Udaan 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Lakhan scaring Bhuvan and Kasturi about Bhaiya’s fear. Ishwar brings Chakor to the school and meets the principal. Bhuvan gets scared and takes Kasturi. Kasturi tells Lakhan about his affair and when his wife knows it, he can neither live nor die. He is shocked. She says he can’t stop her. They leave. The principal asks Chakor to come to meet admission committee as its mid term admission and asks Ishwar to wait. He asks for birth certificate. Ishwar says her parents are coming, I will ask them to get it. Chakor asks where are they taking me. Ishwar says they will ask some questions. She says I thought he is owner of this school. He says yes, but you have to win more hearts, as you won Arjun’s heart. Chakor worries and says he should also come. Ishwar says no, its your admission.

Abha and Aditya come and says she got admission form. Ishwar says principal said Chakor has to talk to panel as its mid term admission. Aditya says it will have all subjects. Ishwar says yes, I know she will do well, just answer them. Aditya says just think you are talking to me and just say what you get in mind. Chakor says its easy, why to worry now, and smiles. They say all the best. Imli sees Bhuvan and Kasturi crying. She says she will go to Lucknow to meet Chakor and give the diya to her. She takes her bag and says when Chakor asks me why did they not come, I will tell her that mum is like sand and not replying me.

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She says no one loves Chakor than me. Kasturi says I m not sand, I have soul and courage, we will go to Lucknow. He says I want to see Chakor, I miss her, I m going to Lucknow. She looks at Bhuvan. Chakor comes to the admission panel. She thinks Gandhi ji’s pic and thinks of Baa’s words. The principal asks them to start the interview. Chakor asks why did they fix Bapu’s pic so high, she can’t take blessings now. He says fine, we will fix it lower later. She asks them to start asking her, else time will be up, and Ishwar is waiting out, even they have to go home right.

They look at her. She says about the Lord’s blessings. The teacher says if she talks like this, who will understand. Chakor asks what do they have on their forehead, shirt and hand. They answer her. Chakor says it means you understood my language. They ask GK questions. They ask about mango and Chakor is very happy. She tells a lot about mangoes and how she used to sell it in Aazaadgunj. Arjun smiles. They ask about national bird. She says crow, I saw many everywhere. They ask Indian’s capital. Chakor asks where is India. They ask why do you wear winter clothes. She says to feel warm. She gives simple and wrong answers, and Arjun bows down.

Abha, Aditya and Ishwar stay outside and wait. Chakor gives wrong answers. The teachers say she can’t sit even in first standard. Arjun says even then she knows to run, and she has to be in this school, its very imp. The lady says running race can’t be equal to studies, we will leave now, the kids are waiting for prayers. Arjun says shall we admit her in nursery. She says I feel this is good idea, she will be in this school and her education will start. Ishwar hears the teachers saying against Chakor. He says they are teachers, they should teach her and they are angry. Abha says we like Chakor’s words, it does not mean everyone likes it.

Arjun argues with teachers. The man says we can’t make Chakor sit with little kids. The lady says people will make fun of our school. The principal says lets find some way out. Kasturi cries and says Chakor is our blood, but she is different, she is fearless and smiles in every condition, she always solves problems and we are here, worried. Chakor says she has a solution, she will ask one question, why do you make the kids wear uniform. The principal says as there should not be any biasing. Chakor says I m looking different in frock, make me wear uniform and I will also look like school kid. Arjun and the principal smile.

Kasturi asks Imli and Dadi to get ready. Bhuvan says Lakhan has killed people to show us, he is doubting us, I know we all can die, so I have decided something. He says he will sacrifice himself for all of them. He says you all can get free by going Lucknow and I will stop death way here. He says I did not do any big thing till now and can do on my death. Kasturi and everyone are shocked.

Arjun tells congrats to Ishwar, as Chakor passed the interview and she will get admission now. Abha hugs her. Vivaan asks what is Chakor doing here. Chakor says she will study here with him. Aditya, Vivaan and Chakor jump happily.

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