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The Episode starts with Chakor convincing the admission panel to give her admission, as she will look the same when she wears the uniform. She thinks of Baa’s words and tells them about Gandhi ji. Everyone get impressed and give nod for Chakor’s admission. Kasturi is angry and asks Bhuvan how can he think to die when she is asking to meet Chakor. Bhuvan says he just suggested, he won’t listen to her. She says what will we do about money which Ishwar sent. They argue. Imli cries seeing them. Arjun brings Chakor outside and says congrats Ishwar, Chakor passed in interview and now she will get admission. Abha jumps happily and lifts Chakor.

Aditya says mum its my school please. Ishwar thanks Arjun and says this is happening because of you. Arjun says no, we are doing this for our selfish motive,

we have children day and want Chakor to take part of inter school race. Aditya says wow, it’s a big event. Arjun says we want to start her training today itself. Ishwar you do formalities, Chakor will come with me. Chakor says I have to go home and water the plants. Arjun says now you will do what I say. Chakor signs what. Aditya signs don’t know. Abha and Ishwar smile. Abha asks Chakor to obey rules and she smiles. Arjun says better. He says we want Abha to come with us to buy shoes and clothes for Chakor. Ishwar says fine, Abha you go, I will meet principal.

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Chakor and Aditya count and jump doing hi 5. Vivaan sees them and smiles. He asks what is she doing here. Chakor says I got admission here, I will study here. Vivaan says really? Aditya says yes, give hi 5 first. They all count and jump happily in a group. Ishwar says he can’t believe Chakor is getting admission. He gets inspectors’ call and he says he got Pasha’s phone calls, he called Manohar. Ishwar says its same thing, Manohar is Bhaiya ji’s shadow, we won’t take long to prove that they wanted to kill Chakor so kidnapped her. Chakor talks to Aditya and Vivaan.

Vivaan thinks about Ranjana’s words and gets upset. Chakor asks what happened. Vivaan says nothing. Chakor says you are missing parents right, don’t worry, they are together. Vivaan says I don’t think my parents will come together. Chakor says Lord will bring them. Aditya says I believe in Lord more, as someone is taking care of all of us. They smile. Ishwar asks inspector to make Manohar sit infront of Pasha and he will tell something, that we can use. Its class time.

Chakor says let me get ready. Aditya says you can’t come with us, as your admission did not happen till now. Chakor says I got admission. Aditya says your time to sit on class did not come, as mum and dad are doing paper work. He says you can’t sit in our class, as you will sit in your class. Vivaan says yes, Arjun will beat you. Chakor says fine, I will meet you both after class. They leave. Vivaan tells Aditya that he was just scaring Chakor. Chakor smiles hearing him.

Prabhakar asks the servants to clean the dust and is angry. Manohar comes to him asking about the work he gave him. He keeps the gun and says Ishwar is troubling him a lot, and the gun has 6 bullets, 5 for his family and 1 for Chakor. Prabhakar gets tensed as Manohar threatens him. He gets Bhaiya ji’s call and asks Prabhakar to talk to him. Prabhakar talks to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says he trusts him more than Lord, and he knows he will not let anything happen to Manohar, and can’t send him to jail. He ends the call. Tejaswini asks him to have tablet and get rid of his head ache. She says see how our plan works.

Bhaiya ji says she is the real medicine of the tension. Lakhan comes and greets them. Bhaiya ji asks is Bhuvan trying to run. Lakhan says something is cooking. Bhaiya ji says its fun to hunt running animals. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji smile having killed some innocent people to scare Bhuvan and Kasturi. Chakor goes to get ready and Abha laughs standing out. She gives the shoes and Chakor shouts. Abha gets worried. Chaor jumps wearing the PT uniform and says I feel someone caught my foot, remove the shoes. Abha smiles and says its first time you are wearing this shoes, no one is catching you, you will get habitual soon. Chakor says no. Abha says trust me, I will tie the laces. Chakor closes her eyes. Abha says its done, see.She says lets show you how you look in this uniform. She shows the mirror. Chakor smiles seeing herself in mirror.

Ishwar comes home and asks postman did money reach Kasturi. Postman says they did not come to take it. Imli meets the postman. He says he was going to give money, I will hide the cycle. Lakhan sees postman and Imli together.

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