Udaan 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor fears of Imli

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The Episode starts with Archana apologizing to Imli. Imli asks her to massage her legs. Archana does so. Imli asks her to go and do all the work. She asks her not to make any mistake and threatens. Archana apologizes and goes. Chakor says Saanvi is crying a lot, Archana has fed her. Suraj asks her to sing lullaby. Chakor sings. Saanvi cries a lot. Imli comes and takes Saanvi to comfort her. Chakor says maybe Saanvi is ill, how will Archana console her. Imli sees the safety pin and removes it from Saanvi’s clothes. Saanvi gets quiet. Imli asks Saanvi was she hurt by the pin. Chakor praises Archana for consoling Saanvi.

Imli sings Kali ghaneri… and hugs Saanvi. Chakor asks Archana how did she calm Saanvi. Suraj says let it be, don’t think much. Chakor says I want to know how she did this when we

couldn’t. Imli says when little baby cries, we should take them out in fresh air. They have food. Chakor says mum makes upma the same way. Imli says I don’t know how your mum makes it, I made this. She cuts chillies and adds in upma. Suraj asks is it really like Kasturi makes. He tastes it and finds it very spicy.

He says its very spicy. Chakor tastes and drinks water. She says how did this happen. Imli says sorry, I make spicy food. Chakor says I m missing mum. Suraj asks her to go and meet Kasturi. Karan and Imli meet. He asks her to do anything and go anywhere she likes, he won’t ask anything. Imli asks him to blame Chakor when he steals the idol. He says yes, that’s why I made her project head, I framed her husband and now I will frame her. Imli says I will leave now, thanks for making my work easy. She goes.

Chakor says I was asking Archana to know how to console baby. Suraj says no, you were questioning like CID, we will lose a good Daai if you do this. She says fine, give me Saanvi for some time. He says no. She sits annoyed. He says take her, play, I was joking. They smile. Chakor gets a hair from Saanvi’s clothes. He asks her to play. She says I feel this is Imli’s hair. He says Imli is dead, we all know it. She says I know Imli well, this is Imli’s hair, how did this come here. He asks her to stop it. She asks him to take care of Saanvi. He says take care of yourself. She goes. Chakor is at office. She gets Kasturi’s call and talks.

She says everything is fine, but I feel worried. Kasturi says don’t worry for Saanvi, I met Daai, she is good. Chakor thinks of Imli and her childhood moment. Kasturi says trust me, everything will be fine. Chakor says I forgot about silk fields, I will talk later. Chagan says Bhuvan and Kasturi are still explaining people that you are not involved in bridge incident, people don’t want to do business with us. Suraj says its not their mistake, I was responsible, many people lost lives, I get hurt thinking about it. Chagan says Chakor is managing project now, you got Daai for Saanvi too. Imli gets tea. She takes Chagan’s name. They look at her.

Imli says we should send Chakor and Suraj away, Chakor will come back alone. Chakor says Suraj, Saanvi and I will go Kashmir. Suraj gets kidnapped.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I can’t believe Imli tortured Saanvi. Chakor should’ve doubted how the taste of food changed. It’s good that she questioned her about how she made Saanvi stopped crying, too bad Suraj intervened. The pin should’ve been in the shirt not the pants, the first thing a parent checks when a baby cries is to see if she needs to change diapers.
    I wonder why Archana is helping Imli, she’s so submissive.
    What was in the bag that Karan gave Imli.
    I feel bad for Suraj but I don’t understand why he believes it’s his fault without investigation.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    You know in a older episode…Suraj threatened Ragini that if she tries to hurt Chakor, she wouldnt like to see the old Suraj come back.
    Now Suraj is a family man, and trying to be a better person. But i think if Suraj comes to know of Karan and Imli’s schemes….to protect his family he may become old Suraj again.
    Karan thinks he is bad & ruthless…clearly he has never met the old Suraj Rajvanshi ? Suraj ran things back in the day!
    Imli knows Suraj and what he is capable of, that’s why she always try to get him out of the equation first.

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