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The Episode starts with Chakor taking Suraj. Suraj asks what’s this game. Pakhi tells him about paper dance and explains. Suraj asks what’s this joke, will I play this kiddish game. Chakor says yes, you are still kiddish. He says fine, its easy, Pakhi will be my partner. Chakor asks Imli to dance with her. Imli refuses. Chakor asks do you want me to lose, come. They go and dance on the papers. Chakor and Suraj see each other. Paper/cloth get short. Imli asks how will we dance now. Chakor asks her to step on her feet. Suraj lifts Pakhi on his shoulders. Chakor says this is cheat. He asks why, you make Imli sit on your head, everything is fair in love and war.

Pakhi says you love Chakor, lose before she loses. He asks why. She says she always helps you. Imli thinks they always fight, what shall I

do. Chakor and Imli lose balance and stand. Imli signs Pakhi. Pakhi bites Suraj’s hand and he loses. Chakor and Imli win. Suraj asks why did you make me lose, are you in Chakor’s team. Chakor asks him how can he blame Pakhi when he lost. He says fine, I lost, you won, I have forgiven you, now promise you will never leave me. Pakhi says yes, else Suraj will not forgive you. Imli also says the same. Chakor says first I want to have food, we shall leave. Suraj says I had to meet Lakhan, come.

Vivaan thinks of Ranjana and Chakor. Ragini comes and says I m going out for some days. He says then I will do my incomplete work. She asks him to take care and goes. He says its time to punish Chakor for her cheat. Chakor eats food ad gets hiccups. Kasturi says someone is missing you. Chakor drinks water. Tejaswini says her hiccups are not stopping, Imli jokes. Suraj comes there and asks for some salt. He says I got food by working at Lakhan’s house. Bhuvan says Chakor, your hiccupps stopped. They smile. Imli teases Chakor. Tejaswini says Suraj can sit here and have food with us. Kasturi says why not, sit Suraj.

Vivaan says I called you here so that you help me. Ranjana asks what are you going to do. He says in murdering someone. She asks whose murder. He says Chakor, her punishment is just death. She says if you kill Chakor, you can go jail. He laughs and says you never went jail. I just called you to say, you will clean the crime I do, else I will not go jail alone, I will go with you. Chakor and Suraj see each other. Imli asks Suraj to swear and say did he came to take salt or to see Chakor. He coughs. Chakor says Imli be quiet. Imli runs. Chakor runs after her. Suraj gets up to hold Chakor. They all laugh. Vivaan comes and looks on. He says the one who snatched my smile has no right to smile.

Suraj and Chakor go by walk. She says I forgot to tell you, I spoke to Ranjana and said I will tell Vivaan about Manohar’s murderer if she comes in our way. He says fine, but Vivaan should not know, he can’t bear this. She says yes. She thinks where did Vivaan go from fair. He asks what happened. She says I got tired, I can’t walk more. He asks what will we do. He sees a man passing by on cycle and stops him. She borrows the cycle and thanks him. Suraj asks Chakor to come. She asks sure. He says yes, sit. They leave on the cycle.

She asks what happened. He thinks he won’t get better chance to say I love you, I should say it. A car races and they fall down the cycle. Suraj shouts and scolds the man. Chakor says you don’t know cycling and scolding him, I got hurt. Suraj says one should not help people like you, go your way, I m going to village. She says fine. He throws her purse. She catches it and goes. He follows her. He says don’t think I m following you, I m doing Pati dharm, as your protection is my responsibility. She thinks he does not understand how much I love him. He thinks I would still love you even if I was not your husband.

Vivaan gets ready. He says Chakor…I regarded you my best friend, you cheated me. Imli comes to show him his name tattoo. She hugs him and asks him to see the tattoo. She says I wanted to show yesterday, you did not see, when I will raise hand to pray, your name will be seen first. He says I have to make imp call. He calls Ragini and says its great, final the deal, none will know. He sees Imli and ends call. He says I forgot you are here, don’t tell this to anyone, please. He goes.

She thinks he did not see me once, what is he doing now, I m his wife and not let him get trapped. Chakor comes. Imli tells her about Vivaan and Ragini. Vivaan hears them and smiles. He thinks I knew Imli will tell Chakor, so I did this drama to trap Chakor, now I have to prepare to kill her.

Vivaan ties up Chakor and throws water on her face. She gets shocked seeing him aiming pistol at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    oh so funny paakhi n imli too gud yaar??. The parents n the in laws also great they know that they love each other but the kids cannt confess amazing. ????Cycle scene wow. I hate vivaan n he used imli for his plan ? Dil karta hai usko 3 – 4 tapre de dun. Shahid akal thikane aajay. Sukor scenes wre gud n imli chakor scene. Love the look of chakor whrn suraj enters the house. teju change alot totally new person I like this?

