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The Episode starts with Ranjana saying Bhaiya ji lost the condition and shows the daylight. Lakhan comes and brings the ECG machine. Ranjana says no need now, Tejaswini is fine. The doctor says yes, ayurvedic medicines are better always. Ranjana goes to leave him. Lakhan says he will return the machine. Bhaiya ji says the medicine worked and asks Girja to get food. Chakor says she would have got fine if she had it before. Bhaiya ji asks why did you not give. Chakor says Ranjana stopped me, so that Bhaiya ji can lose the condition by coming here. Manohar says she is lying. Ranjana can’t plan this, she can’t do this. He says she is my wife, I know she can’t do such cheap thing.

Bhaiya ji says I know she is not bad at heart, she can never harm Tejaswini, no need to explain. Chakor says but…

Tejaswini says you think we will believe you, stay in your limit, don’t try to break our family. Manohar asks her to get lost. Vivaan sees Ranjana giving money to doctor for doing as she said. He confronts her. She says Tejaswini was unwell and doctor made her fine. He asks does doctors take so much fees. She asks him to have food. He thinks there is something fishy.

Chakor hears Laali telling Girja about Ranjana mixing Chana dish in regular dish and giving it to Tejaswini. She says I have seen her. Girja says everyone knows Tejaswini gets unwell by Chana dish. Chakor says I understand she did this intentionally, that she gets unwell and Bhaiya ji comes back. Vivaan comes and says yes, I also feel this, I saw my mum giving much money to doctor, lets tell this to Bhaiya ji. Chakor says no, we have to make him win to get education. He asks what will you do. She thinks and says I know what to do. She leaves.

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Bhaiya ji tells Manohar that this was very bad, Tejaswini had to get ill at this time, it was good chance to me. He says if people vote Ranjana, then I can’t show my face to anyone. Manohar says we don’t need to use this cheap plans, we will win as we won always. He says he will scare people and they will give vote to us. They hear Ranjana talking to Ishwar and complaining about scaring villagers, and we have to be alert. Manohar asks her what is she doing. She says I m doing my duty, the election should be done right way. Manohar gets angry.

Bhaiya ji says if you want to do this, go out of haveli and do it, not here. He says all the best to Ranjana. She says same to you and leaves. Chakor tells Vivaan that I will tell all villagers that Bhaiya ji came here for Tejaswini. Vivaan says Ranjana would have told them, He says tell them the truth that my mum played this game, and ask them to vote for Bhaiya ji. She says Ranjana is your mum, how can I tell them. Baa comes and says Vivaan is right, go and tell them, else Ranjana will win by deceive and your dream to educate kids will be incomplete.

Kasturi asks Kishori about Bhaiya ji and Ranjana. She says do you feel Ranjana will send Chagan to school. Kishori says don’t worry. Kasturi says I know you are supporting Ranjana by these makeup items she gave you, my Chakor is nor wrong, she is very smart and not support wrong people. She says she always wins the lost game too. Baa asks Chakor to go. Chakor says Ranjana’s name will become bad if I do this. Vivaan says truth should win always, if my mum loses, I won’t be sad, as she was cheating, maybe she can change and I get my old mum back. Baa and Chakor smile.

Vivaan says if you lose, it will be bad with you and all kids who wants education. The people gather at the election poll booth. Kishori says Ranjana will win and Bhaiya ji’s rule will end. Ranjana comes and greets them. Lakhan and Manohar come there with the goons. Ranjana faces them. Ishwar comes there with police. Ranjana smiles. Ishwar sees Manohar and the goons. Ishwar asks everyone to give their votes without any fear. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini talk about Ranjana. Girja says Manohar and Lakhan took guns to scare people and get votes. They see Chakor running out. Tejaswini asks where is she going. Bhaiya ji says I know where she is going, let her go, I m scared of losing, but she did not lose hope, we should learn from her, se still wants to make a last try, I wish she succeeds, pray for it.

Chakor and Vivaan run to village. Manohar aims to kill some people to scare them. Ishwar stops him. Ranjana smiles.

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  1. Hay this is a great story! Why is no comments in this place. I am a great fan of is . congrats to all theatre cast for such a wonderful work,thumbs up

    1. chakor’s acting is superb!!

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