Udaan 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chakor decides to fight against Ranvijay

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The Episode starts with doctor treating Preeti. Chakor asks did Ranvijay scare doctor as well. She says Ranvijay’s mental state is not fine, he would have been in jail, what right does he have to shoot his innocent sister. Ranvijay comes and says she is innocent, so I had to do this, Eklavya was fooling her. She says punishment can’t be so big that you kill him and his family. He scolds her and goes to check Preeti’s wound. He says Preeti is my sister, she doesn’t know good and bad, I want to give her world’s happiness, the way I want, if I didn’t stop her, don’t know where she would have gone. Preeti wakes up and sees him. She shouts he is a murderer, he killed Eklavya and Kavya’s husband, he is mad, he will kill everyone. He leaves.

Chakor hugs and consoles her. She says he has no

rights to break laws, we will get him punished. Ranvijay’s mum says you can’t do anything. Kavya says you will leave tomorrow, but we have to stay here, Ranvijay is good to world, but he is a devil for us. His mum says I request you to leave from here soon, else my son will make you bandhua. She recalls her childhood.

Imli checks some papers and asks someone to meet her soon. Suraj hears her. Its morning, Preeti sadly talks to Chakor. She cries on her bad fate. Kavya tells Chakor that this is their truth and she should leave soon. Preeti asks Chakor to leave from the way by which Eklavya used to come. Chakor asks how can I leave you all. She gets nausea and runs. Ranvijay’s mum asks her to leave for her baby’s sake. Chakor says I will tell commissioner about Ranvijay. Kavya says don’t think of doing this, even my husband was trying to do this, but he has shot my husband and proved that he deals with drugs, he can do anything, think what will he do with you.

His mum asks Chakor to go away from here. Preeti asks her to leave. Chakor holds her stomach. Suraj sees Chakor’s pic and says I m coming, I will follow Imli and reach you. Chakor says you tell me what to do, I can’t go Aazaadgunj because of you, and now I have to leave Banaras, Suraj has become my enemy, but I will tell him, as we both saw a dream for you, maybe he changed after knowing about you. She thinks of Preeti’s words. Suraj follows Imli. Chakor comes downstairs. Ranvijay’s mum blesses her. Chakor says I don’t want to go this way, but I have to go back for the sake of my baby.

Suraj talks to Pakhi and tells her that he is following Imli, she is meeting someone. He gets shocked seeing Bhaiya ji. He says Bhaiya ji got down the car, where did Imli go. Ranvijay’s mum says I have packed your food, go and meet your family. Preeti says Eklavya gave this to me, keep this as his family, he respected you. Chakor sees them. She recalls the childhood. Preeti says this house is also a small Aazaadgunj, Ranvijay is our owner and we are bandhua. Chakor sees her stamp and says I have never learnt to leave bandhua in trouble, I will not think of my freedom if you all are staying in jail, I will not go till I make you all free of Ranvijay.

Kavya says he can get dangerous, please go from here. Chakor says I know, the man who can shoot his sister can do anything, I will not let you all stay in this cage. Preeti says I m scared you will fall in trouble. Chakor says I have fought with such a man who never had pity in heart, he made his wife and son bandhua too, I have freed 300 bandhuas, I will not lose, trust me, we will go together, after getting free, this is my promise. Preeti asks how is this possible. Chakor says we have to know that locked room’s secret first. Kavya says no, Ranvijay has the keys, we never went there.

Imli comes to her room and sees Suraj. He asks her whom did she meet by fooling him, she can’t go Banaras and come back so soon. She asks what is he saying, was he spying. He says this is Vivaan’s room, I can come here anytime to see him, I think you are hiding something. She denies. He says you are roaming around Bhaiya ji. She says he is my father in law, if I don’t talk to him, whom will I talk. He says you are hiding about Chakor. She says no, why are you after me, trust me, I also know about her as much as you do. He says I don’t know anything, you have her number, don’t say its not her number, I have heard her voice. She gets tensed.

