Udaan 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhuvan and Chagan talking to villagers about the problem. Chakor says we will face the problem and win. She says we have to protest against Vivaan and Ragini. Kishor says if we don’t agree to them, we will not get food. She asks will you eat food knowing many innocent people died by the guns you made, can you live in peace. They say no. She asks will you support me. Imli says there is no other way, I m with you. Chakor smiles seeing her.

Vivaan and Suraj see each other. Imli says Chakor is right, we have to stop the gun factory. Chakor asks where did you go, I m glad you came back. Bhuvan says I m not happy, we all are not related to you, we will solve this matter, leave from here. Imli says you all left me, I did not leave you, I can’t bear Vivaan to be called a criminal. The people scold Imli for turning Vivaan from Ram to Raavan.

Vivaan says you made Imli hide so that people forget about you, you want to stay here with Chakor, you used to love her a lot. Suraj says imli and I are just friends now. Vivaan says if she is your friend, you should support her, you are also responsible for her defamation, she has no place left, there is still time, accept its your child. Suraj says I know why you are saying this, I have a bad past, truth is I just love Chakor, I have no relation with Imli. Vivaan asks whose child is it, it means Imli has someone else in her life, who can it be, i don’t see courage in anyone who can touch my wife. Suraj says I can just pray we come out of this mess. Vivaan laughs off. Suraj leaves.

The people ask Imli to leave. Chakor says Imli is right, we will get ruined by this factory. The villagers ask Imli why did she not stop Vivaan when he walked on wrong path. Imli says I tried to stop him, he did not listen. The villagers take stones to hit Imli. They hit Imli. Chakor comes in front and stops them, asking did they go mad, Imli will leave, you can’t do this. Kishor says you take care of your family, we will think of our family, we will do what we want, there won’t be any protest. Chakor says don’t do this, if you make guns, it will be disaster. The man says we will get food, you both are big house bahu, you get food, we have to decide. Kishor says yes, he is right. Chakor says where did Imli go, I have to stop them.

Its night, Chakor says you were right Suraj, how did I think villagers will agree to me, they did not listen to me as I supported Imli, I could not see them hitting stones at Imli. Suraj says I know you thought for villagers, Vivaan got greedy, I doubt Vivaan never loved Imli. She worries and says everyone’s future depends on villager’s decision.

Vivaan tells villagers that they can do this work easily, they can earn more and finish work. Ragini says gun making is not tough, you have to follow map and join the parts, we got food items for you, you can focus in work, the people who make good pistol will get bonus also. Chakor worries. The villagers agree. Chakor stops them and says I know you are worried for food, I promise I will stay hungry with you all, I will get food and water for you. Villagers don’t agree. Chakor gives gun to Pakhi. Suraj thinks what’s Chakor doing. Kaka asks why did you give gun to her. Chakor says this is their future, you are going to make guns. Pakhi says I understood what you mean to say, I will explain them. All the kids aim gun at each other. Suraj takes Pakhi and says the hand which can lift guns can shoot also, anyone can lose life. Kaka says Chakor is right, we will not make gun. Ragini asks others. The villagers refuse to make guns. Chagan says we will protest, we will win. Udaan hai…..plays……….. Chakor smiles.

Vivaan says listen carefully, if you agree to make guns, I will tear bandhua contracts, you will get free.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ok episode, loved how Suraj listened to Chakor and held her hand. Imli made matters worse with her interference. Liked how Suraj and Vivaan looked at each other during the talk with the villagers, I think we’ll see more of their rivalry. Vivaan is now as bad as Ragini, he needs to pay for his mistakes before he can be redeemed.

    1. Shreya.

      I totally agree with u nemo…vivaan must pay for his mistakes…am waiting for tat day only….

  2. Today episode was ok i can now see the track improving i liked the villagers unity seeing that vivaan and ragini cant do anything if all the villagers stay against them and i felt sorry for imli how all the villagers blamed her for vivaans change i liked how chakor stuck up for imli it should sister unity and how can bhavan say he has no relation with imli how can he believe vivaan over his daughter i agree with suraj i doubt if vivaan ever loved imli hes trust im imli is very weak and trust is the main aspect of a relationship i think we will see sukor separation track in which suraj will support imli to get the truth i hope they find it it is sad to see imli getting defamed all the time by every1 the only support she has is sukor and chakor will focus on the gun factory but both will have love scenes and alot of action will take place the track is taking a good point

