Udaan 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imli calling Vivaan. He is at tea stall and sits upset. He answers the call. She asks are you fine, did you get job. He says no, someone else got job, its all because of Ragini. She says I m sure you will get job soon, when are you coming home. He says I m waiting for bus. She asks him to come soon. Vivaan’s friend comes to meet him. He gets down the car. Vivaan smiles and hugs him. He says you did not change. His friend asks why do you look changed, come I will drop you. Vivaan says no, I will go. His friend asks him to come. They leave.

His friend praises him and asks what are you doing these days, you will be very rich and running many factories. Vivaan says I m jobless, I got married and I was looking for job. His friend says I opened a new company in Sitapur, you come

and see what job you want to do. Vivaan asks really, you solved my problem but I don’t want any favor in friendship. His friend says I can’t repay your favors, whatever I m today is because of you, I did not had money in school, you used to feed me and pay my school fees, I did not forget anything, you think I m repaying that favor. He gives his visiting card. Vivaan gets glad and smiles.

Imli and Chakor cook. Imli says you did right, expose Bhaiya ji by such proof that he is in jail always, Suraj will get his mum back in haveli then. They have a talk. Imli recalls Tejaswini and says Vivaan did not stop whatever happened. Chakor says its not bad if he acted such, Tejaswini made him drug addict, she never did good to him, he acted natural. Imli says yes, my heart got light. Vivaan comes and says he is hungry. Chakor says Vivaan, your wife made tasty food for you. She goes. Vivaan tells Imli that he will get job soon, Lord has sent my school friend, I helped him and now he is helping me. She says its good, but if Ragini reaches there… He says he will not listen to anyone, don’t worry. He gets close and says I m thinking to take you to honeymoon after getting my first salary. She says I want to have a child. He says that’s why I said honeymoon. She smiles.

Suraj punches the bag and vents his anger out. He recalls Tejaswini’s state. Chakor comes and asks him why is he sinking in wine. He says I m not drinking. She shows the wine bottle and asks him. He sits sad and says I feel like I m a bad son, I m helpless and could not punish Bhaiya ji for his crimes, I could not save my mum, she is staying in hut, I m not able to do anything.

Bhaiya ji tells Birju that if Tejaswini is in your house, I will burn you, your wife Girja and Tejaswini. Ragini slaps Birju. She asks him to kick out Tejaswini from the house, else she will not leave him. Birju agrees. Chakor tells Suraj that you have done what all you could, if Tejaswini was in haveli today, she would have died. She throws the wine. He asks her to return the bottle. She returns empty bottle. He asks what do you think you are, if I agreed once, it does not mean I will agree always. She says I m your wife. He says I will do what I want. She asks him to drink wine and ruin himself. He says yes, I will do that, I can fight my war on my own. Bhaiya ji sees them, and says they both hate each other and stay together, I should use their hatred. He goes.

Tejaswini wakes up and says Girja, there are many mosquitoes in your house, don’t you have coil. Girja says no, we are habitual to all this. Ranjana and Ragini come to Girja’s house. Tejaswini opens the door and gets shocked seeing them.

Ranjana and Ragini scold and scare Girja. Ranjana tells Girja that she is her owner. Ragini asks Birju to take away Girja, else they will kill her. Girja says no, I can’t leave Tejaswini. He takes Girja away. Ragini shows the fruits and says I think Suraj got this for his mum. Tejaswini says I will not go from here, Girja got me here, its her house. Ragini signs Birju. Birju asks Tejaswini to leave, and cries. Ranjana and Ragini kick out Tejaswini, and throw her on the road. Ranajna taunts Tejaswini and says I m very happy today. Ragini asks the villagers not to help Tejaswini, else they will not leave the helpful people. Ragini and Ranjana leave. Tejaswini cries. She picks her bag.

Chakor is in haveli and power goes. She calls out Bijli. She sees someone with a candle in hand, and gets tensed. She asks who is it. Bhaiya ji walks close and shows his face in candle light. Chakor gets shocked seeing him. Bhaiya ji laughs that she got scared. She says I m not scared of you, you came like ghost, so I screamed. He says no one is at home, two enemies and darkness is there in this haveli, whatever imp secrets happen, its just done in darkness, so I got this chance, I will tell my plan to you. She says I don’t want to listen to any plan.

He says I will keep such proposal that you would have not imagined, I know you hate Suraj a lot, you are helpless to stay with him, listen to me, Suraj is cheater, and disloyal to his father, will he be loyal to anyone else, he can never become good like Vivaan. He asks you loved Vivaan before right. She says this does not have any meaning now. He says I want you to take divorce from Suraj. She says you know I m staying here to save Suraj, you can’t do anything to him. He says I will tell story later, I m keeping a great proposal, if you take divorce from Suraj, I will not do anything to you, Vivaan and Imli, this is my promise.

Tejaswini hugs Suraj and says no one will keep me at their home. Chakor says Tejaswini can stay in my home. Kasturi refuses to keep or forgive Tejaswini.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ria

    WHy is vivan shown selfish? This kn is too much. Ragini had become good in childhood. Now mad. Where is aditya raut? Son of ishq at raut?

