Udaan 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj doubts on Chakor

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The Episode starts with Suraj telling Saanvi that his heart is crying, he is much in pain. Tejaswini comes and asks him to get Chakor home, its late, she went to temple and didn’t come back. He asks why shall I go. She says Chakor is your wife, she is your responsibility. He shouts no. Saanvi starts crying. Chakor asks Vivaan to look at her, nothing will happen to him. He gets scared and thinks of the dark cell. She says sorry, just look, I m here, don’t worry. Vivaan shouts get me out of here. Imli asks him not to shout.

Suraj comes there. She says hero’s entry happened, now Ram Leela will begin, Suraj will be Ram, Chakor will be Sita and Vivaan will be Raavan. Suraj looks around. Imli unlocks the door. Chakor pacifies Vivaan and asks him to come to senses, she is with him. Suraj comes there and

holds the door. The door opens. Suraj sees Chakor and Vivaan together. Chakor leaves Vivaan. Suraj gets angry and leaves. Vivaan runs out and vomits. Chakor hugs Suraj and says Vivaan was in pain, I understood how he has spent his life in the cell. Suraj asks did you leave from home to find Imli or to regret for Vivaan’s state. Chakor asks Vivaan to manage himself, she will just come. She runs after Suraj.

She says we were locked inside. Suraj says the door was open, its just your hallucination, or maybe you wanted to spend time with Vivaan, so you got this excuse. She asks what are you saying. He says you went out with Vivaan and made excuse of phone theft and car damage. She says we really went to ashram. He says you both celebrated, I saw the pics, you both looked happy. She says we kept Dance utsav to find Imli. He says today you are here with Vivaan, you both are lost in each other. She says stop this, Imli might have locked us and then opened the door so that she breaks us apart, I feel you don’t believe me, Vivaan was saying right, till I get proof, you won’t believe me. He says you are right, I don’t believe you. Mahiya…..plays….. He leaves.

Vivaan comes and asks where did Suraj go alone. Chakor gets angry thinking of Suraj’s words. Imli smiles. Chakor and Vivaan leave. Chakor gets Vivaan home. Tejaswini worries for his health. Kasturi asks Chakor not to hold Vivaan close in such a way. Chakor says he is my childhood friend. Kasturi says childhood is past now, you are a wife and mother now, this doesn’t look good, try to understand. Chakor says I know who I m, I know why you are saying this to explain your fear, I m not doing wrong. Kasturi says Suraj doesn’t like this, don’t burn your marital life. Chakor says Suraj loves me a lot, you gave me values, I won’t prove your values wrong. She goes.

Suraj sees Vivaan sleeping. Chakor comes there. He says you should have not taken Vivaan’s help, he will never come out of his past, look at his state. She says he has come ahead to help me, as he trusted me, he didn’t feel I m wrong, how did you care for him now, Vivaan needed you at the temple today, you didn’t even offer him water. Suraj says I don’t need to prove my worry for Vivaan, I know I did a mistake, I should have not left Vivaan there, but I have a good human in me, so I m standing here, I m not bad, your doings are making me helpless to become bad. He goes. She cries. Her tear falls on Vivaan’s hand. Vivaan wakes up and doesn’t see anyone. He sees the tear on his hand. Chakor thinks of Suraj’s words.

Vivaan comes to her and says we have just two days to catch Imli, else Suraj won’t believe you. She thanks him and says I want to cross this way alone, I don’t need your help. He says I m not helping you, I m keeping friendship, we have no way, we started this thing together and will end this together, what’s the plan for tomorrow. She says I saw the hoodie and bag in temple room, we can ask pandit and know who stayed in that room. Vivaan says you are right, we will go to Mahant. She says tell me when your mood is fine, go and sleep. He says no, my mood will get fine seeing your smile. He acts and makes her smile. Suraj looks on.

Chakor asks a man about Imli. The man asks Chakor to have two glass of lemonade first. Imli makes a plan and says bhaang will make you busy. Chakor and Vivaan dance at the shade. Chagan informs Suraj about them. Suraj gets shocked seeing them and gets angry. Imli smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How convenient that the room had no light and both didn’t have phones. Chakor is wrong not to listen to Kasturi’s advice, how can’t she see that Suraj doesn’t like her closeness to Vivaan.
    Vivaan isn’t helping Chakor because of their friendship, he’s helping her because they have a common goal and actually Chakor can do all of this on her. Vivaan is delusional if he thinks he’s just supporting Chakor.
    I don’t understand Chakor’s reasoning, the hoodie is recent, so how would knowing about past residents help, it’s true that the old lady is Imli but there is no logical link, what if someone else used the room after she left, it doesn’t mean that person was helping Imli.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Chakor is suppose to be the smart one! What happened to our ‘f for focus, g for goal gal?!
    Chakor is not thinking.
    But then Suraj pushed her away too and was never even the bit supportive.

    Oh well, I guess we just have to trust the writers and see where the story goes.

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