Udaan 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli feeding food to Chakor. Chakor refuses to celebrate. Vivaan says I left work pending in office and goes. Imli asks Chakor what she taught to be happy with small happiness, if we have many reasons to celebrate… Chakor says now I have no relation with that haveli, I can serve Kasturi better here. Imli says I got answer reason to celebrate, so its decided. Bhaiya ji says there can’t be better way to celebrate Chakor’s birthday than this, I can never forget her birthday, my bad days started with her birth, it will be her death day tomorrow. He laughs. Girja hears him and gets shocked. Goon asks when will this blast. Bhaiya ji says when villagers celebrate, this bomb will blast.

Girja thinks Bhaiya ji is planning to kill Chakor, I should inform her. He checks who

heard him. Girja goes. He does not see anyone.

Chakor lies to sleep and thinks of Suraj. She sees the moon and says I can’t believe Suraj broke all ties, he did not tell me did he reach there safe or not, its fine, person should not look back in life. She misses Suraj and says no, don’t come back, your life has risk, I m going haveli tomorrow to get my belongings, then I will end all ties with haveli.

Vivaan comes home. Vivaan checks lights are not coming. He sees a shadow and asks whose these. He worries for Imli. He follows the shadow. Imli lights the birthday cake and surprises him. He smiles seeing decorations and cake. She wishes him happy birthday and says I love you. He thanks her for the good surprise. She sings Raabta….. and dances with him. She gives him gifts and bouquet and smiles. He says I have always seen happiness away, I did not know when my childhood passes, since you came in my life, I feel all happiness is around me, thanks for this beautiful gift. She says your gifts did not end. She gives other gift. He sees a small piggy bank and asks her. She says I saved some money, I know you don’t want to stay in this haveli, I know you are working hard to make palace, we can take rented home for us by this savings. He nods and hugs her.

He says I don’t need this, and shows the cheque. He says this is my first month earnings. She smiles and kisses him. She says now our life will have just happiness, thanks, happy birthday. They hug.

Its morning, Girja comes to Tejaswini and asks for Chakor. Tejaswini says she went to haveli to get her belongings, what is the matter. Girja says I heard Bhaiya ji saying Chakor’s life has risk. Tejaswini says if Kasturi hears this, she will get unwell. Girja says Bhaiya ji said he will make Chakor’s birthday as death day, this will be his gift. Tejaswini says we have to save Chakor, Suraj is alive because of her, I can lose my life to save her.

Goon tells Bhaiya ji that Chakor’s birthday is getting things from Sitapur. Bhaiya ji says keep an eye on it, I will make next plan. Chakor enters haveli. Goon asks where are you keeping bomb, anyone can throw it far. Bhaiya ji says I will keep it at such place that they all can’t get any air, they will keep finding it, it can be anywhere, none will know about it. He laughs.

Chakor comes to her room and says Suraj did not send any message, he would have not remembered my birthday, its fine, I should take my bags and leave, I did not like this haveli till now, why don’t I want to leave this room now, what’s there in this room. She recalls Suraj and says Suraj is not here now, we used to fight a lot.

Chakor gets Suraj’s note and guesses place to get gifts. Goon tells Bhaiya ji where he has hidden bomb. Chakor looks for gift.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice epi and chakor missing suraj soo much? first she wanted to leave that room and now she dnt want to leave her room?
    Guys my info was right vj began shooting from today this is the link ragini found him and hang him up may be shikoo was helping her or may be she trying to scare shikoo by kidnaping his amma?
    Its time suraj will become bandhua

    1. No yar shikoo is wafaadar of Suraj since post leap and I Suraj landed up there bcz some goons attached chakor after bomb incident and I am damn sure that chagan gave bomb incident info to Suraj so that he may come back and get trapped
      And in bandua track someone should be there to help Suraj in some or the other way in complex situations so shikoo ke ilava ye kaam koi aur nahi kar sakta

      1. Shikoo was always there for Suraj during the kidnap drama before marriage,freeing him from jail,during Diwali incident and this Suraj bacho-mission
        Pakka chagan hai in sab ke piche

