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The Episode starts with Ragini asking Suraj to be friendly. She says I got a gift for me from your side. Chakor thinks what is her new trick, maybe Bhaiya ji explained her. Chakor says Suraj, wait, Ragini is right, its Bhaidooj today, make a new start today. Ragini does rituals. Tejaswini signs on divorce papers. Bhaiya ji asks his man to go with lawyer and submit papers in court. Ranjana laughs and says Tejaswini should have seen once, on which papers she signed, shall I say or let Ragini say. Bhaiya ji laughs and says let Ragini say. Tejaswini runs to Suraj.

She says I got ruined Suraj. Suraj asks what happened. Ragini says we did what we had to, this is Bhaidooj gift, I wanted to see your pale face, this is my biggest gift, this is just beginning, see when I kick your mum out of haveli, you will

lose senses. She says Papa said I can’t kill you, I thought to give you so many sorrow that you get like dead. Suraj says Tejaswini is haveli owner, who will make her out.

Bhaiya ji throws Tejaswini’s bag and says I can make her leave. Imli and Vivaan come to see. Bhaiya ji says now this woman has no right to stay in this haveli. Suraj asks what do you mean, she is your first wife and has equal right. Bhaiya ji asks Ragini to tell him truth. Ragini says Suraj, you will be happy to know that your mum is not Papa’s wife now, and not owner of this haveli, she has no right on anything, she signed divorce papers herself. Tejaswini cries. Everyone get shocked. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj did you hear it, take her with respect, else we will kick her out. Tejaswini says they cheated and made me sign. Ragini says enough of drama, come. Suraj asks Ragini to move back, leave mummy. Imli tells Ragini that she is doing wrong. Ragini asks her to shut up. Suraj wipes the tika and says since I m alive, no one can make my mummy out of this haveli.

Chakor comes and says Tejaswini’s divorce happened, so she has no relation with this haveli now, Tejaswini has to leave, I agree with Ragini. Suraj asks are you mad, what are you saying. Chakor says yes, Tejaswini has tortured me, she made me bandhua when I was in my mum’s womb, she made me stay in stable, I m very happy that she is getting kicked out, I m elder bahu and have right to decide who will stay here and who won’t, I can’t stay with Tejaswini under one roof, so she has to go from here today. Everyone get shocked.

Bhaiya ji says yes, Tejaswini tortured Ragini and Chakor more, their anger is justified on her. Suraj says you cheated me again, now I understand why you came back to haveli, not to save me, but to take revenge, you can’t insult my mummy. Chakor asks Ragini to stop Suraj if she has to make Tejaswini leave. Ragini says yes and asks men to catch Suraj. Suraj beats men. They catch Suraj. Tejaswini calls out Suraj. Suraj says Chakor, I will punish you for this cheat. Ragini and Ranjana throw out Tejaswini from the haveli, while men take Suraj upstairs. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji not to do this. He throws her bag and says get lost. Vivaan asks Imli to come, I need to leave for interview, no use to stay here. They leave. Ragini and Ranjana shut the door. Bhaiya ji laughs. He goes with Ranjana and Ragini.

Chakor gives note to Girja and goes. Girja reads Take Tejaswini your home and keep her there. Girja leaves and goes to Tejaswini. She asks Tejaswini to come to stay in her house, you have all right on my house. Tejaswini says you are loyal. They leave. Suraj shouts and knocks door, saying Bhaiya ji and Ragini did not do right to make my mother leave, Chakor I did not know you are big cheater, I will kill everyone. Chakor comes and shuts door. She says let Tejaswini leave. Suraj says you proved you were acting, did you make my death plan also. She says you are misunderstanding. He holds her neck and says my mummy is on road because of you, I will kill you, I will get my mummy back, let anything happen. She says you won’t go anywhere. He says I m leaving, no one can stop me.

