Udaan 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imli seeing the photo and recalling the doctor. She says it means Ragini has paid him money, she has changed Vivaan’s reports, I shouted and told everyone that doctor changed his report, none believed me, if this is true, the world will listen to me. She cries and thanks Devi Maa for blessing her. Ragini asks Vivaan not to kill her, she wants to repent. Vivaan pours petrol. Ragini says you will go jail, think of Imli and child’s future. She cuts the rope. He gets a lighter. He says no, don’t burn me. He says I will get happiness killing you. She gets angry and frees herself. She himself him and runs out of the room.

Imli says I should tell Vivaan that his doctor made wrong report, Ragini did all this, I will not leave Ragini. Ragini hides behind idol. Vivaan shouts to her.

Chakor and Suraj come to godown and ask about Vivaan. The man says Vivaan called Ragini and went to meet her. Chakor asks does he know her truth, we have to find her. Suraj says we will go to village, maybe he went to meet Imli. Imli does aarti and prays for Vivaan, Suraj and Chakor, happiness will return in our house. Vivaan misses to catch Ragini. She reaches the pandal and joins the crowd. Imli sees Ragini.

Vivaan, Chakor and Suraj come there. Vivaan points gun at Ragini. Everyone gets shocked. Vivaan says its a moment to take decision, everyone leave from here. Chakor says Vivaan you know this Ragini…. Vivaan says she filled poison in our lives. Imli says I will not leave her. They all hold hands and surround Ragini. Ragini takes the gun from Vivaan and holds Imli. She says your game is over, don’t act smart, let me go from here, else I will kill Imli and her child. Imli asks what will you try now, you did this before, now everything got fine. Vivaan asks Ragini to shoot if she has courage. Ragini says I will shoot. He says shoot me.

Chakor scolds her for ruining their lives. She asks why did you drag Suraj in this, Suraj has drank the poison to save me, Suraj was nearly dying because of you. Suraj asks why do you have so much enmity, we accepted you and gave you love, but you did this. Chakor says this time you can’t run away, you broke our unity to end us, see our unity is standing as a wall today, you can’t break our unity. Ragini says don’t come ahead, I will shoot. Imli says you are a stain on woman’s name, you could not become a good daughter and sister, you can’t understand mum’s pain. Vivaan says her heart has stone. Suraj says this stone will break today, enough now.

Chakor says your end will be in jail, you will bear punishment of your doing. Ragini says no. Suraj says your game is over. Chakor says you lost, tell me why did you do this. Ragini says yes I did this and I will do again, I will ruin you all, I gave you poison and made your wrong report, I tried to ruin you all, I want to rule on Aazaadgunj, I gave injections to Bhaiya ji and made him mad, I should have killed you all, none could stop my gun factory, you all would be my bandhua, I can ruin you all alone. They look at her. She says Vivaan, I thought you are sensible, you flowed in emotions, I taught you using gun and earning money, you were also responsible to make Bhaiya ji mad, you won’t be saved. He says yes, I did what you made me do, but first your sins will be seen, death is less punishment for you. She asks him to be ready to die. Imli shouts Ragini. They all turn and see Imli holding the trishul. Ragini gets back seeing Devi in her. Imli recalls what all she faced till now. Chakor asks Imli not to take law in her hand. Imli says no, my happy family broke down and people insulted me because of Ragini, I will kill her. Ragini falls down. They all look on.

Ragini says no Imli. Suraj and Chakor stop Imli. Imli gets angry. Bhaiya ji gets angry and says who am I, I m Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi. Chakor, Suraj and Vivaan get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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