Udaan 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suraj goes Banaras to meet Chakor

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The Episode starts with Chakor telling Kavya her plan. She goes to locked room. Ranvijay shuts his laptop and comes out. Chakor hides. She throws a vase to divert him. He asks who’s there. Chakor enters the room. He locks the room. She looks for switches. Kavya lies in Chakor’s place. He sees her and goes. Chakor uses mobile torch and sees the pictures. Her phone battery goes when she was about to see Bhaiya ji’s pic. She says its all family photos here. She stops and restarts phone torch. She gets shocked seeing Bhaiya ji’s pic. She checks laptop and sees Suraj’s pic crossed. She recalls Ranvijay’s words. Kavya goes to her room. Ranvijay goes back to locked room.

Chakor switches off the laptop and hides. He enters the room. She leaves and comes to her room. Kavya says you came out safe,

I was tensed. Chakor says I m getting sleep, I want to sleep. Kavya goes. Chakor shuts door. She cries seeing Suraj’s picture. She tears the pic and burns it. Its morning, Chakor wakes up. Ranvijay’s mum says you didn’t do good to burn husband’s pic on Karwachauth day, its not good shagun. Chakor says I did this in anger, I did mistake. Ranvijay’s mum says its fine, I m sure you will keep fast and pray for your husband. Chakor says I will keep this fast for sure, don’t know why he wants to kill me, but I will do my duty and pray for his long life, I m sure Lord will protect my Suraj, none can harm him.

Suraj says I have stayed without you much, whatever happens, I m coming. Ranvijay’s mum says I used to go to my sister’s house and keep fast. Chakor asks where is her house. Ranvijay’s mum says Ranvijay will not allow us, guards will tell him. Chakor asks Kavya to help her. Ranvijay’s mum says don’t get her in this. Chakor asks her to show courage.

Kavya says why don’t we fight and die, I will do as Chakor says. Chakor says I will talk to Imli and tell you. Ranvijay’s mum blesses her. Kasturi gives sargi to Imli and cries talking of Chakor. Imli gets angry.

She says I m your only daughter now. She gets Chakor’s call and goes out. Chakor asks her to meet her. Imli says I have kept fast today, how can I come. Chakor asks her to come for some time. Imli agrees. Chakor gives address. Imli repeats the address and ends call. Pakhi hears the address. She tells address to Suraj. Suraj asks whose address is this. Pakhi says don’t know, I just heard Imli. He says Imli is going to meet Chakor, I will be meeting Chakor, I m going Banaras. She says fine, I will get food for myself, I will come along. He says what, you are not going with me. She insists. He says fine, but what will you tell your parents. She asks him to keep calling him. He says I will go Banaras by train before Imli.

She asks him to change clothes. He says there is no time to change, come. They go. Imli asks Girja about Suraj. Girja says Suraj told Tejaswini that he is going Lucknow. Imli smiles. Ranvijay’s mum and says you can’t keep fast in this state, but you love your husband a lot, keep this money. Chakor says no, my love will give me strength. Ranvijay’s mum says your mum in law would have given you sargi, but I m like your mum, so I m giving money, buy everything I said. Kavya says I have to go and get medicines for Preeti, come with me. She signs Chakor and goes with guard. Chakor leaves from the car trunk. She reaches the market and leaves in taxi.

Suraj asks someone the directions and goes. Imli is on the way. Driver says about checkpost. Chakor sees Ranvijay and hides. He walks to the taxi.

Chakor and Suraj confront each other. They understand Imli lied. Suraj says I love you a lot. She says I never filled someone else’s sindoor in my maang. They hug. Mahiya…..plays…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So there was only pics in that room!? Suraj is RV’s target. KN killed his father, I wonder for what reason. Does RV know that Suraj is Chakor’s husband? A few days ago RV said to Chakor that he will be happy when he sees his father’s murderer’s DIL in white saree so he was speaking to her directly. How does Chakor escape? Can’t wait for Sukor to meet.

  2. Sukorian

    still waiting for the precap

  3. When will they show the reunion… #sukor scenes … Real scenes no dream sequences pls pla

    1. The promo said Friday and Monday, so very soon they’ll meet.

  4. Loved the episode, it was thrilling and fast paced, so both Sukor want to reach the same place and dressed to celebrate Karwachauth.
    Suraj-Paakhi scene was so cute.

  5. Yaar its not of tomorrow becoz in add they are showing that it will happen bw 6oct to9 oct but waiting for the precap which will happen in real at some day

    1. The precap won’t happen for real. The new SBAS segment shows the real confrontation, it’s on instagram. The precap is just the promo but it is true and not a dream, it’s just they’ll air a different scene in the episode.
      6 to 9 October is Friday and Monday, Udaan doesn’t air on weekends and there are shows running on weekends already.

  6. Ok good serial

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