Udaan 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imli asking Chakor to have food, there is still time to meet Suraj. Chakor says yes, there is an hour, he will come, I m hungry. She eats food. Imli asks her to tell her feelings to Suraj. Chakor says first I will do the work, once Vivaan gets free of Ragini’s hands, it will be big thing, did you see any change in his behavior. Vivaan comes and asks which behavior are you expecting Chakor ji, nothing such happened. He asks Imli to take care of Chakor. He asks are you going somewhere. Chakor says nearby. He says no need to say, you started hiding a lot these days. Chakor and Imli see each other. Chakor says no, its not like that. He asks her to have juice. He feeds her juice and asks her to go anywhere she wants. He goes. They get puzzled.

Suraj waits for Chakor. He says I came

here running and asked her to come soon, she is not here. He calls her. Imli asks Chakor to get up. She answers Suraj’s call. He asks Chakor where are you. She says its me, Imli, Chakor is sleeping. He says Chakor tells something and does something else, I can’t go and meet Ragini alone. She says I will come along if she does not wake up, I want to know Ragini’s plan. Chakor says let me sleep. Vivaan comes and asks wha are you doing, Chakor maybe tired, she stays with Suraj till late night. She asks him can he take care of Chakor, I have to go for some imp work. He asks what work, fine you go, I will take care of her. She goes. He calls Ragini and says Imli and Suraj will be following you, someone told them that you are going for secret meeting, take care. He ends call.

He says its just you and me here Chakor, I will have fun to kill you. Ranjana comes. He says come, I made Suraj and Imli go, we have to kill her before they come. She asks him why is he waiting, keep pillow on her face and suffocate. He says you are expert, how many murders did you do, I will make her conscious and tell her punishment of backstabbing a friend. She smiles. He throws water on Chakor’s face. She wakes up and sees the ropes tied. She struggles to set free. She gets shocked seeing Vivaan aiming gun at her. She asks what’s this, who tied my hands and why. He smiles. He says you are so innocent, there is no one except us, it means I got you here, I tied your hands. She asks why. He asks can’t you see gun in my hand, I m going to kill you. She gets shocked and asks why do you want to kill me. He shows her Manohar’s pic.

He asks her to see, he is my Papa, he used to love me a lot. She says you go to know. He shouts what did you think, you are Ranjana’s partner, Ranjana killed my dad, I did Ranjana’s final rites yesterday. She says no, you are mistaken. He says no, all misunderstandings are cleared, I got to know your hidden agenda to hide this from me. She says I have hidden this as I wanted to save you from pain. He says stop nonsense, you knew this since my dad’s murder, why did you hide, tell me. She says you are mistaken, I got to know this some days back. He asks who told you, Ranjana can’t tell you, I heard your conversation with her. She thinks if I tell Suraj’s name, he won’t leave Suraj.

Imli and Suraj are on the way. She worries for Chakor. He says she slept on right time, focus on Ragini, we have to know what Vivaan and Ragini are doing. They see Ragini and follow her to find out. Vivaan says you had the proof and hidden it, to use it on time, I thought you are my best friend, you know the result of your doings, I hate friendship, everyone is selfish like you. Imli says its just jungle, where is she going. Suraj and Imli miss Ragini. She says where did she go. They hear car sound. The car leaves. They run back and follow Ragini’s car. Ragini leaves in another car. She says it was so easy to fool them, they did not know there is servant in my car.

Chakor says open my hands once, I will explain. Vivaan says no, I won’t listen to you, there is just one thing left, that’s your death. She asks is there no difference between you and Bhaiya ji, I should get a chance, else you are a coward. He shouts I m not coward, I can do anything, what do you want, last chance, fine, I will give you last chance. He puts one bullet in the gun and rotates the drum. He says we will play a game of death, it has one bullet, we will shoot it on us and lets’ see who dies and who wins. She asks him to stop and shouts. He shoots and its empty slot. He says you wanted chance, take it. He asks her to keep gun at her head, else he will shoot her. She cries.

Vivaan gives gun to Bhaiya ji and asks him to shoot Chakor. Bhaiya ji laughs and points gun at Chakor. Vivaan smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  6. Thank u soo much zoya dr, for translating ur sayari (hindi-english)……after I read dis sayari which is translated in english am really happy guys tat I improved a little bit in hindi….whoa whoa…..nd thank u sukorian for tat information i.e suraj hold his ears for apology na its superb yaar…am eagerly waiting for dis moment (scene) yaar….

  7. hi everybody…… am the new member here…. but i used to visit this page always without commenting anything…. this vivaan he is so stupid i hate him he is so selfish man i ever seen in my life… I like sukor scenes they are rock

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