  2. Suraj and chakor are so cute i hate vivaan so boring theres already alot of villians why has he tured to one imli please leave this guy he doesnt even care about her she changed so much for him and he doesn’t even bother his mum killed his dad why on earth would he believe ranjana she killed her own husband vivaan is a werido

  3. Woww guys awesome episode….. Asusual our sukor nailed it….. Chakor’s hiccups scenes and d way imli teases our sukor & I really loved the bonding between two sisters….our cutie pie pakhi also really superb……even I lyk tejaswini, bhuvan& kasturi also….and thn tat stupid vivaan going mad….definitely he will regret for his doings….am eagerly waiting for tat day…. I really felt very bad for imli…….honestly guys no words to express my feelings i thoroughly enjoyed our sukor parts…..

  4. sruthi sreeya

    I liked the episode except vivan.. Liked sukors nokjhokes.. I think tomorrow’s episode will be full off vivan threatening chakor

  5. Divyashankar

    Hey don’t worry udaan trp is good it won’t end it’s run longer time dis r all rumours don’t believe dis till last moment I wait for swaragini but I don’t know y it’s end without any confirmation from team leave tat one vote for udaan and sukor I don’t know in colour page all r voting for meghana and surabhi not for chakor even best jodi hayya and transhi tat dis etc so I don’t know who win but I want one or 2 award to udaan

  6. Day by day vivaan ko jitna b negative show kr re hai bawajood shaddeed gusaa k muj ko uski hr negtivity uska drama hi lagty ja ri hai
    App asli culprit ko chor kr kisi aur ko target kru nrmly aisa possible ni hota
    Muj ko tu aisa lgta hai chakor ne mnhor k murder case k bare mai b vivaan ko phle hi btya hu ga us k samne jb ranjna cnfrm krty hai wo b vikor ka hi plan hu ga taake vivaan ka apne fathr murder case mai yeh yqeen a sake k uski saagi ma hi asli murderer hai
    Vivaan ka chakor kidnapping mai help lena sb yehi show kr ra hai k woh ranjna ko show kr ra hai k woh bohat burra bn gya
    Naatak hai sara

    Paper dance segment bohat acha tha
    Imli nd pakki 2 egoistic bndu ko kaise izhar karwaye ge
    Wese sukor k love Scenes jitne hi ache nok jhonk ce bhare hu utna hi ziada maza atta hai
    Cyle Scene b ❤❤
    Suraj ka patti dharam
    Bs sochu mai hi pyaar krte rhna sare zamne ko pta lga gia
    Apas mai share na krna ???lovely budhu jodi??

    Mai un logo ce agree krty hu ju vivaan ki reports ko ranjna ragni plan khte hai mai ne start ce yehi feel kiya hai aur bola hai pooja rape case nd vivaan report case shru ce vivaan pr show hu chuke hu ne ge
    Wo baazahir in k aage bewaqoof bn ra hai mger wo ranjna nd ragni ko darsal bewaqoof bna ra hai
    Kn k pglpn b story b totally mysterious type Hi hai

  7. Divyashankar

    Hey friends can u tell me d background music play while sukor eyelock means film name then even their romantic scene some music comes know tat also

  8. vivaan’s thinking doesn’t make a sense at all . how he forgot all good things chakor did for him in the past . I think bcoz of drugs he is suffering from amnesia that’s y he is forgetting all things . in his eyes chakor is a lair,cheater n her punishment is only death then what he is ,he is also cheating imli his punishment would be death also then, bt he needs a brain to understand this n I doubt that does he have a brain in his head or not . I mean how in d earth is smone lyk dis .

  9. Janani9789

    Amazing episode!! Beautiful sukor scenes just love it… ???…
    Phakki and imli??they r acting as mediator between suraj and chakor… ??love it…
    Suraj??.. Just love him… So much innocence with angry face???
    The way phakhi bite his hand… Can’t control my laugh???sukor competition between is simply Waah… ??.. Suraj asks chakor to carry imli on her head??
    I wish chakor tells suraj that she never and ever leave him alone… But she doesn’t said it??…
    Anyways chakor hiccups??… Whole family.. Bhuvan, imli, Kasturi, teju never leave the chance to tease chakor???.. Chakor blushing heavely???…
    Suraj… ??again came to get teasing by whole family…
    The way chakor hiccups stopped suraj loved it??their eyelock… Gosh now a days it as more intense ??
    Their cycle ride… Eyelock???and their fall??
    Suraj can’t accept the fact that he following because of love and care… And chakor also….
    But they both love each other immensely??
    Vivaan became villan vivaan ??I felt so bad for imli… Poor imli… Vivvan is cheating his own love imli. For his selfish motive hate it… ???
    Anyways this week us Vivvan crap… Waiting for next week sukor scenes r there… Waiting for that ???

