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The Episode starts with Imli crying and asking Chakor about her internal wounds. Chakor says I will hear your every wound. Imli argues and says you did not come here to make things right, you came here to ruin everything. Chakor asks her to trust her. Chagan comes and says Imli and I are going to market. Chakor says its long time, I will come along. Chagan asks Imli and Chakor to come. Imli refuses and says I don’t like to die by going with Chakor. Chagan says fine, you sit here and play Kanche, I will go with Chakor. Chakor says I forgot, I have work with Maai. Imli then goes with Chagan.

Chagan and Imli are on the way. He asks her why did she argue with Chakor. Suraj calls Imli and tells her that Chakor is getting letter from sports ministry, Chakor should not get it, postman left from here, you

manage Chakor, I will manage postman, Chakor should not know about it. Imli says fine, and ends call. Imli asks Chagan to take her back home. Chakor smiles seeing the kanche. Imli comes there. Chakor asks you came back, did you forget anything.

Imli says yes, you, come with me to market. Chakor asks did you come to take me to market and smiles. Imli says come soon. She sees postman coming and asks Chakor to come fast, Chagan is waiting. Chakor says I will change and come. Imli holds her hand and stops her. She says I don’t have time. She takes Chakor with her. Postman comes to give letter to Chakor. He calls out Bhuvan and Kasturi. Suraj comes there with his goons. He stares at postman and gets that letter from national sports organization. He takes the letter to Bhaiya ji and asks whats written in this.

Bhaiya ji says its call for Chakor for national racing tournament, if she wins, she will get double famous than me. Suraj says you get worried a lot. Bhaiya ji says maybe you did not understand, if Chakor wins this race… Suraj says she will take part when she signs on this letter and sends back, but you have this letter. Bhaiya ji says yes, its written she has to reply within 3 days. Suraj says she won’t get this letter and not go out of Aazaadgunj. Bhaiya ji hugs him and says you are my lion. They laugh.

Chakor calls Aditya and tells Chagan that Aditya’s phone is not connecting, I have to tell him its big day for me, Imli got me here. Chagan says yes, Imli came.Imli gives her icecreams. Chakor is glad that Imli remembers her fav icecream. Imli says I don’t remember. Chakor says don’t lie.

Aditya talks to a reporter. The man tells Aditya about national race and all participants given invitations, Chakor is also given invitation. Aditya thanks him for this news. He calls Chakor and says I m annoyed, you did not tell me that you are selected to run in national marathon. Chakor asks really and hugs Imli. Aditya asks her did she get letter. Chakor says no. Aditya says sign on that form and send it. Chakor says fine, and goes home to get letter. Imli smiles.

Vivaan recalls Chakor and sees the colors. He calls out Tejaswini and throws the videogame console. Tejaswini comes and puts fixes it. Vivaan says I feel my hands do not have life. She asks him to drink milk. He says your hands make this milk miraculous. She asks him to take bath first. He says as you say and goes. She adds some medicine in milk. Vivaan comes back and says Chakor is not that bad, I can make her friend. She says no, you should be away from her. He agrees and goes. She says you have to do what I want and smiles.

Chakor asks the post office man to check for her letter. The man is scared and says its not here. She says its imp letter, sorry. He says I will send it when it comes here. She says fine. She goes out and Suraj comes there. He pities her and taunts her that she could not become nation marathon winner. Chakor thinks how does Suraj know this and asks you…. You have stolen my letter. He says yes, I have stolen your letter. He shouts and laughs. He shows the letter. She gets shocked.

Suraj calls Imli there. Imli sits in the jeep. Chakor gets shocked and says you cheated me. Imli says I m loyal to Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plzz show chavaan scenes. Vivaan and chakor ka reunion karado jaldi.. waiting for that moment. .

  2. OMG!!! when will chavan unite?? untill Tejaswini stop giving the medicines Vivan can’t remember his past. plz make vivan fine and i want vivan to help chakor to help her in marathon race and make her win.

  3. Plzzzzzz don’t drag the serial.plz add chavan sence

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