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The Episode starts with Chakor and Imli trying to make Kasturi have food. Kasturi pushes Chakor. Dadi asks them not to force Kasturi, she is fine now. Chakor asks Baa to explain. Baa says its Karwachauth today, even married woman keeps a fast for husband’s long life, when moon comes, husband makes wife have food to end her fast. Bhuvan wakes up and asks for some money. Baa says we will celebrate Karwachauth today.

Tejaswini and Ranjana sit to eat. Bhagya says she will not have food. Ranjana asks her to have food. Bhagya says its her fast today. Tejaswini asks what fast. Bhagya says Karwachauth fast. Tejaswini and Ranjana don’t eat food. Ranjana says our husbands are not here, so we did not remember, its not our mistake. Bhagya says but my husband is here, he can come in this haveli. Tejaswini

says forget Arjun. Chakor comes. Tejaswini asks Bhagya to have food or go to sleep, stop this Karwachauth acting. Bhagya cries and leaves.

Bhaiya ji tells Manohar that he is ready to give 10 lakhs to Chunni, he will take her to Aazaadgunj and dismiss all the cases against him. Manohar says I agree, you are smart. They laugh. Chakor comes to Bhagya and pacifies her. Bhagya says she is missing Chakor a lot. If she was here, she would have helped me. Chakor says I understood, they are not allowing you to meet your husband. She asks her to smile and meet her husband, else Arjun will not identity her.

She asks her to wear good clothes and do makeup. Bhagya says I can’t meet him, you have heard what Maa said, Arjun can’t come here. Chakor asks who stopped you from going out. Bhagya says no one. Chakor asks her to get ready and go to meet Arjun. Bhagya hugs her happily.

Chunni asks the girl to cry by heart, get sweets for them. She cries and shows her how to cry like real. Bhaiya ji and Manohar come there. Chunni asks whats the work. Bhaiya ji gives her money. Manohar says this is 10 lakhs. Chunni and her friends get shocked. They ask where Chunni has to go and for how many days. Bhaiya ji says I will say everything, Chunni should agree. Chunni refuses and says she does not want 10 lakhs. Manohar says fine, we are not giving 10 lakhs to Chunni, they are poor people, they should get 10rs, they are mad. They leave with money bag. Chunni asks them not to come again.

The guys ask why did Chunni not take money. Chunni says he will give 50 lakhs too, we shall wait. They get glad, Chunni says if we get 50 lakhs, we don’t need to cry. Manohar and Bhaiya ji drink lemon water. The inspector comes to them and asks did they try, he told them Chunni won’t agree right way. Bhaiya ji says what to do, tell me. The inspector says I have a great idea, she will come to plead.

Chakor asks Bhagya not to worry. Bhagya sees Tejaswini in hall. Chakor asks her to wait for her sign. Chakor goes and compliments Tejaswini. Tejaswini thanks her. Chakor asks her to lose her weight, then she will look slim as Ranjana. Ranjana smiles. Tejaswini asks do I look fat than Ranjana. Ranjana says Choka is right, I can help you in weight lose. Chakor makes them busy and signs Bhagya. Bhagya’s dress gets stuck and she gets worried.

Chakor says Bhuvan is not my father, he is Bhuvan’s lookalike and asks him where is her father. Kasturi smiles and says Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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