  3. Sukorian

    hmm could be better. Sukor scene was boring ? im very upset Imli came on wring time the villagers dont want to see her n of course they r looking for some1 to blame on. Vivaan is too much I would love to slap him to wake him from his evil present always tryingto blame others especially Sukor. Happy that paakhi understood what chakor was trying to say n Chagan could be do more waiting for his story…

    1. Yea i agree ur right i felt that the sukor scene was rushed and chakor is right imli should give time to everyone but she is not listening the main reason why the baasti wont listen to sukor will be cuz of imli interference this why i think suraj says he is the father so that he can clear both thier name and make vivaan realise that he is doing wrong during the face of between vivaan and suraj i can now see suraj getting frustrated and i think he will now take action cuz vivaan is becoming very irritating and guys i know this is not relevent but i was watching a past episdoe of udaan 31st August one and in thier imli was so rude to chakor ragini burnt the cot for imli child but chakor got the blame for even though chakordid not do it then yesterday imli was saying she always trusted chakor but looking back she didnt she also was fooled by ragini and imli was so rude to chakor by saying chakor cannot stand her being happy cuz chakor also loved vivaan bk then and now i just watched the 3rd February epsiode guys thats so emotional suraj had to fall and beg kamal naryan foot and that left chakor for tears as kamal broke suraj self respect thier was so much emtion then and chakor vowed for revenge to suraj is right i doubt if vivaan loved imli cuz wen he moved on from chakor he told chakor that misunderstood thier friendship for love where as chakor loved him truly i mean he has zero trust in imli and he only fell for her cuz of the child they bonded over what kind of partner is he as soon as he faced problem he left imli and wen the pooja case happened vivaan abused imli alot then to

      1. Sukorian

        top I agree with u I think vivaan doesn’t know wht true love means.

  4. Shreya.

    Hii everyone….nyc episode…best part of d episode is sukor’s conversations in their bedroom…Suraj listens chakor nd understand her very well which is more important in every couples lyf….nd Suraj replied to vivaan na nd hw he tells tat v want to get out of dis mess soon…loved it…Haan Suraj is frustrated bcz of vivan’s words when he leave from tat place he just see vivaan’s face nd shook his head na…loved it…nd I loved d scene hw pakhi understood chakor’s words nd d kids demo is also superb….nd nw it’s my fav part tat is hw our Suraj lifts our cutie pie pakhi in his arms na????….after a long tym once again they showed Suraj nd pakhi’s bonding…loved it from d core??…both Suraj nd chakor talks r simply superb…

    Yaa u all r ryt abt imli…actly guys imli nd villagers r same they didn’t think nd they didn’t give tym for anything r anyone….they can’t understand easily…watever imli told is ryt bt she shud understand d situations also…nd bhuvan kaka is too much…tdy I don’t like him..

    Guys one more thing yaar…first villagers agree chakor words bt when imli interferes they suddenly change d decisions…after tat nw they agree for d protest after seeing tat kids demo…bt guys when vivaan told tat I will tear bandhua contracts I think definitely villagers agree to vivaan..they believes nd they took d decisions blindly without knowing d impact of their decisions…they always took temporary solutions don’t know y these peoples r lyk dis…

    1. Sukorian

      yes they will agree to work for him but he will creat nee contract worst than KN contract were

      1. Shreya.

        Yaa u r ryt….don’t know y these villagers r lyk dis…kids understood everything bt dis peoplessss….haan nw they agree to work vivaan na k go to hell….

  5. Shreya.


    Drunken Suraj babu’s dialogues….hope u all lyk dis….

  6. Thanks Shreya for the link.
    I loved how Suraj shook his head at the end of his convo and there was a moment where he took a deep breath to stop himself from getting angry on Vivaan.
    Sukor scene was rushed. I wanted him to hug her and tell her they’ll find a way out of these troubles.

    1. My favorite part was Suraj Vivaan talk, Suraj’s expressions were awesome and he tried to explain the truth to Vivaan but he doesn’t want to listen. I agree Vivaan never truly loved Imli, he neither trusts nor respects her.

      The other part I liked was Pakhi scene and then Chagan and Tejaswini helping Sukor convince people. I wish we see more of Chagan, there are too many villains and not enough good people. Too bad that when Vivaan will promise to free them, they’ll abandon Chakor, they don’t deserve her help.

      I don’t know why Imli returned to the village, her interference turned villagers away from Chakor and her presence will cause more problems. I’m curious to know when we’ll get Suraj’s lie: on Monday or later in the week.

