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The Episode starts with Chakor not seeing Billu and leaving. Billu is kidnapped by goons and meets the other kids who lost their organs. Chakor sees food stall and man asks her to get money. The lady asks the man to give the girl some food. Chakor says I won’t eat food by getting pity, I will earn and buy food. The man asks Chakor will she work with him, he will give 10rs per day. Chakor gets glad and thanks him. He asks what work she knows. She says she knows cooking. He says great, their stall should work more. She says he will stop taking tension seeing her work. He says great, I hired you and gives some work of getting eggs from the shop.

Arjun is on the way and talks to Abha, saying he is trying to find Chakor and did not get her. Chakor comes infront of the car and the car stops. Arjun’s

phone falls and he looks for it. The driver scolds Chakor. Arjun asks him to talk to kids with love. Chakor apologizes to the driver and leaves. Arjun says he will see if the girl got hurt, and she hides. Arjun says I m also finding someone and asks driver to drive slow. He leaves in the taxi. Chakor goes to buy shop. She sees a lady scolding the man to peel the garlic. The man says I will try to get someone to peel the garlic.

Chakor hears this and tells the man that she will peel the garlic, she works here at food stall. The man says if you don’t run. She says I won’t run, I have to go home. He says he does not trust her. She asks him to trust her once. She buys eggs and leaves. Lakhan tells Bhaiya ji about Abha visiting village, and she was saying wrong about him, so he wanted to alert him. Bhaiya ji says he trusts him, and asks him to get goons and then he will say what to do. Lakhan leaves. Chakor tries selling vada pau. The man says our sale is not much and Chakor asks him not to pay 10rs to her. He says no, the opposite stall sells more, I don’t know whats good in it. The same car guy comes there. Chakor smiles recalling him. She asks the man to wait, she will sell the vada pau. The guy scolds her. The man says sorry she does not know. Chakor says why, he has eaten the vada pau from me. The guy says what rubbish. The man sends Chakor. Chakor misses Aditya and gets sad for not having his number.

She calls Aditya making her eat aloo sandwich. She likes it as he makes it in different way. She makes such snacks. She cuts the vegetables and makes some bhajiyas, and gives it a new look. Yeh housnlon ki udaan hai…………….plays………… She makes the sandwich of the bhajiya. She decorates it and makes it look like a nice snack of any hotel. She asks the people to try it, else she will not take money from them. She sees the people not coming, and worries.

The man asks the price of the snack. She says its for free, as he is first customer. He eats it and she looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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