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The Episode starts with Suraj asking the girls to dance. He drinks and dances with them, on the song Pinky ki hai paise walo ki….. Chakor gets angry. Suraj stops her from going and asks her to see him. He says you will see old Suraj, this is life. She says I thought you want someone to speak out your heart, but you can never change. She goes. Suraj dances a lot and falls asleep. Its morning, Imli smiles and comes downstairs to Lord. She thanks the Lord for giving her happiness and everything without her asking. She does the aarti. Vivaan, Chakor and everyone come and join the aarti.

Vivaan and everyone take the aarti. Suraj wakes up. Imli asks Chakor where is Suraj, he did not come for aarti, is he sleeping. Bijli says I have seen Suraj making noise, he is in ground floor room. Imli says I will give

Prasad and say thanks to Suraj. Vivaan says why not. Chakor thinks if Imli sees Suraj with dancers, what will she think, I have to go from outside door, and reach there before Imli. She goes.

Ranjana taunts Tejaswini about Suraj and Chakor signing on divorce papers. Tejaswini says you got habit to get happy before time, why are you happy, as your son got his happiness, you forgot, he got happy because of me, and about Chakor going out of haveli, she will not leave, I will do anything. Ranjana thinks if Chakor does not go, Chakor will protect Suraj by her name and fame, I will try my best to make her leave. She says lets see who wins, your try or my belief, Chakor will surely go from this haveli.

Chakor goes to Suraj and asks him to go to his room, imli is coming here, if she sees you like this, it will be bad. He says let her come and see, who are you to give me orders. She says don’t shout, Imli will come. He asks who Imli, I don’t know any Imli. Chakor hears ghungroo sound. Imli comes there. Chakor takes Suraj and hides with him. She corners him and keeps a hand on his mouth. Suraj looks at Chakor. Imli looks for Suraj. She says Bijli is mad and says any story. She leaves.

Chakor scolds Suraj and says its bad smell coming from you and your clothes. Suraj says you don’t know rich people have wine and dance at home, you are poor and don’t know this, when are you going to your small house. She says I will go when you get freshen up and sign on divorce papers, when I get free of you. He thanks Lord and says when you go, I will celebrate. He goes.

Tejaswini goes to Suraj’s room and sees divorce papers. She recalls Ranjana’s words and says I have to stop Chakor by explaining her by love. Suraj comes from washroom and says mummy you here. She says I m feeling bad that you are giving divorce to Chakor. He says its my wish. She says I know divorce is seen as a stain, I can accept Chakor as my bahu for your happiness. He smiles and says stain, now I realize why did you not give divorce to Papa when he married Ranjana, its because you think divorce is stain. She says don’t give divorce to Chakor. Chakor sees this and asks Suraj to respect his mum, Tejaswini did not leave haveli because of you.

Tejaswini thinks my acting is affecting Chakor. She asks Chakor to understand, will Kasturi feel good if you stay with them. Chakor says you are saying right, but I can’t stay with Suraj, its impossible. Tejaswini thinks to do something else to win over Ranjana. She says fine, as you both decide. Chakor says I will sign on divorce papers. Suraj says its good to get freedom soon. Imli and Vivaan come. Imli stops Chakor and asks her to listen to her once. Vivaan and Imli request them to stop the divorce thing.

Chakor asks what. Vivaan says we united today and we want to celebrate. Imli says yes, and on this auspicious day, none will like your divorce to happen. Vivaan say we called everyone, we request you to agree. Chakor agrees and says I m staying forcibly with Suraj since 3 months, one day more is fine. Vivaan and Imli convince Suraj too. Suraj says fine, think of this as wedding gift from our side. Vivaan thanks him, and says we will go for arrangements. Chakor asks Suraj not to do anything in party. Suraj says fine, I will think what new thing to do, if they are celebrating their wedding, we will celebrate our divorce. He goes. She says its my last day in haveli, I wish this day passes happily.

The party begins. Suraj and Chakor come downstairs. Tejaswini smiles seeing them. Chakor meets her parents and says I m fine. Tejaswini taunts Ranjana that Chakor is here. Ranjana says Chakor is here just for one day. Tejaswini says one day can change anything, think of your bahu, none knows her outside Aazaadgunj. Vivaan comes with Imli. Everyone clap. Chakor thinks they are so happy, they have so much love in their eyes, my happiness lies in their happiness now. Vivaan and Imli meet Kasturi and Bhuvan. Kasturi gifts them as she could not do anything in their marriage. Chakor asks Girja and Bijli to give food to villagers. Chagan tells Imli that its good you did not go Lucknow, else Vivaan would have cried. Suraj drinks.

Chakor scolds him for drinking. She asks him to think for others atleast, I went to village, factory workers told me that you are shutting the factory. He says I m shutting it, your name is linked to it, I don’t want to do any work which has your name, I told you before also. She says you said right, you will become useless. He says its fine. She asks him to return the money. He gets angry and holds her. He says show money attitude to someone else, once Vivaan returns me money, I will give your money, who are you to ask me, tell me. She says when I had money, I was your wife, and now when I m asking, you forgot, I m still your wife, I did not sign on divorce papers. He shouts oh really, you are my wife, tell me how good wife you are. Everyone look on.