  2. nice episode totally i loved it!!!! missed only vj / suraj and sukor scenes ….
    starting from imli and vivaan scenes also nice!!!imli loves vivaan a lot,she can do anything for vivaan happiness,
    imli should make chakor realise her feeling for suraj,
    chakor forgot to eat,sleep in thinking of suraj…..
    chakor gets angry on her pathi,not wishing her birthday….she only thinking about him always…she is cute
    the best scene of epi!!!
    now she always think about him and angry on him(wifely mode) her eyes shows pain of suraj is not beside her and near her….she misses him a lot…..
    when she entered their room,she can’t able to move outside that room,it makes her emotional…(best scene) even they fight with eachother a lot,chakor scolded him a lot but it became a beautiful memory in her heart….of suraj……(literally sukor fans missed suraj, in sukor scenes like chakor),emotional chakor…..can’t see her like this….eagerly waiting suraj entry…..

    i having confusion is surprise planning for chakor is gift is suraj planning or kn planning to kill chakor???? pls anyone explain me…..

    chakor is really happy when she got suraj….letter…precap is exiting…

  3. thanks angel for the link,yeah u r right even i also think sikhoo who helping ragini,because of she kidnapped his mom ,to save his mom he betrayed suraj and chakor

  4. good to listen vj is back on shoot but bad to listen he has caught by ragini..,

  5. Yeah me too feeling bad for suraj
    JANU the gifts and clues are planned by suraj not kn and he asked imli to execute his plans as he will be not there at chakor birthday so its all suraj plan..

  6. chakor’s conversation was so cute.Like that when she tells hamare patiko to hamari chinta hi nahi hai

  7. stupid serial hate dat fatty chakor and dat imli mad
    bored with all dis

    1. If you don’t like the show
      Why are you watching it and bad mouthing it
      Don’t you have anything better to do with your time

      1. yes i love sukor, and please dont say anything about them. because i have a big mouth tooo.

      2. sam whatever ur name is I dint no u have a bigg mouth
        than u for sharing about ur looks


    2. If u hate udaan then why are you wasting your valuable time by watching it and commenting here??
      Here we all don’t bother about their looks but we see their acting,it’s not possible for everyone to be size zero and it doesn’t mean to hate her bcz she is fat,if u don’t like her it’s ok but don’t insult her and don’t spread negativity here

    3. Guys this is just a troll – don’t give it attention, it thrives of causing hysteria.

      1. yeah dude who ever u are
        im a troll and u r a ugliest creature on dis earth

        for ex _
        homo habilis

        but can say u neither look like homo sapien or a creature

        by the way sorry 2 call u a creature I’ll be a shame to them

        let me find a good name dat fits u ……………

  8. and if anyone comments one my comment its clear i dont think a damn shit abt it
    its just my view of thinking
    there is no sense of one being an athlete and having such idiotic personality…….
    to d writers ”DUDE R U SERIOUS”


    1. Did u ever see chakor in track suit??she looks perfect athlete in those suits
      Plz stop bashing

      1. yeah i have seen her either
        just like a donkey wearing track suit

        perfect athlete my FOOT

        her name should not have been chakor it shld have been ”GEND”I

    2. This is a TROLL just ignore it, it will fade away into dust

      1. atleat ill fade away in dust u will be soluble in gutter
        ur favorite place by d way…….

        jeeeeezzzzzzzzz gutter ur home sweet home

    3. Your mother must be soooo proud of you, though I doubt uneducated trash like you have mothers, perhaps yours threw you in a gutter the moment you were hatched. You can’t spell, you lack proper diction and sentence construction, you probably robbed someone to purchase data so you can troll sites like this. You are nothing and no one, just a nobody trying to be somebody. You aren’t even worth any pity. Maybe you need some rope or a sharp blade, perhaps some cyanide?

      Hey Guys, I wonder if this is the same Troll that Team Udaan had to step in for and blocked…..

