Udaan 4th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Laali being scared seeing ghost shadow which is actually Chakor. Chakor asks for food and says she has to study, grind chillies and then go to school in morning to give exam. Laali chants mantras and gives her food. Chakor comes to Dadi and says she is very happy, she has full food today after many days. Chakor says what will Tejaswini do of chilli, food is always less spicy, bless me that my enemy become my friends, I will study well to teach everyone. She goes to grind chillies and studies along. She applies toothpaste to her hands. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays……………..

Imli talks to the village kids and asks them to come. They say they don’t want to study with Chakor. Imli gets angry and leaves with Sheru. Chakor calls Laali and shows she has grinded

all chillies. Laali is shocked and increases the work. Chakor says I have to go now to give exam. Laali shows another big bag of chillies and Chakor is stunned. Chakor says she will come from school and go. Laali asks her to do now. Chakor worries. Tejaswini comes and reminds her promise to Bhaiya ji that she will do work and then go school. Chakor recalls and says she has done all work.

Tejaswini asks Suraj and Ragini to give exam well. Chakor recalls everyone’s trust in her and thinks her courage will not break, they are doing this to stop her, if they can cheat, then she will also cheat and grind just all chillies. She hides half chillies and grinds the rest. She calls Laali and tells her that she has done the work, and leaves for school. Laali says so soon, how did she do this, I said Chakor is not human, but ghost.

Imli waits for Chakor at the school. Chagan tells the kids that he won’t beg for education from Chakor. Kasturi asks whats he saying, Chakor is his childhood friend, good friends are got by luck, haveli people want you guys to fight, give her one chance and see. Chagan does not understand. She explains Chagan and Bhuvan asks her to leave it. The kids say we are going to meet Chakor and asks Chagan to come along.

Imli smiles seeing all kids coming to school. Chakor comes running and asks guard to open the gate. The guard says what can I do if you come late, go. Chakor says its my exam. Imli asks him to open gate. He says no way, leave. Prince comes late and smiles. He pays the guard and gets inside. Imli sees this and tells Chakor that they have a solution. Sheru barks and the guard says he is afraid of dogs. Chakor runs and Imli wishes all the best.

Chakor greets the teacher and she asks her to take her seat and give the exam. Chakor sees questions and thinks she knows everything. She writes the exam. The peon brings water and asks Chakor to have it, as she came running and water will help her think well. She says fine and drinks water. He keeps the chits on her table. She does not see it and thanks him for water. He leaves. She asks for extra sheet. The teacher gets the chits and scolds Chakor for cheating. She shows the principal. Chakor is stunned.

The guard pushes Chakor and tells Imli that Chakor cheated. Imli argues. Chagan and all kids call her cheater and liar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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