She pushes him on the floor and aims gun at him. She says you want to get Tejaswini back, so that they trouble her, you won’t know if they kill Tejaswini and bury her, this would have happened today. He asks what do you mean. She says Girja told me that Ragini tried to kill Tejaswini today, Bhaiya ji saved Tejaswini as he worried for Ragini going jail. Suraj says I won’t leave Tejaswini. Chakor says Ragini hates Tejaswini, its good Tejaswini is out of haveli, her life is not in risk, we will get time to think what to do against Ragini, its foolishness to run after her with pistol.

Suraj says its waste to be son if one can’t save mum. She says don’t blame yourself, you are not bad son, time is bad and it will pass. He asks how will mummy stay outside. She says I told Girja to keep her at home. Suraj holds her hand and asks how many more favors will you do on me. She says I have written it and will take all favors with interest. He says sorry and thank you. She asks him to go and meet Tejaswini at Girja’s house. Suraj leaves.

Imli asks Vivaan why did he not call her to serve food. He says I m in hurry, pray that I get job. She says I will pray. She says whatever happened today was wrong, the way Tejaswini was kicked out. He says Dadi used to say, one has to pay for deeds, Tejaswini always did bad with everyone, who will support her. She asks what are you saying, you did not do anything. He says what can I do, to be true, I have no sympathy for her, she made me drug addict and tried to kill me, it was my good fate that I survived. He hugs her. Ragini looks on. He says Imli, Tejaswini deserves this. I need a job, this is priority for me. He goes.

Ragini tells Imli that Vivaan has hatred for Tejaswini, he did not say anything. Imli says no, he also felt bad. She asks Ragini not to say nonsense and goes. Man calls Ragini and says Girja took Tejaswini to her home. Ragini asks what, how dare Girja do this, I will not leave her. Chakor hears her and says now Ragini will make Tejaswini leave from Girja’s house, even Suraj is there. She stops Ragini and says Bhaiya ji is calling you. Ragini says I will meet him later, I have to go Girja’s house. Chakor asks her to ask Bhaiya ji once. Ragini says Papa says right about you, you are our enemy, but you have clever mind, you also settled scores with Tejaswini, good. She goes. Chakor says Ragini will not let Tejaswini stay anywhere and trouble Girja, I have to think of something.

Kishor and all villagers see Girja getting Tejaswini and ask Girja why did she get Tejaswini to village, she is bad woman and should get punished. Girja asks them not to bother. Tejaswini sees Girja’s home and asks will I stay here. Girja asks her not to feel bad of anyone’s words. She cleans place and makes her sit. Tejaswini asks is glass clean. Girja says yes, Birju got new glass. Tejaswini asks where will you sleep. Girja says we have habit to sleep on floor, don’t worry. She asks villagers to go. She gives food to Tejaswini.

Suraj comes to meet Tejaswini. Tejaswini asks Suraj to see her beggar’s state, I did not know Chakor will cheat us.Girja says no, Chakor is not cheater, she asked me to keep you here. Suraj says she is right, Chakor did this for your safety, stay here for some days, I will take you, I got fruits for you, eat this. Tejaswini thanks him and asks him to take her from this hell, I m glad to get a son like you. She cries. He hugs her and says I will take you soon, Bhaiya ji and Ragini have to pay for this.

Bhaiya ji scolds Birju and Girja, and threaten to kill them if they support Tejaswini. Suraj tells Chakor that he feels helpless today, he could not save his mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. New spoiler says that kn will threaten chakor to divorce Suraj ??? order to save vimli and her family
    She asks him to do whatever he wants to do and was about to leave, when kn warns her to think once again…..and asks her to take time

  2. Nice episode and realy sukor is very diff pair there tashn is at diff level which i have never scene in any other tv couple ,love how suraj hold chakor hand and say sorry and thank u to her .,but still i m confuse did realy tejaswini turns positive i think she is good now but she still is negative somewhere inside .,in tomorrow episode suraj will be drunk i think may be he will hug chakor or may be he rest his head on chakor lap and she will console him realy excited

    1. Superb dear ,nice effort. really want to see sukor love story. But in this udaan I think we can’t get complete love story.anyways sukor is the best pair.