    2. Shreya.

      Yaa nemo, Suraj took deep breath to stop his anger…even I loved dis moment…nd haan if our sukor hugged then it looks somewhat better…nd I agree with u they rushed sukor conversations in bedroom scenes

      1. Sukorian

        even my mom cursed vivaan he should use his brain n accept the child n stupid villagers never using their brain. Ragini is the Worst of all I did watch this epi. on TV with my mom n my interest was like 0… Suraj ka ghusa aayega toh maaza aayega coz he will treat them like they deserve but our chakor has bring up the gud side of Suraj n right now the gud side is on power im just waiting when gud side, brain n Power of him will be on equal level ? pata nahi writers kiska intezaar kar rahe hain…

  7. Shreya.

    Guys aanya, Divya, tapa, Zoya, mama, dil d, sruthi, Philo, aria, sia nd all my loving frnds try to comment here yaar…it’s my request…

    Best of luck guys those who r having exams in these days…

  8. Shreya.

    Sukorian, tippu, annabeth, sukor, smiley guys am waiting for ur ff’s…whenever u got tym post it yaar…

  9. Wait, who is the father of Imli’s child?

    1. Sukorian

      vivaan but suraj will take the Responsibility to asure imlis Safety

  10. sry guys i will nt b able to cmnt here ne more at least nt so soon.for my own problems.
    bt to every 1 here enjoy udaan n luv u all.
    n a hearty welcum to all those who r new here.

    1. Hi shasha, sorry to hear about your problems. Best wishes for you and hope to see you here soon.

  11. Sruthisreeya

    Hey guys sorry for the late comment. I liked today s episode and now I’m interested to know what will happen when suraj take the blame
    And coming back to the episode, I told you na I liked it because we get our angry suraj babu’s look back. The way he looked at vivan?it’s awesome and the deep breath he take to control his anger. ??and I liked the way suraj consoles chakor by holding her hand the way he listened chakor…
    I liked chakor s idea by giving the gun to pakhi and she understood what chakor wants to tell. And at last the villagers listened chakor… But I know they will turn their plates and will agree to make guns because they didn’t think what will happen in future.. And i really feel bad for imli how bhuvan kaka can say that they don’t have any relation with her.
    I eagerly waiting to see the new twists

  12. Hi everyone, hw r u all? Sry guys I didn’t comment yesterday n I dnt think I ll be able to comment reguralarly cz these days are so hectic n gt time barely to even relaxed. Bt whn I gt time I ll mk sure to comment.

    Love sukor n udaan .do enjoy udaan guys. C u all soon .

  13. Hola gys,can i comment here?i’m feeling bad for imli and vivan he doesn’t care about her. May i ask u something who is kn ji?

    1. Sukorian

      kn is kamal narayan Suraj father

    2. Hi Nidhi, welcome to udaan family.

  14. Hi Dil d, best wishes and hope to see you soon.

    Hi Sruthi, it was great getting a glimpse of angry Suraj again. Suraj’s bond with Chakor is so beautiful. Pakhi is smart, reminds me of little Chakor. I also liked that Chagan was trying to prevent the villagers from attacking Immli, he hasn’t forgotten his friend.

    Hi Sukorian, Vivaan and Suraj looked at each other in a way that made me think that we’ll see more of their rivalry soon, then well see angry Suraj.

    1. Yes i wanna see angry suraj and paakhi would make a perfect child for sukor and ik if sukor get separated we will see a glimpse of the old angry suraj and it eill be interesting to see thier love track with a bit of action the track is going to high point of upcoming action thats why theres less spoliers cuz something big will happen

      1. Sukorian

        me too so much

      2. well said.

  15. Shreya.

    Shasha everything will be alright soon dr….don’t feel…take care of urself…miss u shasha???…hope to c u soon…

    Dil d no issues…whenever u got tym u will cmnt here dr…

    Nidhi u r always welcome…nd I think u must b d same nidhi our aanya’s frnd ryt dr..nd kn ji is suraj nd ragini’s papa, both tejaswini ji (1st wife) ranjana ji’s (2nd wife) husband… nd kn ji is d main villain in udaan…nd kn ji rules d whole village he makes all d people as bandhua…

    Both nemo nd sruthi I agree with ur cmnts abt pakhi, tejaswini ji, chagan nd our sukor…even pakhi reminds me little chakor…

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