Udaan 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Ishwar being taken to the room. Ranjana thinks she will get proof today. Other bandhuas who got there before to get the tattoo made is shown. Manohar asks the men not to let anyone come here. Ishwar starts recording and sees the tattoo machine. Ishwar recalls Chakor’s sign, and Kasturi and Bhuvan’s pain. Manohar says its good, that he is mute, he will not shout when the tattoo is made. Lakhan asks him to remove the kurta.

Ishwar wonders why are they asking him to remove kurta, when tattoos are made on hand. He removes the kurta. Manohar says Tejaswini has given this idea to make tattoos on the back. FB shows Tejaswini stopping Lakhan from making tattoos. Bhaiya ji asks what happened to her, is she having pity. She says no, elections are coming, and she wants the tattoo not

to be seen by anyone. Manohar stops Ishwar from leaving, and says you did deal with us, so you have to become our bandhua now. They catch him and make the tattoo on his back. Ishwar cries in pain. He records everything in the spy camera.

Chakor talks to Baa about the mute man and Baa pacifies her, that mute people also talk by signs. Chakor says you remember to make me smile. She asks does she remember Bapu, Gandhi ji. Baa says she does not remember. Chakor says it will be fine soon. Girja calls Chakor for work. Chakor goes. Baa looks at Bapu’s pic and asks who is he, what did he do that Chakor reminds me so much. They take Ishwar’s sign on it.

Manohar asks what is he reading and asks him to out stamp. He gets to know that Ranjana is taking the pic and rushes out. Ishwar thinks this can ruin Bhaiya ji is pics come good. Manohar breaks Ranjana’s camera and her phone. He scolds her and calls her his enemy. He says its good that she is Vivaan’s mum, else he would have not left her. She says she is doing this as she wants respect. He hurts her and asks her not to use her mind. He asks her to leave the house, he will stay without her. She leaves saying she will not go till she ruins Bhaiya ji, she will say who will kick her out of the haveli.

Lakhan asks Ishwar to come on time, and Ishwar will explain him his work. He asks him to shut his tongue and laughs that he is already mute. Chakor recalls Ishwar and gets the dry clothes down. Bhaiya ji’s clothes falls off the railing and she bends to take it. Ishwar sees her and is shocked. He rushes her to save her. Chakor falls down the railing. Ishwar holds her. Chakor recalls Ishwar as he holds her. She looks at him and says Mausa ji. He is shocked. She smiles. He drops her down and starts leaving. She calls him again and he stops. She smiles.

Ishwar says I told you Chakor not to tell my plan to Abha. Vidya Balan makes an appearance in the show and unites Abha and Ishwar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    i almst cry seeing it nd tday i really cried

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