  3. Some of the awsome scenes and
    dialogues of udaan after the leap:

    Sukor first meeting:
    When imly abucted chakor and brought

    to Suraj,his dialogues” jara dulhan Ki chare se ghungat tho hato hum bhi tho
    dekhe sheher ke hawa khane ke baad

    bhandua kaislegegi??
    After seeing chakor for first time he Said ” sheher Ki aata kaake hamare bandua murgi ekdam patake lag rahi he…? first impression on chakor
    And “chakor ! Bachpan se hamara kabi bana ,bachpan Ki galti jawani me thodi na karenge,agar tum chaho tho imli Ki tarah hamari dosth ban sakti Ho” ?
    Finally when chakor says hum tumhe nahi chodenge he replies hum bi to yehi chahte hai ,pilhal hum ye pyar Bari bate bad me
    karenge? ?

    Hope you enjoyed it I was terriblly missing the tashan between sukor and there were less sukor scenes today.
    Sorry for long comment.i will try to post the next awsome scene tommarow

    1. Liya

      ??? you nailed it dear…

      1. Hi dear….why your not writing ur ff and os. ..egerly waiting yaar…plzzz update soon. ..

  4. Hope you all didn’t get bored

  5. * kabi bana nahi

  6. Suraj and chakor is an adorable pair of television. Their tashan is totally different from other couples of tv…

    1. exactly , it is quite different … so interesting ….

  7. Yes.their scenes were totally different.one day romantic one day fight with care.i like it so much.their acting also awesome

  8. Nice epi.Like the way he holds her hand.

  9. Tejaswiteju

    Kn is trying to separate Chakor and Suraj.he asks Chakor to give divorse and leave Suraj to him

  10. What a serial and what a couple!!!! Sukor is really adorable….I think suraj will fall for chakor first… What do u say guys????

  11. Some awesome scenes and dialogues in udaan after leap:
    an awesome dialogue by kn:
    Kn to Suraj: Aise lag rah hai yeh chipkali hamari bandua nahi balki hum uss chipkali Ki bandua hai??
    Suraj : Lekin papa ek baat to hai hamari bandua billi bagti badi tez hai???
    When Suraj kidnapped Adi:

    This was one of my favourite episode as it was a Surajlicious episode.by the witty dialogues of Suraj I laughed like hell
    .hope you all remember this one

    To Adi : (at chakor’s house)danya hogaye prabu apke Darshan pakar
    When chakor tries to stop him
    To chakor:yehi hai na tera brahmastra
    To adi:tu hi hai na is bandua billi Ki madad kar raha hai apni camera wala banduk dikakar…. ???
    Bahut karli yeh bandua billi Ki seva ab Hame bi moka do seva karne ka…?????

    To imly:” aaj tera baap bhi inam vala kaam kar Diya”
    I liked his dialogues to the core and his expression no words to say

  12. I have one dialogue
    Ghar me bol ke ayi hai hamara intejar mat karna haveli ja rahe hai aj to suraj babu se goli khakari ayenge??????

  13. Thank you.nice one ankur

  14. Awesome sia?

  15. @angel thank you dear

  16. Awww.. sukor love blossoms….loved it

  17. KN is going to try and kill Suraj and frame Chakor for the murder. I think Chakor and Suraj will play into KNs hands but Suraj won’t actually die he’ll probably scare KN and Ragini by pretending to be a ghost. I don’t think Chakor will leave Suraj’s hand to save Imli, Imli got Vivaan now; Vivaan must be a man and save his own wife. SuKor knows what they need to do to keep each other safe.

  18. Kalika from where u get this news of suraj death and pretending like a ghost pls tell

    1. HI Angel

      It was on one of the spoiler sites, KN wants to frame Chakor for Suraj’s murder, usually in these soaps there is a fake ghost track after a ‘murder’ http://www.serialgossip.com/gossip-8548-a

  19. Thanks sia

  20. heyyy….guyzzz…I don’t understand the dialogues am a malayaliii….. sooo can any one plzzz…translate the dialogues for meee…..am eagerly waiting guyzzzzz…..

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