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The Episode starts with Chakor trying to free the kids by help of Soham, Sunny and Tamasha. They make the car stop at some point, by creating a scene on the road. Babu says whats this going on. Chakor goes to the kids and asks them to come. Billu says we can’t come. Chagan says we don’t know you. The kids refuse to come. Sunny asks Chakor why are her friends not recognizing her. Chakor says they are not identifying her as she is Choka, she will show her true face to them. Babu gets down the car and comes to see the fight.

Soham and Tamasha fight and act. Babu’s men asks them to free the road. Chakor shows her face and says she is Chakor. The kids get glad to see her. Chakor says she has come to free them. Billu says I knew this, I told them that you will come. Chakor asks them to come with

her and Sunny takes them in underground way. Chakor asks Chagan about Imli. Chagan says she is in Aazaagunj, I got the doll here. Chakor says Imli got saved. Sunny asks Chakor to come fast. Chakor sends Chagan first. The traffic gets cleared. Sunny asks Chakor to come fast. Chakor says she will come and asks Sunny to take them.

Vaibhavi calls Babu and says it was some plan, are the kids safe. He says yes, the kids are in van. He runs to see the van and does not see anyone. He tells Vaibhavi that someone fooled them, kids are missing. She gets shocked. Chakor leaves with Soham on the bike. Baby does not see him.

Soham picks Tamasha and they leave. Babu scolds the men and asks about kids. He says he wants the kids and they see the drainage lid. Babu says they have gone from here, I want all the kids. Sunny takes the kids fast. Billu cries and says he can’t walk. The girl says he lost one kidney. Sunny and Chagan help him. Sunny hears goons finding them, and says they know we are going from here, we have to be careful and quick to save our life. The men come there to find the kids.

Chakor talks to Soham on the way. Vaibhavi is on the way and talks to Babu. She says I heard Chakor is clever and she freed the kids, come to my office now. She prays that she finds Chakor. Chakor is on the bike, is beside her car and smiles. Soham asks Chakor to wear specs and cap again, as danger can be anywhere. Chakor wears the specs and cap. Vaibhavi does not identify her and leaves.

Amma waits for Sunny and kids. She prays for the kids. Sunny says Amma we have come, and comes out. They get the kids out. Amma says we will run from here before the goons come. The girl says we don’t know you. Amma says I m like your mum. Sunny says they are coming after us. They get tensed seeing the men. Amma says we have to shut this way. Sunny says we will put these stones and shut the way. The stones are heavy. Billu and kids say they will help, as Chakor has brought them here. They all put the stones and run from there.

Amma brings them to some place and says they will be safe here. She says the goons will not come here. The kids are in trauma and refuse to eat and talk. Amma asks Sunny to see their state. Chagan asks when will Chakor come. They all get scared. Chakor comes there and meets them. She asks them not to be scared, she got food for them. They refuse to have food. Sunny says you all are free from today. Chakor says she is very hungry, she will eat it. Amma, Sunny and Chakor start eating and praise the food.

Amma says I know why they are not eating, and asks Chakor to not be Choka infront of them. Chakor removes the cap and specs. They all smile seeing Chakor. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai……………plays………. Chakor says she has come, now they believe her. The kids eat food. Chakor smiles.

Vaibhavi asks Babu to swear that he will find Chakor. Babu swears that he will get Chakor. Chakor and the kids dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Finally something positive came out today,Indian serials are full of evil and am beginning to get fed up with it.

  4. Chakor has suffer enough. Pls given us some positive veiw

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