Udaan 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying Ishwar will not forgive me, if I don’t save Bhaiya ji knowing about the bomb, he is bad, but I can’t let him die, else I will become murderer to not do anything after knowing this. Tejaswini worries for Bhaiya ji. Chakor runs to Bhaiya ji and pulls the varmala. She hides her face. Everyone look at her, and say who is this girl. Chakor runs and throws the varmala far. The bomb explodes and they all get shocked seeing this. Ranjana gets dizzy and Bhaiya ji holds her. Girdhari lal puts water on her, and asks are you fine Ranjana. Bhaiya ji asks Ram Singh who was that girl, where is that girl, find her, she saved my life, I will give her big prize. Ronnie says where did Chakor go suddenly. Chakor goes away and smiles, saying I got saved too, and saved Bhaiya ji. Chakor

turns and sees someone.

Tejaswini asks Chakor are you fine, I m glad. Ronnie brings Chakor there and says this is the girl who saved your life. Bhaiya ji, Khanna, Bhuvan, Kasturi, Ranjana and everyone look on. Bhaiya ji says so she is the girl, show your face dear. The girl lifts the ghunghat. They all get shocked seeing Uma.

Om recalls how he met Chakor and telling her that Bhaiya ji is finding her, why did she save Bhaiya ji when she was hiding from him. He asks her to come, and sees Uma. He requests Uma to take Chakor’s place. Ronnie asks Uma what are you doing here. Bhaiya ji says she is such little girl, great bravery. He calls Ram Singh, and gives money to Uma for the good work. Kasturi tells Bhuvan that Chakor saved Bhaiya ji’s life. He asks what, how can she come here. Kasturi says no one else can save enemy’s life. Chakor looks on. Bhuvan wishes Chakor goes away from here, Azaadgunj is very bad place now, everyone is enemy here. Bhaiya ji says everyone is enemy of mine, who dared to put bomb in my varmala, I will not leave that person. Tejaswini gets scared. Ranjana says that person is here. He asks who did this. Ranjana points to Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji gets shocked. He asks what are you saying Ranjana, she is my first wife, she can’t even think to kill her husband. Ranjana says no, I was her target, not you. She asks Tejaswini to tell Bhaiya ji that she has got bomb in varmala. Tejaswini gets tensed.

Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini is this true. She says no, Ranjana is lying, she wants me to fall in your eyes. He asks is this true or not, I m asking this. He shouts on her. She says no, and denies it. He slaps her and she falls down. Everyone get shocked. Tejaswini cries. He shouts asking her to get up. He says you are lying, I know you very well, get lost with your unlucky face. Ranjana smiles and says let it be, don’t make issue infront of guests, maybe she is not able to bear being away from you. He asks will she kill anyone in her madness, you are my first love Ranjana. Tejaswini gets shocked seeing them. She recalls Bhaiya ji’s words. Tejaswini says this woman is not your first love, she is poison, listen to me…. Bhaiya ji gets angry. Tejaswini says I can see your future well. He asks her to get lost from here.

Tejaswini asks where will go. He drags her with him. She begs him not to do this. Suraj comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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