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The Episode starts with Chakor not able to sell the snacks. She recalls how she sold the raw mangoes along Imli. She says its very tasty one, and this chilli is great. A man stops and thinks its different. He asks the price. She says 5 but I won’t take money. He asks is it free. She says yes, as you are first customer. He eats it and she waits for his reaction. The food stall man comes there and sees this. He gets shocked and says what did she do now, so that much crowd came, are people beating her. He goes to see and sees Chakor selling the snacks at good price.

Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai…………….. udaan hai…………….plays…………. She tells the stall owner to come and help him. He asks what is she selling. She says the snack name and asks him to count money. He counts much money

and says he is tired. He did not see so much money and asks how did she get this idea. Chakor says eat it and get money. He asks is her other name Laxmi. He eats the snack and says its very tasty, so there was much crowd. He gives her 50rs. She says he said he will give 10rs.

He says you got me one week earning in one day, take it. She asks is this new snack here, or is it really good. He asks did she not eat it. She says its his shop, how can he eat without asking him, it will be theft. He smiles and asks her to eat one from his side. She gets happy and smiles.

Chakor goes to the shop and says the stall has shut, so she wants to peel garlic. He says he will give 50rs and asks her to bring peeled garlic tomorrow. Abha tells the villagers that Chakor and Billu did not die, Bhaiya ji has abducted them, how long will they keep quiet. Bhuvan says we can ask Bhaiya ji. They all agree. Abha asks them to come along and ask Bhaiya ji.

Lakhan comes there and takes away all the kids. He asks them to move back. Bhuvan asks Lakhan to leave Imli. Lakhan fires bullet in air and scares them. Chakor is peeling the garlic sitting outside. She thinks how will she finish all this, she wants some way to peel this. She sees the food stall man sleeping and thinks to ask him. She asks him about peeling garlic and wakes him up to get an answer. He asks her to break the sharp side of garlic.

She does so and thanks him. Abha and all villagers come to the haveli and asks Bhaiya ji to come out. Bhuvan asks him to leave their kids. Bhaiya ji laughs and says Abha is still like before, she could have learnt from her husband’s death. She says Ishwar is not dead, you ruined his body, but his soul is alive in us. He says yes, very soon their kids will go to him. They cry and ask him to leave their kids. He asks Abha is Ishwar’s soul so weak. He says he kidnapped the kids to make them understand he did not take the kids, he is not afraid of them. The goons bring all the kids and leave them.

He asks them to get lost with the kids. The villagers go back to their homes. Abha acts Bhaiya ji not to act smart, and says Chakor is alive and is in Mumbai. He is shocked. Abha says Arjun reached Mumbai to find her, once she comes here, you have to say where is Billu. He asks what nonsense. She says its true. He gets worried. Manohar and Babu have a talk. Bhaiya ji calls Manohar. Manohar apologizes and says he did big mistake, they lost Chakor in Mumbai, the car got lost. Bhaiya ji threatens Babu to find Chakor, else he will talk to madam. Babu gets tensed. A lady is shown doing the puja. Bhaiya ji says then I you know what will happen. Babu says trust me, give me one chance, I promise I will find Chakor. Bhaiya ji gives him 24 hours.

Chakor asks the guy how did he identify her now. He says she is sweet little girl and his best friend now. He wishes her happy friendship day and she smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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