Udaan 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Khanna recording Peter’s speed. He says not bad, just 3 seconds late. He asks Peter is he sure to do this, as murders are happening. Peter says yes, I need money and I can’t stay scared. Khanna thanks him. Chakor asks Om to stop his dad Peter. Om says no, Peter said circus is important than his life.

Girja gives water to all servants. Laali asks for more water. Girja gives less water to everyone. She asks Imli to drink less. Imli hears Bhuvan begging Bhaiya ji for water, as his mum is dying of thirst. Bhaiya ji says water scarcity is going on. He kicks Bhuvan and leaves. Imli asks Bhuvan to take the water glass and save Dadi’s life. Bhuvan says I can’t take your share of water. She insists and gives him the water. He cries.

A servant comes and makes the water

fall. Bhaiya ji looks on angrily. Bhaiya ji asks servant not to give water to Imli, and sends Bhuvan. Chakor checks Sultan’s wound did not heal and wonders what to do, as she has just three days, Sultan will die. She gets the joker nose again. She wonders is Peter’s life in risk? She sees Peter and runs to tell him everything. She asks him not to run, as she got this red ball today also, it’s a threaten. He says I m not scared of anything, this circus is like my maa, and son can do anything to save mum.

Megha tells Om that she is scared for Peter. Chakor comes to them and says I run very fast, can I run instead Peter? Om asks her to leave. Chakor says trust me, I run fast, I have many awards for running race. Megha asks do you run faster than Raju. Chakor says yes, test me, I m new here and will not any danger, don’t worry. She asks them to check time and see her speed, then she will take Peter’s place. Megha agrees.

Chakor says runner has 13 seconds and I will run in 10 secs. Om says fine, lets see. She starts running and he checks on the timer. He sees a joker again and stops. She asks that joker to stop and runs after him. She asks who is there. She gets a threatening note again. She reads Peter will also die, and asks her to stop Peter.

The circus show starts and people wait for bullet Raja act. Khanna asks a man to come fast, its his turn now. Chakor sees Peter practicing and asks him to listen. Peter says we will talk later and goes to his tent. He falls inside a big box and calls for help. Chakor thinks where did he go, and runs to see. She calls out Peter. Om comes there and asks what happened. Chakor says Peter…. Where is he? He disappeared after coming here. Om gets shocked. Chakor shows the note to Om. Om worries for his dad and cries.

Chakor consoles him and says Peter will be fine. Peter shouts for help, and is caged. He asks the person why did he keep him here. Khanna shows the note to inspector. Inspector says it means killer is not Peter’s enemy. Megha says Peter is everyone’s friend. Inspector says we will try our best to get Peter. He asks Chakor is there anything else. Chakor says I have told everything. Police leaves. Ronnie says its strange that Chakor gets everything here. Roma says yes, why did she hide the letter before. Ronnie says I think she is with the killer.

Chakor swears that she did not know this, she tried telling Khanna, Peter and Om, but no one heard her. Roma and Ronnie say Chakor is trying to become runner since she came here. Chakor says no, I was just saying I can reach in 11 secs. Vishaka laughs and asks what, even Raju could not run so fast. Chakor says I can run. Khanna asks Om are they saying true. Om says yes, Chakor told me that she wants to become runner. Ronnie says Chakor is the killer. Chakor gets shocked and signs no.

People come and ask Khanna to kick out Chakor. Khanna says this does not prove Chakor is responsible for the murders, she is little girl, I can’t believe this. Vishaka says but some problem is coming since she came here, she always make reasons to stay here, if everyone has doubt on her, why don’t we throw her out. Khanna asks Chakor to leave the circus. Chakor gets shocked.

Peter sees the person. The man laughs. Chakor runs along Sultan. Khanna sees her and asks her will she become runner of his bullet raja act.

Update Credit to: Amena

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