  2. umama alam

    Tej deserves this…….chakor gives 2 much sympathy 2 her😡
    Good job kasturi😊don’t 4give her….she did 2 much 😬

  3. Angel

    My every prediction goes wrong when it comes to udaan show😅 writers are very smart they turn no stone to suprise there audience they always do something unexpected😎., like today everyone is thinking suraj is dunk and also hurt so chakor will console him and may be hug him 😄but its vice versa they fight which no one expect😂

  4. Angel

    My all predictions go wrong when it comes to udaan 😅 writers are very smart they turn no stone to suprise there audience😎 its also good bcox this show every scene and every twist is totally diff from another shows😊 and writers always give us suprise which was not expected at all😌 like today episode we all were thinking that suraj is drunk and hurt so chakor will console him or may be hug him😇 but its vice versa or totally diffrent they fight with each other 😂and also no romance between them 😞

    • Sia

      Rite Angel even I was also predicting that at least sooraj will hug her but unfortunately it didn’t happened…. But nevertheless I think writers r gonna surprise us by showing unexpected scenes btwn sukor….

  5. SONAM

    oh vivan imli are so cute…….muhhhh……vimli only the reason. …..i watched this show. ……..vimli romance amezing. ..

  6. NeemaFazal

    hmmm…..am very saddd…. I wanna say something to siaaa… from now onwards can u plzzz typ udaan dialogues in englishhh…. so that everyone can catchup well… hmmm…I don’t understand the dialoguesss… hmmmm……….am a malayaliiiiii…….hmmmm…. sia will u accept my request ???????……………… hmmm…..hmmmm…..hmmmmm……

  7. warisha

    imly nd vivan became so selfish nd every romantic things are happening between them…but what happend suraj nd chakor????….every body wanna see their romance they are also husband wife if vivan nd imly can forget everything nd fall in love so why suraj nd chakor aren’t fall in love????

  8. priya

    Hi guys I am priya.I was a silent reader and this is the first time I am commenting.I wanted to share my opinion on vivaan.I read all your comments so I thought to say may opinion.I don’t think he is selfish.He is right at his point.Fine teju was angry with ranjana, who gave her right to spoil
    Vivaan’s life,it was chakor who saved him otherwise he would have died.He used to have sympathy for teju but when he knew her true face it changed .His
    reaction is normal for anyone who is in his place and we say “tit for tat” that exactly happened with teju and a job is really necessary for him to survive first,then he can think of village,First he need have support before supporting others like chakor .Ragini and kn his life hell and its obvious in his case to fear for future and we can’t say it as selfishness!!!!!!
    I respect ur opinions.This was my POV.sorry if I hurt anyone.

    And I am a big fan sukor like u all.😍😍😍

    • Sia

      @Priya, Ya I think u r rite….Welcome dear to our udaan family….even i ‘m also a big fan of sukor lyk u….

  9. sia

    Guys after kn’s offer to chakor,Suraj calls her and requests her not to take divorce from him.chakor gets confused

  10. sia

    Suraj holds his hands and says I am sorry to hurt you in past but please don’t divorce me😍😍😍👌👌

  11. Angel

    Wlc priya and yeah vivaan is right at his place i mean he is a family guy so he must think about his wife and there future before any other family problems

  12. Aaliya

    sia please give the link of where suraj is telling this to sukor. I am a big fan of sukor. Can i be a part of udaan family? Please reply people and give the link.

  13. Neema

    heyyyyy…..siaaa….thats very surprisinggggg…. will u be my frnd??? nammal Randu malayaligalalleee…..

  14. sia

    Some awesome scenes and dialogues in udaan after the leap:

    Today’s dialogues are only of Suraj /VJ.
    I am big fan of VJ and after leap I used to watch only VJ scenes that too 3 times a day bcz I was at that time due to holidays.so I remember his dialogues very well

    To chakor:shayad tere shadi ka kyaal man me aya isliye papa ne thuje Haveli pe bulaya😂😂😂👌 (l think dad wants to get u married so he called u to Haveli)imli’s face must be watched 😂😂😂

    Kya haseen Rath hai…chaand Ki baarath ayi hai…ek wahah Aakash Mein aur ek hamare sath(what a beautiful night!one star(moon) in the sky and another with me)

    Chupne Ki kya Baath hai…seeda hamare pass akar hamare ankon me ankein daal kar deek le..humare dil me aise hi aag lag gayi hai😂😂😂😂

    To vivaan:kal Ki nashebaaz aaj Ki bussiness tycoon(yesterday’s drug addict how come suddenly became a business tycoon)

  15. Neema

    yeahhh….frnds…. hey guyzzz u all r my frnds sia is malayali that’s y asked her seperatly no prblm rytttt????? luv u alllllll…….

  16. shifa shahnaz

    ntammeeee…..ee sukorinte karyathil nna oru theerumanamavan pone???? ……nnum adiyum vazhakkum……kurachokke mayam vende…..try 2 find each others good side…..and cvs…..avare kurachonnaduppikk….cuz…..they deserves 2 be together……i am sure,,,, they make a great pair???? alle chunkzzz????

  17. shifa shahnaz

    pnne siya nd neema njanum oru mallu aan…..will u guyzz be ma frnds???? pleaaase??? if thats OK wid u both???

  18. Aaliya

    sia the link you gave is not opening. Please tell where i can see the new promo. Stay happy udaan family.

  19. sia

    Imli girgit se bhi bada tez apni rang Badal rahi hai.😈😈 kam se kam Vivaan KO villain mat banao

    By the way udaan trp is 2.7 and at 6th position

  20. Sia

    Arey yaar I can’t get it that imli is evil or gud….bcz I heard someone saying that imli will help out chakor to understand her feelings towards sooraj n now this videos shows that she is such a evil….what is the truth???

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