says no need to fold hands Suraj, you are my future, my heir, its fine if you want her to stay in this haveli. Ranjana holds her head. Bhaiya ji says I m keeping

Tejaswini here just on your saying. Suraj asks him to fulfill marriage rituals, then I have arrange an entertaining gift. Bhaiya ji laughs and asks what, come here Ranjana, great Suraj, Ranjana and I are waiting eagerly, come Ranjana we will fulfill rituals. Tejaswini cries. Suraj asks her to stop acting and sends her with Girja. Bhaiya ji says wait, her punishment is to see me taking wedding rounds with Ranjana. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana go to mandap. Vivaan comes there and gets shocked seeing the marriage. Chakor smiles seeing Vivaan and says Om, I will just come. Bhaiya ji applies sindoor to Ranjana. Tejaswini cries seeing them taking rounds. Vivaan looks on. Girdhari lal asks what are you doing here. Vivaan says stop Bhaiya ji, he is forcing mummy for marriage. Girdhari lal drags him and puts him in car. He asks driver to take Vivaan home. Chakor calls out Vivaan and sees the car leaving. Vivaan sits in shock. Chakor thinks Vivaan did not hear me, what happened to him.

Suraj gets all villagers there. Ram Singh asks them to stand in a line. Om asks Chakor not to go, as they have guns and will shoot her. He asks her to stand here and find out whats happening. Suraj scares the villagers. Chakor looks on and Kasturi wishes Chakor just hides, and does not come out. Chakor says I have to do something. Om stops her. Suraj tells about the gift to his dad and new mummy. Tejaswini showers flowers on Ranjana and Bhaiya ji. The wedding rounds complete. Everyone congratulate Bhaiya ji and Ranjana. Suraj hugs them. Bhaiya ji asks him where is the gift. Suraj says I have come to take you to show it. They leave. Ranjana taunts Tejaswini and says I got married with Kamal.

Suraj shows Bhaiya ji the bandhua villagers, and says you always said they don’t know using guns. Bhaiya ji says yes, but know I want them to know firing to guard the gold treasure. Suraj says then I fulfilled your dream, they are your new guards. The parents have apples on their head. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj will the kids aim by gun and shoot, and laughs. Suraj says you just see, I have them training. The kids hold the guns. Suraj says they will now shoot at the apple kept on their parents heads. Bhaiya ji asks what it if they the shot. Suraj says so what, one bandhua will get less. Chakor and everyone get shocked.

Suraj asks Imli to aim. Imli shoots. Chakor comes running and shouts Maa… everyone get shocked seeing Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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