      1. u r a dummy I dont care a damn shit about u
        and correction I never hatched u dont even have GK
        such a dumbo on earth…………

        fine im cyanide ur isocyanide more reactive………………..

  9. If you dont like the serial dont watch no need to blaze the actors

  10. thanks angel,waiting for today epi!!! kn is planning is big!!even what ragini is planning is also dangerous….upcoming it will be interesting…

  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_8D4gXFXVNk
    Guys must watch….. Suraj is found by Ragini n bought back to Haveli!!! Suraj and imli are tied up like bhuvan and kasturi and kn is taking class for Vivaan and chakor is standing near Suraj

    1. Wonder if Shikhu told Suraj his mom is in danger and made a plan with him…

  12. hate this ragini !!! cvs plz unite sukor ….we want sukor scenes… i miss suraj alot!!!

  13. I am confused by current track of udaan because I can’t understand how sukor will realise their feelings if suraj will become bandhua and captivated by kn ….

  14. thanks sia for the link,

  15. Sorry to say vidhi if you don’t like please stop watching it.and sia its fine if she don’t like we’ll be always udan fans gys so forrget her comments.and realy there is no fun without sukor its incomplete pair.you’re roking cast and creative team.vimli you r looking so cute.please vj get well soon.we r wating 4 you.

  16. Guys have any of you read the spoiler about Tejaswini dying to save Chakor? Is there any truth to it. It would suck for Teju to die, Suraj would be devastated.

  17. no kalika teju will not die i saw new olv in which vidhi and vandana say that vimli and chakor will diffuse the bomb and most importantly i saw vj and meera interveiw vj says that his crew members are nice and will not make him too tierd from now and even they said we will get a fab sukor scene,angel u are true shiku only betrayed suraj(confirmed)actually after diffusing the bomb these three will go to haveli and get shoked to see suraj then torture on vimli and kn and ragini class to these four and vimli kn ragini leave from there leaving sukor alone

  18. Sia give link plsss..
    Guys in the video where vj is hanging up did anyone notice a injury on his forehead may be it was cause by a hit on his head by a stick to make him unconscious..

    1. Guys that was only vj meera interview and this is vidhi vandana interview one

  19. I am waiting for sukor scenes may on next week we will get lots of sukor scenes .

  20. Thanks sia???

  21. Thanks sia??? OMG i was the first person who doubt shikoo and now i m thinking why makers do this i love how he used to tease suraj by chakor name and always praised chakor as his babhi now what who will tease suraj who will be his bodyguard i hope shikoo is doing all this in pressure as i love his bond with suraj and i think shikoo have hit suraj on his forehead to make him unconcious…

    1. Agree with you angel and I really want shikoo to ask forgiveness from Suraj, I too love their bond and especially when he say” chakor Bhabhi “infront of Suraj

  22. guys udaan’s trp is no.2…I am so happy

    1. Ankur link plz

  23. agree with angel,because shikoo doing this on pressure,because shikoo well aware that suraj treat him always as friend,suraj itself told this to him,because of ragini he betrayed suraj i think…because that day ragini called someone…she will have captive of shikoo mom or family…he will surely ask suraj forgiveness…

  24. Dil dhanushi

    Love the wy when chakor misses suraj. Evn I hv a doubt abt shiku cz after the call made by chakor to suraj to tell tht her mum is fine, there were no news abt suraj to chakor, evn I hp tht shiku did this under pressure .thnxs fr the links. Miss sukor

  25. hey guys I think vidhi or xyz whatever her/his name is the same guy who was bad mouthing about sukor few day sago

  26. No one is amazing except Sukor i also love sukor. Vidhi if you don’t like it so you can see another show no one force you to see it

  27. hey ankur how you get to know that udaan is on 2nd position at trp list

  28. Guys! You all are so fab in giving comments. And i am very happy to see suraj back i love him.

  29. Guys! You all are so fab in giving comments. And i am very happy to see suraj back i love him.without suraj udaan is uncomplete.

  30. sia i saw that on sbs…

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