She says I felt maybe its junk call, so I didn’t answer. He smiles and says I didn’t know you can lie so cleanly, you got much clever. She says you were spying on me, I had to fool you, when Bhaiya ji went, I have sent you after him, let me live my life, live your life, forget Chakor, she is married to Ranvijay. She goes. He says Ranvijay and gets angry.

Suraj shouts Ranvijay. Guards catch him. Suraj asks him to open door, he can’t stay with Chakor. Chakor opens the door. Suraj beats the guards. Chakor stops the guards. Suraj says so Imli was saying true, whose child do you have in your womb, that Ranvijay, for whom you refused to my love, he loves you a lot, I also loved you. She says I have no time for your nonsense, go from here. He says thanks, I felt you love me the most, but its a lie. She says if you understood me, you would have not doubted. He says so this is your husband. She smiles and turns to Suraj. He gets shocked seeing Chakor and himself. He wakes up from this dream and sees her pic. He asks where are you, its imp to meet you, I will get mad.

Chakor and Suraj confront each other. They understand Imli lied. Suraj says I love you a lot. She says I never filled someone else’s sindoor in my maang. They hug. Mahiya…..plays…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Brave Chakor is back! Finally! Some things to do with Freedom. Really want to know what’s behind that door. Will Suraj reach Chakor? Does anyone know? Hope Sukor meet in time for karwa chauth. I’ve been waiting for this time the most as last year’s karwa chauth was really funny and its my fav.

    1. I think they’ll meet on Karwa Chauth day. In the latest olv, Suraj reaches Banaras wearing a yellow kurta and Chakor is shown going to meet Imli wearing special clothes. Imli’s car will break down and somehow Sukor will meet. Chakor will be fasting for Suraj’s safety.

      1. O goodie! Thnx Didu. ?
        I’m glad Imli’s car breaks down. Hate her! ??
        Can’t wait for Sukor reunion ?

  2. Sukorian

    ok precap will come later but happy abt the dream lets see how long imli can survive

  3. Yuupoo but always only precap is good no ywwrr plzz make episode also good

  4. Ok episode, I understand why Chakor wants to help Ranvijay’s family, she can’t see people suffering. It’s strange how KN has become a henchman to Imli. I wonder where she went and what was in the papers. Is Imli teaching herself English?
    Paakhi has become Suraj’s support, it’s cute how he was talking to her on the phone while following KN.
    Loved how Suraj can’t imagine Chakor with someone else, he went looking for her husband who turned to be himself.
    I guess we’ll get the same precap till Friday.

  5. Aleya.marzan

    it should be trueeeeeeee i mean precap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    awesome SUKOR
    but what if its a dream
    nothing i’ll just keep watching my fav series
    waiting waiting

  6. I liked the episode… Brave chakor is back and also surajs confrontation of imli.. but I have confusion about the precap.. does it a dream???
    Because in the latest olv it says that imli imagines sukor’s reunion.. most probably it will be her dream… Then what’s the promo about?? Does sukor really unite?? Or not… Let’s wait and watch

    1. The spoiler is wrong, it’s not a dream, some people came with this theory when the same precap aired on Monday. My advice about spoilers is believe the scenes shot and the actors only. Reporters’ description and written spoilers are not reliable.

  7. The precap shown is most likely imli dream cuz suraj before questioning futher says imli told him imli will feel very gutlity and will up her plan sukor wont meet like that they will meet but on the night of churva chuat were suraj reaches banaras imli car break down so she is stuck chakor managesto escape andgets ready to return bk home butrv and his team do a petrol so chakor will run away and that is how sukor will meet…

  8. Just wanted to share a mini clip i saw chakor covers her face with veil i think she was running away but thier was a guy in a saree with a gun most probz imli or rv goon to kill chakor suraj was around maybe that’s how sukor meet suraj stops the gun man?

    1. I think so too

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