Udaan 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor hides the plan from Suraj

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying we don’t know what to do, but we are trying our best. Abhay says we can go ahead with the next plan, we got much info about Naina. The man tells the plan. He says Suraj will save Naina from the goons, this is tried and tested way. Chakor says this just works in films, the girl will doubt, Naina’s guards will beat the goons. The man says we will disappear the bodyguards. She says Naina will get alert and run away, how will Suraj talk to her, he will lose the chance to meet her, we should plan such a thing that hits the target. Abhay asks what’s the plan. Chakor says we have to hide this plan from Suraj to succeed it. Vivaan asks Suraj not to worry for Imli, and focus on mission, he will see Imli by the help of spy cam. He goes to Imli’s room and finds everything shattered.

She hides seeing him. He asks are you scared of this toy. She says keep it away, I will kill the toy. She destroys the toy. He asks her to sleep. He puts her to sleep and fixes the spy cam. He checks the feeds in phone and says now everything will know that you are a big cheat, everyone will know your madness is just a big drama. Suraj is with Saanvi. Chakor comes and hugs him. Mahiya….plays….

Suraj jokes. She says don’t joke such a thing. He pulls her in arms. They have an eyelock. She says you should think about Naina, not me. He refuses. She says you need to wear different clothes when you meet Naina. He asks why, I m not going to marry Naina. Chakor says I got new clothes for you, this will suit you a lot, you will look smart, Naina will be stunned seeing you. Suraj sees her. She asks what happened. He says I should ask you, what happened, why are you sad, I can see you are hiding your sorrowful heart. She says Naina dances so well, whoever will see her will be mesmerized. He asks really, you also dance well. She says no, I won’t dance. He says fine, your wish, I will close my eyes, I see my Chakor dancing and smiling. She smiles and hugs him. Mahiya….plays…. She thinks its a big day, all the best, sorry I can’t share the entire plan with you.

Its morning, Suraj gets ready. Chakor gives him a bag and asks him to tell Naina that he keeps visiting Sundergunj. She asks him to remember that he is Suraj, he can do anything. He says I can impress any girl, what’s the plan. She says you have to meet Naina with this bag. He asks what else. She says you will be connected to me via bluetooth, I wish you succeed and save our country. Udaan hai….plays…. He kisses her and goes. She waves to him and cries. She gets a call and says yes, Suraj left, I will reach there soon. Vivaan says I need to talk something imp. She asks what. He says I want to show something. He shows camera feed in his mobile. He says Imli is sleeping in peace, she is just acting mad. They see Imli behaving mad. Chakor says stop doubting on Imli. He says you are making a mistake. She says no, I m not. She goes. Chakor guides Suraj on call. She says be ready, look Naina is coming, don’t worry. Abhay’s men are here. The man runs away with Suraj’s bag. Suraj runs after them. Naina says I can’t just see this, I have to help them. She runs after Suraj to help. Chakor smiles. She thinks this game started now.

Naina says have your bag, sorry your food has fallen down, I will take you on lunch. Suraj refuses. He shouts out his love to Chakor. It rains. They hug and cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukor moments were great but wish Chakor didn’t remind Suraj of Naina when he wanted to romance her. They’re both worried and they need each other’s support.
    Chakor took Suraj’s hand dressed in green and by the time she reached the closet, she was in her night dress, truly a marathon runner.
    Loved the jasoosi scene.
    Are Imli scenes just to fulfill her quota or will they have consequences? I think Imli wants to go to the asylum so she can escape.

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