Suraj humiliates Chakor. He says we have husband and wife just for name, we have no relation, I will free Chakor, she does not deserve to become wife of anyone, so I will give her divorce.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rashid Nazir

    I love the jodi of suraj chair I want that they meet together each other jaldi jaldi jaldi jaldi jaldi jaldi.

  2. Tm sab kl prsoo aditiya k bary my poch rhy thy na vo ni aata wapis becoz vo bechara dar gya ha kahi imli ko us sy b pyar na ho jye???har kesyy sy tu imli kr bhtii ha suraj vivaan aditiya hi bacha ha is lye vo bagh gya…

  3. Wow today’s episode was awesome…. For the first tym vimli has done very nice thing by stopping sukor’s divorce….n sukor’s every scenes in this episode made my day….I’m just waiting for their realization of luv for each other….I luved it when they threated to give divorce to each other n it seems like they don’t want to give divorce but not accepting it as they want to show that they hate each other….n I think soon they will realize it…..

  4. Wow yar so many sukor scenes .It is one of the best epi.Chakor also protests behalf of tejaswini to suraj.She still thinks that she is his wife…….it means she has some fillings for him ?????????

  5. This whole week we will going to see sukor fight as chakor complained fir against suraj bcoz he try to kill a man and he will be in jail and when he comes back out of jail he challenge chakor for something and chakor and suraj go into very ugly arguments and both try to prove each other wrong and ranjana will be seeing provoking suraj against chakor

    1. Imli is so selfish,Juz Read the next spoilers..
      O God Hate her…

  6. suraj please don,t give divorce to chakor. if suraj gives divorce i can stop watching this serial ,only want sukor……………….

  7. guys a very gud news for all sukor fans,from now we will get chance to watch so many sukor scenes,acc to today spoiler chakor will sign divorce paper,it is the last day of chakor in haveli bt bhayaji and ragini returns to haveli,every one gets shocks,suraj will not free from marrige,chakor will stay back in haveli to help him out against bhayaji

  8. coming to todays epi so many sukor scences even they are fighting they are looking gud

  9. Chakor_Vivaan

    The upcoming episode of Udaan will show high voltage drama where Sooraj has insulted Chakor in Vivaan-Imli’s reception party.

    Sooraj had announced to get divorce from Chakor, Vivaan is sad yet happy to see Chakor getting free from Sooraj’s fake relationship.

    Vivaan support Chakor during this hard time and asks Chakor to move forward in life.

    Chakor agrees and signs divorce papers yet Sooraj has yet not signed the papers.

    Here Ranjana taunts Tejaswani that his son is no more married, Tejaswani gets irked seeing this.

    Chakor divorces Sooraj 

    While Vivaan shows his extra concern for Chakor and asks him to let him drop her.


    1. agree with u….I kind of don’t like
      imli now

    2. Aasthu

      I too agree with you……..Imli is too jealous and selfish……..

  10. Really its gonna be so interesting

  11. Really its gonna be so interesting ….

  12. Ur becebhi guy’s divorce paper jab adalat me jaiga toh 6 months ak sat rehne ko kahega because unki sadhi ko 1 sal nehi hua..har series me toh asahi hota hea..jobhi ho plz vimli scene mat dekhao I am fed up…plz stop it..kuch din only sukor dekhao..ur accha hoga suraj pehle chakor se pyar kare taki chakor ko ehsaas ho ki vivan se jadha bhi koi use pyar karsakta..

  13. Ya Nupur even I also thought but har serial mein aisa nahi hota, bas kuch serials mein hi hua hai….but I luv their chemistry n i ‘m eagerly waiting for their hatred wala luv story to start…

  14. Thanks for recap.

    Only Chakor can change Suraj to be good man. Because Chakor, Suraj realise his love and could sacrifice his love. I think only Chakor can do that.

  15. I know this is a drama, but where are the morals/values? Suraj impregnated one sister (Imli) and married the other (Chakor). Now you want him to be happily married to the sister he cheated? That is disgusted. I try to continue watching this drama, but as of today…goodbye.

  16. Don’t know why this imli gets jealous seeing chakor and vivaan together…. just read the spoilers… i mean she was the one who was responsible for every misunderstanding between them and their breakup…. anyways thanks to dumb imli she has helped to get sukor together…. want sukor love scenes to start….

  17. Starting to think Vivaan has a split personality one part loves IMli the other Chakor. I wish they had a new entry for Suraj, I’d like to see Chakor Jealous. Anyway I see Chakor learnt how to tote a gun as well as Suraj does.


  18. Jab sukor main pyar ho jayega than chunni will returm bcoz her dead body was never shown in show may be she is alive and return and fall for suraj and want to take her sister chakor place for fame ,money and suraj

  19. no divorce suraj and chakor have to fall in love.

  20. The divorce is happening then Chakor will vow to make Suraj a better person, maybe they will marry again… I saw that Chakor and Tejaswini are going to get together to make Suraj quit alcohol. Funny boys those Rajvanshi’s; one is a drug addict and the other an alcoholic…

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