Udaan 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ranvijay learns Chakor’s plans

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The Episode starts with Chakor defending Suraj and scolding Ranvijay. He says maybe he will come out hearing another shot. He points at Preeti. Guard calls him and says Sardar dance troupe had one person missing when they left. Ranvijay recalls Suraj. He says I got a call, that sardar was Suraj. Chakor says he has gone, his life is not written in your eyes. Ranvijay shoots in air and says so Suraj was here, where did he go, tell me, what was your planning. His mum says Chakor is bleeding, its imp to tie bandage. He says take this aid box, first tell me where did Suraj go suddenly, what was your planning, tell me, else I will shoot Chakor’s baby now. They all cry.

Chakor says no, don’t do anything to my baby, Suraj will save me from this devil. Ranvijay says then tell me, you know I can do anything.

His mum says leave her, I will tell everything, let me do her aid. Chakor says you won’t say. His mum says you can break promise, let me do aid first. Chakor says he will kill Suraj, you can’t say. He says I will give 10 mins for her aid, if I don’t get an answer, you all will die. He goes.

Ranjana leaves from haveli. She talks to her dad and says I m going to meet inspector, none has seen me. Bhaiya ji and Imli look on and smile. Goons stop Ranjana. Imli comes and says if you care for your life, sit in my car fast. Ranjana goes with her. Chakor asks Ranvijay’s mum how can you agree to tell about Suraj. His mum says I had to save you and your child. Chakor says you know what will he do with Suraj. Ranvijay comes and says 10 mins got over, tell me where is Suraj. Chakor says no one will say anything, you can’t harm Suraj. He says fine, I know making one speak. He points gun at Preeti.

Preeti says I will tell everything, Suraj was here, we have hidden him for seven days, we learnt what brother means, you can never become a brother. He says stop nonsense, tell me where is he now. Kavya says you tortured us, you have hit mum, Suraj has its video. Chakor says Suraj went to show video to commissioner, you can get hanged by that evidence, our plan flopped today, Suraj will make you reach the place where you should be, none can make anyone bandhua, its a crime, none can save you now. They all hold hands. Udaan hai….plays… Chakor says shoot us, it will be proved that you are a murderer. They all ask him to shoot them. Chakor says this will be your end, not ours, shoot. He gets angry and goes. Preeti says I think he got scared. Kavya says I have seen this for the first time. Chakor says its silence before storm, I wish Suraj reaches commissioner and our work gets done, pray that he wins. They all hold hands.

Ranjana asks why did you get me to station. Imli says I don’t want to kill you, Bhaiya ji wants to kill you, you are Vivaan’s mum, you have to leave, go to your dad’s house, don’t come back, else you will be killed, you can say thanks later. Ranjana says you are saving me, there is some plan. Imli promises to make Vivaan fine. Ranjana says fine. She goes. She calls her dad and says Imli thinks I came in her words, see what I do now. Imli looks on. Ranjana leaves in a taxi.

Ranvijay says call Suraj, if he reaches commissioner, I will not leave you, tell him to come back. He gets a belt to scare them. Kavya says this is our last chance, we have hope that we will get free, beat us. He says fine, you want freedom, I will give you freedom. He beats Kavya. Chakor stops him.

Suraj says I have to meet commissioner, that criminal is also a police officer, just commissioner can help me. Chakor scolds Ranvijay. He asks her to call Suraj. Chakor agrees. They ask Chakor to let them die, but not call Suraj. She calls and says he is not answering. He calls again. He says he is not answering, fine, I will show that I can never lose. He leaves.

Kavya says its better we die. Chakor says don’t worry, Suraj would have not come here, I dialled wrong number, everything is fair in war, Suraj will reach commissioner.

Bhaiya ji pushes Ranjana down the cliff. Imli looks on. Ranjana shouts while falling. Suraj gets hit by constable. He falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Iam not happy with the episode and precap….but happy with the upcoming episodes in which suraj becomes successful in his mission. Now sukor together will face KN and imli… imli is not killing anyone…. kn is doing that job… so in a way imli s deed will be forgiven later… its good that imli is standing against to sukor..because she does not deserve to be loved. Only thing is that she should be exposed. I don’t want vivan to die and quit the show… it’s not so good to watch sukor always in the screen. But want them together only.. but want to see vivan also… it will be good if they bring back Tina for Vivan.

    1. Utama Seshagiri

      Ranvijay’s sister Preeti for Vivan and Police inspecter Ajay for Kavya will be nice

  2. Aleya.marzan

    whats happening yaaaaaarrrr
    precap is disappointing

  3. OK episode, but I don’t mind because according to the latest olvs, Sukor will defeat Ranvijay and leave to Azaadganj.
    I like how Preeti and Kavya have started to stand up to their brother, Chakor isn’t only helping to save them but she taught them to fight for themselves.
    It was stupid to reveal their plan, Ranvijay knows the commissioner’s house, Chakor’s smart move to call the wrong number went to waste.
    I didn’t want Ranjana to die, but I guess she deserves it. It’s good that Imli is there, now she helped kill someone, she has turned into a murderer and she isn’t secretly recording KN to blackmail him later.
    Can’t wait for Suraj RV face off.
    Enjoy your weekend guys.

  4. Glad sukor plan becomes success. Ranjana did not deserve that kind of death. Will she be back later to expose KN and Imli? I hope she does. I don’t want het to die. She needs to support sukor. Eagerly waiting for when Suraj and RV come aamne saamne.
    Hope u all have wonderful weekend ?

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