  10. luved the sukor scene.wat yaar vivan etna negativity thora toh positivity rakho apne ander.haad hai yaar

  11. sruthisreeya

    Sometimes I also feels that vivan is acting as villain but when he says that the person who snatches all my happiness has no right to smile I wish to slap his face ..how he can change like this?? Chakor is his best friend he should know her more than others. … I’m so happy that in one spoiler mein suraj vivan ko thappad maarega when he knew about vivans truth.. And he says hamein tumse zyada chakor ko jaanthi he ..wow suraj u are too good the trust between each other was so nice… Hope this trust will not break in any situation
    And coming back to yeasterdays episode I forgot to mention about their family… What a family yaar… Kasturi,bhuvan,teju will not leave a chance to tease our sukor.. Imli is too good..And the blushing face of chakor is too cute chakor ‘s hiccups and surajs cough scenes are too funny
    And suraj I love him so much kitna innocent hai voh.. After the fight he came back to chakor and says mein apna pati darm nibhati hu and your caring is my responsibility
    Love you sukor

  12. I lov team udan thanx.bt i mis kn ji n ragini.awsm epi.was fuly loded with sukor scene.cycle argument such a cute moment.laaraib n sruthi same here i feel same about kn ji n vivan.

  13. Episd ws gud….ye pagal vivan ki waja se nxt trp bhi kam hogi….ye bandua se suraj kab aazad hogi yar….suraj ko kab jckt me dhek ne ko milega…….

  14. zoya plz do write it here n I think nobody has any problem with it
    sherya even I also read that in after leap old udaan page bt guys don’t worry it has good trps ,it won’t end soon so just chillax n enjoy our SuKor moments
    guys u all want udaan to run for very long tym bt I don’t want it coz if this happen then it will be lose it’s charm n became boring
    n one thing u noe wt my friend is saying vj is a good actor bt not a handsome actor

  15. Loved this episode of course except vivaan scenes they’re like speed breaker . loved their mela part n when suraj came for salt n all the tym he was only looking towards chakor . poor SuKor all were teasing them . cycle n pati dharm scene was really funny n romantic . I also like chamli s run run scene

  16. Hii aanya, dil d, sruthi, tapa, tippu, divyashankar, ammi, shasha, janani, laarib noor, sukorian & all my dr frnds…. Ya tapa I totally agree with ur cmnt yaar tat stupid vivaan think chakor is a liar, cheater thn wat abt him he used imli to trap chakor hw cheap thinking is dis…..and he hide evrythng from his love imli…cheap vivaan…..if he think chakor deserves death (who cares alloot for him, chakor hide d truth from vivaan jst bcz of his betterment only….even tat holi day she used to tell abt tat matter bt he only stops chakor…stupid man…..) thn he also deserves death….brainless man…..first I think he is just acting bt day by day his behaviour……omg !!!! I really hate dis vivaan character nowadays …..he only think abt himself lyk his so called mother ranjana (may b he think tat he has only feelings in dis world)…..bt u knw wat guys I really loved tejaswini & suraj (mother&son) bonding….its simply superb…..

  17. Divya v all r voting for our udaan…..so definitely they’ll win awards dr….I wish our udaan team win all d awards….dnt knw wat hpnd so hope for d best……..

  18. Philomina

    hi guys

    new OLV

    here is the link

    can anyone give written update of this pls…………..
    after long time suraj is calling chakor bandhua billi
    i cant understand what they are talking so can anyone give written update of the OLV pls…………

    1. Chakor is trying to make a deal with the villagers , so that she can return Suraj’s old things back to him. Meantime, suraj comes and hears, he is being addressed as shabby hubby. So taunting chakor he calls her jungli billi, and clarifies he is not the old Suraj, sukor starts accusing each other. Seeing them fight the villagers leave. Chakor runs after them to confirm the deal. Suraj stops her saying he doesnot want his old things. But Chakor is determined to return his possessions.

