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The Episode starts with Sunny saying Tamasha has booked the tickets for Aazaadgunj. Chakor asks the kids to be happy now. They all dance on Lungi dance song. Vaibhavi does the puja and talks to Babu. She asks him to swear that he will get Chakor back and keeps his hand on the fire. She scolds him a lot and does not listen to his explanation. Babu swears that he will get Chakor and bring her in Vaibhavi’s feet. He promises her. She leaves his hand. She says the kids will be running to Lucknow.

Sunny and Soham tell Chakor that Babu will catch the kids at train station. The kids cry. Amma beats Sunny and asks her not to scare the kids. Amma says we will help Chakor. Tamasha says how will we take kids to station. Munna tries finding about ticket bookings at the station. The man says a boy has taken

10 tickets for Lucknow, 6 for kids and 4 for adults. Munna thinks who are the adults.

Chakor shows the kids ready in school uniforms. Amma says now we want teacher for the school kids and whistles. Sunny comes there in salwar suit, dressed femininely. Chakor smiles. Soham laughs seeing Sunny. Amma asks Sunny to become teacher, there is no option. Chakor likes the idea. Amma says Sunny and I will go in car, and asks Soham to bring Chakor to station.

Sunny says we have to go Aazaadgunj now and they all hold hands. They all leave. Babu asks Munna to take his men and go to police station. Munna sees Choka and recalls. He tells Babu that they are of our area. Babu asks him to go and see. Chakor says she can’t believe they are going to Aazaadgunj, it looks a dream. Tamasha asks her to talk slowly.

Munna comes to talk to Chakor. Chakor talks as Choka and Munna gets doubtful on her. Chakor tries to fool him and takes his name. Munna gets angry and asks her to mind her language. Chakor talks with disrespect. She asks him to keep his wallet safe and gives him. She hands it to him, and Munna says he is impressed. Chakor says next time, you keep this safe if you pass by my side. Munna goes. Soham says if Munna is here, it means all the goons are here and finding the kids. Chakor says we have to stop Amma from coming.

Soham says call sunny fast. Munna tells Babu that he will be here. Babu says he will check the cars. Tamasha says how will we stop them. Chakor sees Babu checking the cars, and gets worried seeing the car coming. She says no use now, Amma ji has got the kids. They get shocked. Soham says Munna will find the kids.

Chakor gets an idea and goes. Amma ji hears the train announcement. Billu and Chagan are glad to hear the train has come on platform. Chakor goes to make an announcement for her friends, so that they don’t come here and their lives are in danger. The man agrees to announce and Soham thanks him. Chakor prays that her friends are fine.

Amma ji hears this and says it means this message is for us. She says there is something wrong. The kids get tensed seeing Babu there. Amma says she has a plan. Sunny sends the kids. They make the car empty and Babu checks it. The car goes ahead. Soham says Chakor’s plan was good. Tamasha says I knew Chakor is great. Chakor smiles.

Chakor and Soham see the goons and run from there. Amma and Sunny bring the kids in the train. Chakor says Babu’s men are here. Sunny says we have to leave before we are caught.

Update Credit to: Amena

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