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The Episode starts with Manohar aiming gun at villagers to kill few and get the votes. Ishwar comes in between and says its legal crime to do this. Manohar says I m not threatening people, I m just cleaning the gun, its licensed gun. Ishwar says no need to come under any pressure, you can give vote by your wish, we have police force here for your security. Ranjana smiles and tells Manohar that he has come to scare people and get votes. Manohar and Ranjana argue. She says you are supporting the wrong man. Lakhan says its enough now, and gives a hand grenade to kill people, and they will understand whom to vote. Manohar says yes, its good way to make Ishwar run and get votes from them.

Bhaiya ji calls Manohar and tells him not to do anything wrong. Manohar says we have to do something, as they all

are on Ranjana’s side. Bhaiya ji says you won’t do anything, I have trust on Chakor. He asks Chakor? Chakor and Vivaan come there and ask Manohar not to do anything. Chakor tells everyone that she has to say something imp. Ranjana talks to Ishwar and shows Chakor. Ishwar gives warming to Chakor asking her not to do campaigning for Bhaiya ji, go from there. Vivaan says what will happen now. Kasturi and Bhuvan come. Imli asks what should we do that Bhaiya ji wins.

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Chakor says kids can’t vote, as we can form a group of kids. Chakor and Vivaan talk to all kids, and tells about Ranjana’s evil plan. Ishwar comes and takes Chakor, asking her to stay in control room till elections are over. Chakor says don’t trust Ranjana. Ishwar says I m election incharge, its not my work, its in voters hand now. Ishwar asks them to start voting and talks to them on mic. Chakor sees the buttons. Ishwar says stay here and leaves. The voters give votes.

Chakor plays with the button. Ranjana comes and taunts her for losing, she will be glad to see Bhaiya ji losing. She says she will throw her family out of this village. Chakor gets an idea and recalls Ishwar doing the button changes. She starts the mic and asks Ranjana about her promise to send kids to school. Ranjana laughs and says I won’t send them. Ishwar runs to Chakor. Ranjana says am I mad to hit on my leg by educating the kids.

She says I lied to them as you have made Bhaiya ji promise about education, but I m not a fool, bandhua has to bandhua, so they stay like dogs. The whole village hear this and are shocked. Ranjana says they will bite me if I open them loose. Chakor says yes, so I was campaigning for Bhaiya ji, he will give us education. Ranjana says you are very innocent, how could Bhaiya ji win condition, I will tell you how he lost the condition.

She says she has made Tejaswini ill, and I have bought the doctor. She says even if you tell them, I don’t care. Ranjana says you tried hard, but you lost to me at the end. She calls the villagers insects. Ishwar comes and asks Chakor to shut off the mic. Ranjana is shocked. Chakor says I did not do anything, Ranjana said what she wanted to, its not my mistake. Ranjana worries. Vivaan says villagers heard everything. Ranjana says what I was saying to Chakor was a joke, she is like my daughter. Ishwar is angry and says words said can’t be taken back. She leaves being shocked.

Chakor tells Ishwar that Ranjana can’t be trusted. He says you did not lose hope till last time, you will be happy with Bhaiya ji’s winning, I m happy that you won. She says you helped me and smiles. He says you have exposed someone, but there are many such people having many masks on their face, you are not seeing their real faces, I pray that you should not get cheated by this aim.

Chakor tells Kasturi that they will win and get education. They all say Chakor ki Jai. Ishwar smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awwww Chakor is such a darling… Way to go baby doll. Smart kid!!! Love her

  2. Thanks God at least there is comment for this wonderful story much better than those of love stories or saas bahu jhagra type. Fed up with these Udaan has a message about freedom of thoughts and eduacation. Love you chakor you are our Heroin:-)

    1. love the drama

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