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The Episode starts with Chakor going to Vivaan. She opens the door and gets shocked seeing Vivaan and Imli sleeping on the bed. She cries and recalls their love moments. She leaves. Bijli comes and says I did not know of not entering newly wed couple’s room, as I m not married, but Suraj has sent me, he said he will have tea with you both, and is waiting.

Vivaan and Imli come downstairs and ask Suraj why did he call them. Suraj says I called you to say I did swapping. Vivaan says so what. Suraj says but no one knows I realized my big mistake, so I wanted to take divorce from Chakor, but Chakor refused for divorce, I want to know why did she do this. Chakor cries. Vivaan asks her to answer, why does she not want to give divorce to Suraj whom she hates, answer us, your silence will mean Chakor loves


Imli laughs and says who will love such a man, even Bhaiya ji did not love him, I know even Tejaswini does not love him. Suraj gets angry and asks Imli to stay as his bandhua maid. Vivaan says she is my wife, this house’s bahu. Imli says I don’t understand why is Chakor staying with such a man, anyways Chakor will get sense some day and this secret will be out. She leaves.

Vivaan asks Chakor whats the secret, what are you hiding, how can you stay with Suraj, I m asking for the last time, tell me truth. Suraj asks Chakor to answer Vivaan. She stays silent. Vivaan says fine, don’t answer me, you always……………. He leaves. She cries and tells Suraj that she hates him after what he did yesterday night. Suraj gets a call and person does not talk. He gets angry and leaves. Chakor thinks who is calling and goes out to balcony. A girl looks at the house.

Suraj comes in balcony and tells Chakor that he was finding her, was she hiding. She says you are mistaken, whats the matter. He says I was going to deposit cheque in bank, it has your name, come with me, we have to go bank and open a new joint account, so that I can get money. She says no need to open joint account, I will give you money when you want. He says no, I can’t take your permission before doing anything. She asks can you then live on wife’s earnings. He asks her to come soon and goes. Chakor sees someone looking at them by binoculars. The lady leaves in her car.

Imli gets a medal in cupboard and says Chakor gave this to me. Vivaan comes and asks whats this. Imli says its Chakor’s medal, and reminds how Chakor lost intentionally once. He says yes, I can’t forget that race, she lost important race for your sake, when I got to know, I got angry, but I could not do anything. She says I know why she lost race, Bhaiya ji promised her that I will get free if she loses race, but she did not ask me, else I would have said I don’t need freedom from Suraj, matter would have ended, I think even now she is hiding something…

He says whatever you think will affect baby, don’t worry. She says you are not understanding, I m saying Suraj is threatening Chakor for someone, she is not telling us, maybe its about you, my parents or me. He says what, maybe you are right, we should talk to Chakor. She says she won’t say. He says no, Chakor has to tell us the matter. Chakor hears them and says if Vivaan knows truth, he will fight with Suraj again, don’t know what will Suraj do now.

Chakor asks Bijli why is she scared. Bijli tells how Suraj was shooting outside. Suraj misses the aim and servant laughs. Suraj gives him apple and asks him to put on his head. Chakor tells Bijli that if anyone asks about her, then tell that I m practicing shooting with Suraj. She goes out to Suraj and looks on. Suraj asks servant to laugh now. Servant apologizes. Vivaan asks Bijli about Chakor. She says Chakor has gone to practice shooting. Chakor goes and keeps apple on her head. Vivaan thinks what happened to Chakor, she did not do this before.

Chakor says Suraj will aim at me. Vivaan comes there and looks on. Suraj asks really, think again, if I miss aim then. Chakor says I trust you Suraj, I know your wife’s life is valuable to you, shoot. Suraj says you have great courage, fine. Suraj aims and shoots. The apple falls down and Chakor stands safe. Suraj smiles and asks servant to see. He goes with his servant. Chakor goes inside haveli. Vivaan asks her what are you doing, are you mad, if anything happened to you then. She says how can anything happen to me, I m Suraj’s wife and should trust him. He says I know you are acting and Suraj made you helpless, tell me why is he threatening me.

Vivaan asks Chakor to shoot, else he will be sure she loves him. She says fine, stand there, I will show how much I love you. Vivaan keeps apple and stands. Chakor shoots.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. Delshad saifudeen

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