      1. Philomina

        thanks u very much for the written update update subi

  19. Hello shreya,thnx subi n philomina for this spoiler.gys i think that u all have understood about this chapter of vivan.bt i haven’t understood.gys for some time forget cute sukor scene n once think carefuly that its enf to take revng n for wht jst that she didn’t told him about his father.i think he trying to win trio’s trust..n kn ji i don’t think that he could change like this he is the real viln of the story.i don’t know gys wht u think.it jst my openion.and we r watching jst that team udan want nd making bt realy is smtingels.if u gys have understood this chap.so please help me.bcz i wona enjoy whole serial not only sukor n kn ji part.

    1. Janani9789

      Aanya vivaan actually turned villan yaar… Because he fooled imli… By telling deal of ragini… In yesterday epi it shown clearly… And main thing.. He asked his so called mother to help in killing chakor…. He is making plan to create troubles… And hides it clearly… Even he can’t see chakor happiness… He turned in selfish villan vivaan
      And thanks Philomina and subi for links and spoilers…

  20. Dil d,zoya,sukorian where r u gys.n tapa m also egrly waiting for zoya’s syri bcz i’ll read syri first time.

  21. i m glad that suraj is back in the haveli jst waiting4 that episode when they will b 2gether in the haveli.

  22. Sukorian

    Sorry aanya but janani os right vivaan has turned fully negative ? in a relationship between husband n wife or childhood friends there should be TRUST but vivaan fooled his love n kidnapped his childhood friend to kill her. He already showed that he is now on the other side. The Dangal scene he cgeated on suraj with throwing sand in his eyes so he lose the game. Suraj never tried to hurt him I remember that suraj hitted Vivann but he send him to jail n took his money…no excuse but still he was there to unite him with imli how can he forget this….?

  23. Thnx janu wht my hart………..forget it.m jst waiting for next epi.s.ya shasa m also waiting for this one.n gys yesteday epi.was awesm.actualy i’ve watchet it again in morning 11:00am n 1:30pm abhi bhi dekhna chahti thi bt my dadti she started scolding me.gys u remember that rat epi.when sukor’ere in wall.its also quite like that na.i said my dadi that i’ll never bore with it.i know i shouldn’t watc repeat telecast bt i can’t cntrol my self.

  24. Hi i’m new here i love this site and your comments i’m a big sukor fen ??
    I wan’t ask have you noticed in the new video the chakor has a ring on her ring finger ?i hope suraj made her a request and Chakor say Yas??
    What do you think

  25. Tanx for d link janani, philomina& tanx for d written update subi…. Thn aanya dr I totally agree with their (both sukorian & janani) points…. After I saw dis episode am sure he really changed yaar…….. Thn guys i hope a little bit (0.1%) tat vivaan is just acting to gain trio’s trust if it becomes true thn it will b really a superb one….. &even i cant cntrl myself aanya tays y i watched again in 11a.m, 1:30p.m& 4:30p.m…. S aanya u r crct tat rat epi also lyk dis episode……..and tapa dr vj’s acting skills r really superb na even ur frnd also agree with tat point…..so its enough to watch our sukor scenes i mean udaan….. Dnt knw u all r agree with dis point r nt bt its enough for me guys…..Thn zoya, dil d wat hpnd to u guys….nd zoya dr wat abt ur sayari??? V all r waiting dr…….

  26. Welcome tina & In which video u saw tat ring??

    1. Hi Shteya
      In this tow links you can see the ring It looks like a diamond engagement ring ?

    2. Excuse me meant Shreya I have mistyped Sorry ??

  27. Hi tina most welcom dear.we all r sukorians here u can hapily join us.

  28. Sukorian no need to say sorry dear i know bt y he steped back to kill her strange na.whtever gys i jst wona enjoy my udan.n gys forget my stupid ques.these’ll not end.now u all r my friend gys try to understand n bother my idiotic behavior.

  29. Hi everyone I’m really sry I gt late to reply these days due to my assignments . I totally agree with u shreya if vivans acting to gain trust thn it will be great bt after yesterday epi evn I think he’s nt. coming to epi I love the epi specially where suraj cm to ask fr salt n the way all family members tease sukor n the way sukor gt embarrassed n of course cycle ride n their nok jokes. Even I dnt like vivans negativity bt it makes the story more interesting . We cn see hw sukor trust each other n fight fr all odds.

  30. Thnx fr the links. Zoya where’s ur shayari? We r waiting fr tht. Divya dnt worry I think every one is voting fr sukor, udaan team . Infact even I’m voting whenever I gt time . Of course udaan deserve awards this time . Let’s hope fr the best. These days lot f sukor ff r updating , thnx a lot fr tht.

  31. Sukorian

    vote for me I cannt

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